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  1. 22 hours ago, Sea-to-sky said:

    Your welcome, hope it helps 😄. I first ran across it in a horse drawring book i had as a teen. But i love antro and mythological art so have seen lots of turorials in passing. Drawing this kind of thing is on my to do list so ive been googling tutorials on places like deviantart and pintrest


    Well if you do draw some I'd love to see it! I don't often play anthro characters in TTRPGs, but the gnoll lore in Pathfinder really got to me and now I want to be able to draw my character :lol: . It's also bloody hard to get an AI image generator or something like Hero Forge to do a decent prosthetic leg, which means it really is up to me to draw this one.


    20 hours ago, Harriet said:


    Perspective is really helpful for drawing from imagination, but I struggle with it. I did some animal studies a while back where I took existing reference photos of animals, and tried to break them into basic 3d shapes. It was hard but worthwhile. Might be an intermediate step between working from reference and working from imagination if you, like me, struggle. (the step is *understanding* the 3d form of the reference rather than copying the 2d shape of it).


    To be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to draw 100% from imagination. I think I have aphantasia - the inability to voluntarily create mental images - so I can't picture things in my mind and then translate them onto paper. For me an original drawing involves a bunch of references for pose, clothing style, facial features etc. Having said that, I'm definitely getting better at understanding anatomy, which helps with understanding how clothes and shadows should fall, I just need a pose to project that understanding onto.

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  2. Interesting to hear your take on the new Doctor Who, I really enjoyed it!



    I was a bit worried when it started with creepy talking babies, and both episodes were very, very daft, but I thought that Maestro was an excellent villain in episode 2.


    I liked the companion in the Christmas special - I know she's not done much yet but I feel like she might come into her own later in the series as she's clearly a major part of the meta plot.


    I also quite like the sudden snaps from fun Doctor to dark and tortured Doctor - it's jarring, but for me it's one of the things that really unites all of the modern Doctors (except maybe Jodie Whittaker? I didn't watch much of her series.)


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  3. Week 1 scores

    The cartographer: 6/7 - missed art on Saturday, I can't really remember why, suspect I was very absorbed with D&D prep


    The muscle: 7/7 - I did full knee workouts on Tuesday and Saturday. The plan was to do one on Sunday too, but I ran a mile (furthest I've run since January!) and after that my knee felt sore enough that I didn't want to push my luck. I did go for a longish bike ride after that as well. The remaining days were the standard single leg claf raises and squats.


    The skirmisher: 115 minutes of cardio last week. Better than I was expecting, thanks to 30 minuts of nasty partner workouts on Monday which I'm absolutely counting towards the total.


    The Face: 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 5, 5 for the week. Moving the majority of the brushing time to the morning has definitely been a good choice so far, and the flexibility of this system is really helpful for me I think. Or it might just be new challenge determination - time will tell!


    Overall it was a good week. Been busy, but a lot of that is D&D prep that I'm really enjoying right now, so it's all good.


    And hey, maybe soon you'll get a week 2 update :lol:

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  4. 14 hours ago, Sea-to-sky said:

    Yup, anthro or animal drawring (in your case it would be canine, wolf or hyeana) tutorials are what you want to google. 

    i have borrowed a few off google (please note none of this is my art and because im an idiot forgot to write the artist names down)

    As you can see, your essentially drawring a box attached to the front of the circular head shape. Everyone has their own style of doing this so i found a few different examples to give you an idea, but there are a ton out there. 

      Hide contents





    Those are brilliant, thank you! I don't know how I've never come across that kind of method in drawing books/tutorials I've seen. Gives me something to practice in the next few days anyway.


    2 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:



    But when I comment on the corpselight it's my mind in the gutter huh? :P


    Love the stegosaurus!


    Yeah, ok, point taken :lol:


    Thank you mate.

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  5. 20 hours ago, Harriet said:

    I felt anxious and horrible about calling the hairdresser yesterday, but I did. Best get it over with, as my brother pointed out. I will go back to the salon on Friday to get the roots corrected, but I need to consider whether to quit this hairdresser entirely. Loved his cut and dry skills, not his colour skills.


    I have the fatigue doctor tomorrow. I am thinking of quitting her, too. I am sick of eating a fucktonne of expensive supplements every day and not feeling better. Seriously, our plan for CFS is SUPPLEMENTS? I am feeling very sceptical and over it.


    Personally, I'd quit both - there's nothing wrong with advocating for yourself and getting someone who works for you in either case. And it doesn't even have to be that there's anything 'wrong' with the professional, it can just be that they're not a good fit for you right now.

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  6. On 5/14/2024 at 11:30 AM, DarK_RaideR said:

    Speaking of which, I noticed during the session zero call but never mentioned, you've done some seriously impressive work on your shoulders and surrounding area (upper arms and chest). Keep it up, that stuff is inspiring!


    Thank you mate! The extra weekly session in the climbing gym over the last few months really seems to have helped with that.

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  7. On 5/9/2024 at 2:27 PM, Sea-to-sky said:

    The whole box on an egg guide lines might work if your not doing it already. Helps with the angles. There are some pretty good tutorials out there for animal and anthro character faces. Worth googling as they’re so tricky.

    been having a dig for drawring and perspective  turorials myself, so i keep seeing them


    I've not come across the box on an egg guide, how does that work?


    Anthro tutorials are probably the answer.


    On 5/9/2024 at 4:50 PM, Harriet said:

    I'm here to see you conquer the daily drawing, something I also want to vanquish. 


    Together, we shall vanquish this foe!


    On 5/9/2024 at 6:09 PM, DarK_RaideR said:

    I'm pretty sure this isn't what my mind desperately tries to tell me it is.


    Get your mind out of the gutter :lol:


    A corpselight is an undead will o' wisp, that flies into and animates corpses.


    On 5/9/2024 at 6:31 PM, ViperN7 said:

    Pain free! That sounds promising. Good luck! 

    I feel ya, it's a hard call to make, looking at a race approaching and trying to figure out how much better you'll be by then. 

    Personally I'm aiming to race a 5k in June...after not being up to it in March and April. It might be helpful to investigate what your options are for races a little later in the year in case you need to shift plans (although I'm sure with the distance you're looking at, it's not as simple as finding another 5k). 

    Good luck to you either way. 


    Thank you!


    Yeah, if I cancel this I'll use the credit towards a race next year. When you're booking hotels for weekends away to do races it's a bit much to book more in the same year, and also I doubt any of my friends would want to run a second long race this year just to run one with me.


    On 5/10/2024 at 4:45 PM, Sovalis said:

    Hummingbird sounds awesome. I hope you get a sketch of her you like enough to share with us. 


    Also, I love that part of your prep is looking up puns. That is amazing. 


    She's great, and so far she's survived 2 whole sessions! I hope the sketch works out well too.


    Puns are an extremely important part of any D&D game :lol:



    On 5/14/2024 at 4:56 AM, sarakingdom said:


    ONLY THE BEST PULP RADIO SUPERHERO EVER. (And the character Batman was, ahem, heavily homaged from.)




    Ok, that was great :lol: . I can definitely see where Batman got it from



    On 5/14/2024 at 1:52 PM, Laghail said:


    Just like AI image generation "heavily homaged" real artists lol!! Apparently a local boy by me did some of his voicing in the radio shows, someone named Orsen wells?? 😉  Here's some OG radio broadcast recordings from The Shadow, big fun!


    The Shadow Radio Show 1937-1954 Old Time Radio (All Available Episodes) :  AcousticMonster : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive



    Oo thanks, I'll give it a listen later.


    On 5/14/2024 at 3:58 PM, sylph said:

    Wait, really? I thought @Jarric was using Dry British Humor (TM)

    Do people really not know who The Shadow is? (I am not that old, I swear)


    I don't know if it really made it over here to be honest. I don't think I'm much younger that you, so it's probably not an age thing.


    On 5/14/2024 at 7:53 PM, sarakingdom said:


    Like that, yes. Although when it comes to Batman issue #1, apparently more like the Great Train Homagers. As in, they homaged the goods directly and drove off at a fast clip.



    Definitely the biggest name they ever got voicing the Shadow, although he was probably just a 20-year-old kid at the time. He sounded like a 45-year-old supervillain his entire damn life.





    I mean, I, a person who saw the 90s movie in theaters twice as a kid, owned cassettes of the radio show, and read many of the books, have not thought of the Shadow in 15 years. I'm willing to concede he's fallen into a certain amount of obscurity even in the US. And outside the US, they have their own country's pulp fiction tradition filling that slot in their brain. Jarric is probably busy forgetting the existence of Paul Temple radio shows rather than the Shadow, if Radio Four Extra is anything to go by. The Shadow probably legit never made it over there in any format, apart from maybe the quickly forgotten Alec Baldwin film thirty years ago.


    I never really listened to radio shows as a kid - my parents didn't listen to them so it just wasn't part of my childhood.


    22 hours ago, TimovieMan said:

    I've seen that movie! 😎

    Back when I was 13, though, so 30 years ago. 😅


    But I remember very little of it, other than "meh". But then, my initial reaction to the thumbnail was also "that doesn't look like Billy Zane" because I was thinking of "The Phantom" first. Which was from the same period, and was also "meh".  😇


    Great reviews, I definitely won't add either film to my to-watch list!

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  8. 18/03 - 164.9lbs

    25/03 -163.9lbs

    01/04 - 163.1lbs

    08/04 - 163.5lbs

    15/04 - 162.2lbs

    22/04 - 162.2lbs

    29/04 - 161.2lbs

    06/05 - 160.8lbs

    13/05 - 160.1lbs


    Stuck almost exactly to my calorie goal last week (which required a very low calorie day on Sunday, unfortunately), so happy with the result.


    Probably not likely that I'm going to lose 6.2lbs in the remaining 4 weeks of this challenge to hit my goal, but whatever, I've now lost over a stone (14lbs) since 1st January so really happy overall.

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  9. On 5/14/2024 at 8:15 AM, Sea-to-sky said:

    edit: just realised ive actually managed to put some weight on since we started this round. So annoying. 


    Don't know if this helps, but it's not by much! 0.7% of your total body weight increase is tiny. Or, to put it another way, you would put on that much if you downed 2 pints of water.


    On 5/14/2024 at 4:00 PM, DrFeelgood said:

    Funnily enough I got lots of compliments at church after weighing in from people asking if I'd lost even more weight.  Must've been the black t-shirt and fresh haircut. ;)


    Well that's a win regardless of the scale.


    I See You Ok GIF by Bounce

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  10. On 5/6/2024 at 9:32 PM, Sovalis said:

    Here to cheer!


    On 5/6/2024 at 10:38 PM, Laghail said:

    Any excuse for more Jarric art TM, but great challenge besides. 


    On 5/6/2024 at 10:48 PM, Sea-to-sky said:

    Also joining the cherrsquad


    Thank you guys, great to have you all!


    Week 1 is going well so far. I've spent a lot of time working on yhe next D&D campaign I'll be running, as we've got session zero on Sunday. (Well, I spent a lot of Tuesday practising accents and looking up puns, but I spent a lot of yesterday prepping stuff at least.) I'm really looking forward to this one, but slightly daunted by the world I need to get set up over the next couple of weeks so the players can explore it.


    Art was a quick snail sketch on Monday - shared in the gastropods art group - a sketch of a corpselight on Tuesday that tried to kill our Pathfinder party, and I started on a portrait of my latest Pathfinder character, Hummingbird, yesterday. Hummingbird is a gnoll bard, and I'm going to build in a sort of witchy aspect to her, as well as giving her a herbalist dedication so that she can craft potions and poltices. Gnolls are hard to draw (anything with a muzzle/snout I find really tricky), but if I ever finish her I'll share her here. She's also got a prosthetic leg, which is it's own challenge to design and draw to be in keeping with the available technology and lore.


    Kneehab has been done. Ran one lap of the park and did a dedicated workout on Tuesday, and then the normal add-ons Monday, yesterday, and this morning. I also did shuttle runs at Crossfit on Monday, and 3 x 400m runs (3 x 0.25 miles) this morning, both of which were pain free! Still not sure that I'm going to be fit to run 25 miles by July, so I need to make a decision on whether I cancel that race soon :apathy:


    Cardio has been limited - I'm counting 30 minutes from Monday's crossfit and the 5.5 minutes of running on Tuesday, but I didn't get round to cycling.


    Teeth are on track, 5 points every day so far this week!

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  11. On 5/7/2024 at 4:30 PM, Harriet said:



    That's a lot of umlauts - I hope you feel better soon.


    4 hours ago, Harriet said:

    Also did a suggested exercise of trying to combine two animals into one creature. Turned out terrible but at least I tried.


    This sounds like fun - I do like a chimera. Will have to add this to my list of drawing options.

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  12. On 4/28/2024 at 10:41 PM, sarakingdom said:

    drink my fair trade organic yerba mate out of an artisanal ceramic mug


    To be fair, yerba mate is great (ceramic mug optional).


    On 4/28/2024 at 10:41 PM, sarakingdom said:

    I think a month of making it work a lot and often, but never to fatigue, would be good for rebuilding it stronger.


    Sounds logical to me - high volumes of low-intensity movement are what a lot of tehab programmes are built on.


    Hope you can now focus on work a bit left, to allow you space for other stuff.

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  13. On 5/2/2024 at 10:11 AM, Mad Hatter said:

    Figure out why I'm procrastinating - Am I overwhelmed? Do I know how to do the thing? Am I bogged down by expectations? Can I break it down, or make it easier?


    Taking a copy of this list for my own use. 


    8 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Finished Night Watch


    Love this, I think Night Watch is my favourite Pratchett book. 


    8 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Filled a jar with paper slips with the name of an animal on each. Now when I want something to draw I can just reach into the jar and pick something at random! It’s an attempt to make drawing easy and comforting, instead of getting scared away by overly ambitious ideas.


    Also stalking this idea, or something like it - anything that takes away the decision barrier before drawing.

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  14. On 5/4/2024 at 10:58 PM, Laghail said:

    [Darth Vader Grotesque, by Jay Hall Carpenter and Patrick J Plunkett, Washington National Cathedral]


    The pedant in me (which is just me tbh) thoroughly appreciates that you described this as a grotesque and not a gargoyle.


    Congratulations on the new house! It looks great, fingers crossed everything goes smoothly with the survey. Are you planning to rent out the basement floor, or living in the whole thing?

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  15. 2 hours ago, sylph said:

    Knees (and shoulders) seem to be an inscrutable mystery.


    I've been fairly lucky with shoulders (*touch wood*), and I do a bunch of stuff to try and keep them healthy, but they're just the most complex joint so they'll always hold some mystery.


    2 hours ago, Artemis Prime said:

    That sucks it hasn't gotten better, but good job staying on top of the physio. Prepare for continued gentle harassment regarding this.


    Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment and the harassment.

  16. 16 hours ago, titsworth said:

    Ok all! Marbles are ready and a vessel for the Teetering Tavern Topple Termination Tub has been established!



    The best way I think this will work is to comment on this thread with your goal status. You can do it each day or each week, whichever is easiest for you. 

    For example if you have set 3 goals / missions per day, you can say "+3 to the Teetering Tavern!".

    If you have 400 daily goals, I will run out of marbles. So just keep it to 3-4 :D 

    I'll post updates as often as I can (I will be on vacation for a week at the end of May and will have to do a catch-up post)



    This sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for setting it up!


    2 hours ago, Harriet said:


    You mean sarsaparilla? I love sarsaparilla


    I've never had sarsaparilla, but having googled it I now want to give it a try if I can find it here for a not-stupid amoint of money.


    I was more thinking this though:


    St Patricks Day Party GIF by Guinness US

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  17. 18 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

    Doing it that way, I didn't feel deprived. Of course, I did want all the fries, but I found that I could be satisfied with what I had.


    I'm increasingly finding that more food is not more satisfying - having a really nice, small chocolate bar is great, and having 4 of them isn't any better because most of the impact comes from the initial taste and I stop tasting it after a few mouthfuls. I feel like the same might be true of fries.


    1 hour ago, Harriet said:


    Nicely navigated. Half the fries sounds enough to be satisfying. There are usually too many fries anyway. I eat and eat and feel stuffed but can't stop because there are still some left. 


    1 hour ago, Elastigirl said:

    Yep! That's what I tend to do too. And then feel guilty.Idiot Facepalm GIF


    Anyone else told they always had to leave a clean plate as a kid?

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  18. 18/03 - 164.9lbs

    25/03 -163.9lbs

    01/04 - 163.1lbs

    08/04 - 163.5lbs

    15/04 - 162.2lbs

    22/04 - 162.2lbs

    29/04 - 161.2lbs

    06/05 - 160.8lbs


    0.4lbs down isn't loads, but given that I had at least a couple of days over 4,000 calories it's not a bad result. That's an estimate too - I stopped tracking for 2 days of my work trip when it just became too complicated to keep it up.


    5 weeks until the end of this challenge, and after that I'm going into maintenance regardless of what weight I am, which is actually really motivating me to tighten up my eating for the remainder of the time.


    Also, in the 6 weeks to last week I lost 3.5lbs, and had been averaging about 19,500kcal per week. That strongly implies that if I can hit my goal of 18,000kcal per week I can comfortably see a 1lb per week weight loss.

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