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  1. Thx, I'll give it a try. Though focusing more on core and cardio shouldn't be a bad idea either when the Mountain is doing it^^
  2. Oh man, i feel your pain on that one...
  3. Time for a little update again... I reached a point at lifting where my core isn't stable enough to support me at going up in weights. I could possibly squat more, but at about 50kg my back starts to arch. Need to do more core-stuff to improve, feels a bit like cardio^^ Soda streak didn't really start again, nutrition overall is improving but many days are still shitty. Meditating...well, nothing going on here. I just forgot.
  4. Speaking of PR´s: 50kg Bench with ease, OHP 20kg, Deadlifts 60kg. Not my PR´s of all time, but the best I´ve been lifting since this march
  5. THIS! Talking in lifting speech: PR is about 4 weeks, this have been 2 weeks with good technique and one fail rep. No need to deload, just try again and lift better next time
  6. Did i remember something wrong or weren't Pendlays the ones standing up more straight and BOR leaning over and touching floor with every rep?! I'm confused...
  7. Read something different first. Still made sense Congrats for hulksmashing your Shirt!
  8. Here for food porn and reasons aka writing bullshit instead of following, cauz stupid Internet makes me unfollow
  9. Much Happening in reallife made me skip updating here, sorry for it^^ Challenge is going ok so far, only two important things: I Need to do more crunches etc as accessorys because Body tightness is an issue at squats etc. And I had one weak day but I'm ok with it - after only 3 hours of bad sleep and much stuff to do at work I drank one can of Monster energy. Streak over but one weak moment doesn't change my will to stop it.
  10. This is or better was totally me! Try to drink about 3 liter (0,8 US gallons says google) of water or at least 2, I´m feeling great since doing it!!!
  11. The need to stand up to early, feeling not awake enough to start into or make it through the day (saw a video some days ago where was said that drinking enough water makes your whole body, mind and so on less tired...needing energy drinks for this is like needing a cigarette to calm down: a bullshit habit), the want to stay up longer for gaming, a stress reaction when feeling down or stressed...I could name some more, but that should be it. Focus on water and sleep helps a lot!
  12. Tracking and nutrition still doing good, still discovering a ton of habits when I usually drink Energy Drinks - frightning how much I craved for it in every situation that comes close to being stressfull. (To get it right I´m not really craving these days, but remember times when I have been when doing my old habits again.) Sleep was ok in numbers but shit in Quality so my lifting wasn´t the best at all this morning. Bench was awesome but the rest was meh...I even stopped my squats after warming up because I couldn´t keep my back straight and hold the tension of my body.
  13. Doesn´t matter. You wear a cape, you lift extraheavy shit. You must be Superman!
  14. Are you wearing a superman cape during your workout?! O.O
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