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  1. Ahahah. One of the most badass stories to me was just my trainer tearing his meniscus of his legs and then proceeding to do squats to fix it. You're a King. Good luck with your efforts!
  2. Hey there NerdFitness, Date: Saturday , February 11, 2012 My name is George Kruchinina. I'm an aspiring comedian, writer, actor, singer, planet-enthusiast who's looking to make those real movements towards that sick body I've always dreamed of. I've been overweight for a large portion of my life, and I'm on the chubby side as of now. But then I found this community, and I look forward to making this real now. I'll be posting here everyday. Images and the like. I suppose the most interesting challenge to me is making those meals. I'm currently 5'5". Weight 145 lbs. It's my dream to be an actor
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