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  1. I have plans to observe an Aikido class soon. I was going to do it this past Wednesday, but alas, I was very sick and I couldn't make it. I wanted to watch first so I know I'm ready to commit to it. But I'm really excited at the possibility of starting, since it's been years since I've tried any martial art.
  2. I'm already a member of both the Academy and Nerd Fitness Yoga. I never actually bothered to make an account here for some reason, but I'm here now. I think one thing that's been missing from my efforts to get healthier is true accountability. I may mention to friends that I'm trying to lose weight, but I don't really have a community of people to check in with. Well, until now! I am a 23 year old guy living in Massachusetts. I work two jobs, so I'm busy, but not too busy to find time for my hobbies. I spend a lot of time playing video games. It's possible you may have guessed one of my favo
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