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  1. Hello! I’m definitely a newbie here (I think I might have posted my challenges in the wrong spot earlier, so I hope this is where I need to be!) but I think I’m finally learning the layout of this site. My first set of challenges for this quest are as follows; Diet Switch out one processed snack for something healthy and clean Eat a vegetable with every meal Fitness Complete an NF bodyweight workout once a week. Life goal Meditate for five minutes everyday
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    Hello! I’m excited to begin this adventure and I hope having a place to write out goals and visually see them will help exponentially with completing them. I already love having a user name that makes me feel hard core, and I am motivated and ready to go! My first set of goals are; Diet Goals Log everything I eat five days a week (Saturdays, plus one other day, are free days) Meal prep lunches and afternoon snacks on work days to help keep on track Fitness Goals Complete a complete full drop pull up by the end of the four weeks
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