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  1. Eventually I will get through this gigantic quest I have in front of me.... This past spring, I was all set to lose myself in exercise after I had a whole bunch of crap thrown on me. A year or so before that, I was all set because I didn't have kids for the summer, and I didn't have any excuses. Needless to say, I'm still in the same position, regardless of what situation I was in! So, now to make it happen. For reals. I have no idea how much I have to lose. The batteries in my scale died. That's both a blessing and a curse. But I know it's a lot. I also have mo
  2. Okay, so, I'm working on my son's high school graduation announcements. He's a huge RPG fan, so I'm trying to come up with some amusing stats to go along with his graduation. However, I'm kinda drawing a blank, which is terrible. So far I have: LEVEL UP! +1 INT +5 Game Time I need to work procrastination in there. He procrastinates procrastination. Would that be a + stat or a - stat, though?
  3. So, a year ago, I was all motivated and raring to go. And then... Honestly, I don't even know what happened, but I apparently phased out of motivation existence. But now I'm back! At least, I'm trying to be. Last week, we lost my 86 year old grandmother. She was ready, she talked with my grandfather (who passed away a few years back), her mother, and was at peace. She passed away a day before her and my grandfather's anniversary. Overall, I'm pretty okay, but I can see some ways that I'm mourning and grieving that don't include crying, and those include actually WANTING to do
  4. Another hour down, and I'm feeling awesome! I had intended to go to the gym today, however, it is hot and I figured I'd be nice and let my hubby take my car to work since the AC actually works well in that one. So I danced instead. He's off tomorrow, so we're going to hit the gym around lunchtime! I adore it. I found it when I came out of a bad relationship and had lost who I was. I haven't been able to be very consistent at it in the past few years because RA kinda took me out of commission for awhile, but I'm trying to maneuver things in a way that I can get back t
  5. Nice to meet you, Cousin! I was doing some stuff, and if the information that I found is to be believed, the Viking portion was pretty impressive as well. When you're playing on Ancestry.com and suddenly it says you're descended from Odin.. I mean, what do you do there? Do you claim it and have a chuckle? Because that's totally what I did, not gonna lie. My husband is all concerned now because I'm apparently descended from Viking demigods and Picts. He said that he really doesn't want to see what happens when I'm really upset, lol! So, how do I join the Rangers? Do I just
  6. Thanks! Are you a Grant as well?? My direct ancestor that first came to America was captured after the Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and shipped off as an indentured servant. We're still in the process of tracing things, since records from so far back aren't exactly the most accurate sometimes, but it seems to be showing signs of Pictish and Viking connections. I am a history buff, so I love trying to find out all I can and hope to follow the Pictish Trail and go see some of the ancient sites when I make it over there!
  7. Thank you! Yes, "do all the things" fits me to a T, lol! I'm definitely feeling I fit in best with the Rangers due to this! Haha, no worries on derailment! My ancestors on my father's side cane from the Inverness area. My maiden name is Grant. On my mother's side, it was in the Morvern area. They were MacDougall's. I'm in the long process of trying to figure out all the places I need to and want to hit when we visit. At least I have 4 years to figure it all out, lol!
  8. It's been an absolutely crazy week! My lunch date and my info session went great! I've done the application and the online orientation steps for the volunteer opportunity at the children's hospital, and now I'm waiting to see if they'll call me for an interview! My oldest son applied to Northern Arizona University last weekend and found out on Monday that he's been accepted! He hasn't even started his senior year yet! I also found out that one of my favorite belly dance troupes has a new instructional DVD coming out soon, so I pulled out my 25 yard skirt and did a whole lot of spinning an
  9. Up early again this morning. Morning 4! Taking a sort of rest day today, however. I have a busy day ahead of me, and I need to reserve my energy. So much of this day could mean everything about my future in drastically different ways. I'm having lunch with an old friend. She used to be the owner of the studio where I began belly dance five years ago. She closed the studio, but has been working with small businesses since, and we're going to talk about my creative ideas over food. Then, this evening, I'm going to Phoenix Children's Hospital for a volunteer information meeting. If I want
  10. I really do like my gym a lot. They truly want to see people succeed. They're not just in it for the money like a lot of chains are. This is a little locally owned place. I'm getting into the habit of waking up early every day. That way, regardless of whether I'm going to the gym or out to work on my running, I'm doing it before the heat kicks in. 3 days of up at 4:30 and doing what I'm doing by 5-5:15 down. What is it... 28 days to make a habit? Up, to the gym and back all before 6am today! I'm not sure what's happened to me, but I think I've got my fire back! It was a good w
  11. Well, the forecast is now down to 118 tomorrow. So we figure anywhere around 120. Yeah... it's brutal. I live in central Arizona, right smack in between Phoenix and Tucson. So, I've been kinda crappy at this whole keeping up with things lately. So I pulled my shit together and went to the gym yesterday. The owner was there, and he's been trying to get me to meet with a trainer again for a reprogram. I hadn't met with one since January, and I'm able to once every month. I had kept pushing it off, but yesterday I'd just had enough with my lack of progress... well
  12. I did a thing this morning! I've been dealing with shin splints terribly lately, but I dug out a pair of shoes that I was fitted in a couple years ago and then never wore much because RA hit me like a freight train. They seemed to help immensely! So I think I can get back to running, perhaps! This makes me so happy. This morning, I had a memory on Facebook that 4 years ago I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon with 6 months to train for it. It should have been plenty of time, but I didn't make it. I ended up losing out on the money I paid, thanks to unforeseen circumstances. I wa
  13. So, yesterday was my birthday, and the official start of this challenge. Birthday was good, start of the challenge wasn't in some aspects. However, I was really rather expecting that. While I do try to eat well, I also will not deprive myself of deliciousness that was made for me. I did, however, get items that will serve as inspiration for my fitness goals. Shorts. This may seem rather odd, but in the past probably 16 years, I have owned exactly one pair of shorts. I live in Arizona (where it's supposed to be around 120 degrees this coming weekend...not thrilled), so I suffer perhaps n
  14. Being sick sucks! I totally understand that. But hey, you've got a lot of great going for you! Pole dancing sounds fun! I do fusion belly dance and it's such a blast!
  15. Not my birthday yet, so you're not late! It's on the 12th, the first official day of the challenge! Regardless, thank you very much! I'm really excited and hopeful about making positive changes in my life! Thank you! It's not really functional at the moment, sadly. It's an Etsy shop with nothing in it and no real banner/branding yet. That's the goal for this weekend. But as soon as I have it up and running, I'll share it! Thanks! And that's too funny on the name! It's a name that came about with a character I've been developing, and the term Changeling ha
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