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  1. Arm still hurts. Weird. I've laid off the dumbbells for now and have been doing planks and squats instead. I can do a plank on my elbows and toes for twenty seconds, three times! Not bad. I feel it mostly in my lower abs. I think I'll take gym clothes along to school tomorrow, and if I'm not completely wiped by the end of the day I'll check out that gym and find the exercise bike. Now that I know what bike sprints are, I realize I was doing them every day the last time I lost a lot of weight. My commute was only about 2 miles each way, but on the way home it was mostly low inclines, occasion
  2. This is a banana bread with lots of stuff in it. You can basically put all your favourite trail mix toppings in it, and fruit for fibre. I wonder how much stuff I can put in and crowd out flour before it just falls apart. The one thing that is not in it is extra sugar. Most banana breads have a cup of sugar in a loaf, but honestly, if there's bananas you don't need that. I did put semisweet chocolate in but even that much extra sweetness isn't needed. Combine dry ingredients in one bowl: 1 3/4 c. flour 1 t. baking soda 1 t. salt Combine wet ingredients in another bowl: 2 eggs 2 mashed b
  3. Hit a slight snag -- my right bicep and tricep really sting when I do overhead presses. The left is fine and getting stronger. I think this is because of my school bag. Fortunately I have a week off school, so maybe I'll lay off training the right arm to give it some rest and healing, and then when school starts up again I'll carry the bag differently to keep it from happening again.
  4. Ooooo, thanks! Yes, that's useful. Names are good if I want to get on Youtube and figure out what proper form is.
  5. I'm right-handed. The bag is... really not that heavy. I have a couple of small notebooks, my tablet, and a stuffed-full three-ring binder in it at any one time, plus various other small items. In the winter when I have a coat on I tend to carry it only on the right shoulder with my hand on the strap, because it's awkward to get the strap crossed over my chest. I'm doing 3 sets of 10 reps with 3 different exercises right now: one-handed overhead presses, one-handed bent-over rows, and then bent-over barbell presses with a 20lb weight. I do it every other day. Like I said, the left arm, whi
  6. When I say noob, I mean I'm using a ten pound weight at the moment for the exercises in question. The RSI isn't from lifting weights. I think it's from my school bag, which I carry over my right arm. My right bicep really burns every time I do overhead dumbbell presses. The left one is fine and getting stronger, or at least I can keep form more easily than I could a week ago. Soooo... what should I do? I'll figure out a better way to carry the book bag, although it's not like I even have to carry it a long way. It's never more than a five minute walk with it over my shoulder. As for the
  7. Avocado protip: guacamole isn't just for texture, you can mix stuff into it that preserves it a little. Lemon or lime juice seems to slow it down from going off too fast. If it looks brown the next day, stir it up because it's just the surface exposed to the air that's oxidized. It'll be a perfect bright green again. Bring it to work in a little sauce tub alongside the heatable parts of your burrito bowl and add it after microwaving. I don't know about you, but an avocado's worth of guacamole doesn't last two days around me.
  8. I like the dumbbells. My brother-in-law left some at his parents' house when he moved out and I yoinked them. They're just two bars with a pair of 10 lb plates and a pair of 5 lb plates. I liked dumbbells and freeweights when I was going to the gym, but going to the gym was ... something that took a lot of spoons out of me. Keep a bag of gym clothes clean, and indoor shoes and a lock, drive there, change, work out with other people around, get changed, drive home. Maybe when I get to the point where I want to spend an hour working out, it'll be worth it. But it was 45 minutes or an hour out of
  9. Awesome video, thanks. I was trying to do bent-over rows with my big dumbbell today. I think for proper form I really need to have a longer bar between the weights. This does more for my back than the standing rows did anyways, I can feel it in my lower back (which I know suffers when I'm sedentary, because of all the sitting and also the gut weight in front) as well as the shoulders and upper back.
  10. You had me at beef and rutabaga. I need to try this.
  11. I think I just invented the best protein salad ever. The trick is in how to boil the eggs. 2 eggs 1 can tuna > 1 T. mayo or oil 2 stalks of celery with leaves on Put the eggs in a pot of tap-hot water. Turn on the heat and set a timer for eight minutes. When it dings take the eggs off the heat, drain off the boiled water, and put cold water in the pot to cover the eggs and stop them cooking further. When the eggs aren't too hot to handle anymore, shell them carefully. The whites will be cooked through but the yolks will be runny! You don't need to prechop the eggs because they'll ma
  12. Woo hoo! I have a suggestion for the deep water fear and the breathing thing: learn to float on your back. You can even start by sitting on the pool steps up to your neck and just experimenting with it. But if you have your lungs full of air you can relax your limbs pretty well and still stay face-up. This way if you do scare yourself by getting tired when you're swimming over the deep end you can roll over and rest rather than flailing.
  13. I should probably record what I'm actually doing for exercise regularly. 3x10 one-hand overhead presses, 10 lb 3x10 bent-over one-hand dumbbell rows, 10 lb 3x10 standing barbell rows with one dumbbell, 20 lb I do that every other day. On the days in between I do squats or planks. Not very good at planks yet -- I can hold it for fifteen seconds with my back straight but I'm trembling the whole time. Also I'm not sure how to plank and breathe simultaneously. I used to be able to do much heavier weights than that with the overheads especially. Part of it is that I'm out of shape right now,
  14. Heh. I started doing standing barbell rows this week. Well, it's with a 20 lb. dumbbell because that's what I have at home, but it just means the bar is shorter, right? Actually, the weights sort of roll up my gut and my titties if I don't make a point of holding it a little further out. Maybe bent-over rows would be better.
  15. This is my first challenge thread. My challenges may be hobbit-sized because I got off to a late start this month. But I can talk your ears off about them anyways. Diet challenge: Planning and cooking ahead of time. My weakness food-wise is the tendency to think "I can last without food until I get home" when I had lunch at 12:30 between classes and then have to go to work until 7. What invariably happens is my brain hits a wall halfway through the afternoon and I end up buying a giant cookie or some nasty cafeteria food to keep me going. Or I stop on the way home after work and buy junk foo
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