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  1. Log for the 24: Food Log Breakfast: Tropical Tornado smoothie from Booster Juice Lunch: Bacon souvide egg-bites from Starbucks plus a glass of Lactaid milk Dinner: Lipton chicken noodle soup and guacamole chips Walk done for the day: Done! 22 minutes Log for today, the 25 Kind of neglected my battle log whoops. Well here I am again! I just ate my pre-workout snack and working on a project for an hour and then I'll do my workout for the day. Food Log Breakfast: Chia seed pudding from Freshii Lunch
  2. Oh boy it's been a while. Oh well! I'm back now. Food Log Breakfast: Buddha bowl with tofu from Freshii, a green smoothie from Freshii Lunch: Rest of the Buddha bowl, a pb protein smoothie from Jugo Juice Dinner: Lipton chicken noodle soup with a bowl of guacamole flavoured chips Workout done for today: Done! That's all I'll be recording for now! I honestly don't know why I was so obsessed with recording every other thing in my life... I've learned that just stresses me out more than anything. I may not be consistent with everyt
  3. Hello all! It's been about a year or more since I've been here but I thought this would be a great place to keep track of my workouts and food again. Also for the first time ever, I will be finding an accountability buddy. I'm going to ask a friend of mine IRL right after writing this post. I am a 23 year old Female and I weigh about 142lbs. My goal is not really weight loss as much as is increasing my strength. I nearly pulled my back out moving something that has been usually very easy in the past for me to move at work and I can barely carry two jugs of milk in my
  4. I'm going to keep this short because I am very tired. I just started taking Sertraline and I am FEELING IT today. Very drowsy, a restless night's sleep, dizziness, nausea... lots of fun. I have been consistent with my workouts and did all three last week. I just finished 3C just now. My diet however has been AWFUL, but it's almost the end of school and I'm having trouble finding other coping methods. Maybe now that I'm taking meds I won't be as inclined to eat sugar. I've heard Sertraline decreases your appetite so maybe. APRIL 2 Physical - Workout 3C-
  5. Hello... It's currently 2am and my mind won't shut up. I've got so much crap to do, and so much happening in the next while. It's infuriating. I'm feeling so depressed and apathetic that I just do nothing. My grades are slipping and so is my sanity. I just can't handle this. I have still been working out so that's good at least but I have been eating lots of garbage. I have work at 5am and I desperately do not want to go. I just feel angry and disappointed in myself all the time. I feel so useless and pathetic. I don't know what I want, I want to run away but at the same time i don
  6. MARCH 18 Physical - Workout 3B scheduled for March 19 5:00AM - TBC - Nothing yet - TBC - Food Log Eat Your Calories, Don't Drink Them Nothing yet How to Break your Sugar Addiction Defeat five cravings [x]- wanted to eat chocolate, had an orange instead- March 14 [x]- wanted DQ, ate an orange instead- March 16 [x]- wanted to get a treat at work, had trail mix instead- March 15 [ ] [ ] Mental TBC Art TBC Story TBC Genealogy 1 hour scheduled
  7. Wowee Another crazy week gone by. I'm only 2 days away from keeping track of my daily life for a full month. I can't wait to see the results! I'm not sure I hit 80% on everything but we will see! Okay, I'm going to attempt to record the past few days I missed. MARCH 15 Physical - Workout 3A scheduled for March 17 - Had 1 serving of veggies from my sandwich - Had 1 treat I think? - Completed! - Food Log Can't remember Eat Your Calories, Don't Drink Them Completed! How to Break your Sugar Addi
  8. Hey AGGGHHHH This week has already been exhausting and it's only Wednesday Oh Boy. I need to go work on some other things after writing this first (may work out first, I'm trying to decide what to do) Anyways, I just wanted to put down some dates so that SOMETHING gets accomplished today. MARCH 11 Physical - Workout scheduled for - Can't remember - Can't remember - Can't remember - Food Log Can't remember Eat Your Calories, Don't Drink Them Can't remember How to Break your
  9. Okay Wow I fell off the wagon BIG TIME but in my defence my counselling appointment unearthed a lot of unsettling things and i honestly had a hard time dealing with them. On top of that I had a HUGE assignment due on Friday and that contributed even more stress. I ended up only sleeping 1 hour and 30 minutes after staying up for nearly 24 hours after a very stressful day at work. Does this justify my actions? No, of course not, but it allows me to see what circumstances caused me to make the decisions I did. MARCH 8 (updated March 10 10:54AM) Physical - Work
  10. Okay So I was originally going to do my workout yesterday but ended up staying late at school to work on an assignment, and then I wanted to work out at 4:30am but was too tired this morning. I was honestly going to give up on working out altogether today but then I opened the package which held the t-shirt I ordered for my loot... So now I'm going to work out this morning, because that shirt is FREAKING AWESOME. I want it so bad, and that's a good motivator. I also have my counselling appointment today so we'll see how that goes! I'm really nervous but hopefully things go wel
  11. AhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH Man this week is not starting out that well. I'd like to blame my anxiety but I know that is only half of the problem. I guess the other half is I'm bad at time-management? I really hate it when I have a free day because I always find some way to waste it. I feel so anxious about everything I often procrastinate too long or hate the uncomfortable feeling I usually have when I first wake up so I tell myself "I'll do something fun for a bit to calm myself down" but it never works. Even meditation doesn't work. Exercise sometimes works but then I
  12. MARCH 4 (updated MARCH 6 9:49AM) Physical - Workout 3A today rescheduled for either March 6 or March 7 - Completed! Had 1 serving of vegetables in vegetable soup - Had 3 cookies and 1 glass of lactose-free chocolate milk, no more treats! - Completed! - Food Log: Breakfast: Fasting Lunch: Fasting Snack: 3 cookies and 1 glass of lactose-free chocolate milk Dinner: Campbell's Vegetable soup Mental Completed! Read for 12 minutes Art Not Completed Story Completed! Worked for 10 minutes
  13. Oh boy. Things got a bit nuts. I'm here to fix that. MARCH 1 Physical - Workout rescheduled to March 3 - I only had one treat - Completed! - Can't remember - Food Log: Can't remember Mental Not Completed Art Not completed MARCH 2 Physical - Workout rescheduled to March 3 - I only had one treat - Completed! - Can't remember - Food Log: Can't remember Mental Not completed Art Not completed
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