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  1. Any of you guys going to see They Might Be Giants tomorrow? I managed to get a couple tickets when they went on sale and they're sold out now. We have no sitter and I'm chicken to go alone. Frack.
  2. http://rungeekrun.net/rgr_release/ I will not have finished my Couch to 5K program yet but my gawd I want to do this race. Any of you guys in the area doing it?
  3. Sounds good! My mother in law is in town until Monday afternoon so I'm moping to start that day too. Maybe Tuesday. I'm not sure about a zombie run but I'll see what's around here. Anyone else game? Would be nice to have a few people to keep us honest.
  4. I'm looking for someone (or a small group of people) who is interested in starting C25K with me. I've done it before but have been slacking the last year or so. I really want to get back at it and though running isn't all I'll be doing, it's a form of therapy for me. I've always found I do better when I have someone who's going through the process with me and someone I can prod to keep on somewhat of a schedule with me. I'd join a group but I hate running with other people. I'd be planning on signing up for a race at the end as well. If we're in the same region perhaps we could pick a race to meet at? If not, we can just cheer each other on. I'm in the Baltimore DC area. Deanna
  5. I did the half in 2013. I'm not a morning runner at all but it wasn't an issue because I was so freaking excited about it. I think i was running on that alone. The hardest part for me was using the portopotties before the one mile shoulder to shoulder shuffle to the start corral. They stunk sooo bad and I don't handle smells well in the morning. The race itself was fun. A lot of music and characters on the way through. People were stopping for pictures but I was afraid of losing time and getting scooped by the bus if I stopped. The costumes people whore were adorable. Just all together a fun yet busy race.
  6. I'll be missing this one because I'm out of town. Have fun! Hopefully I can catch another.
  7. The first couple weeks of working out after being a slug for far too long are the most painful. Ouch.

  8. Oh. Since I have these things bookmarked, here's a map of the National Mall museums: http://www.si.edu/Content/Pdf/Visit/mallmap.pdf And the surrounding area courtesy of the parks service: http://www.nps.gov/nama/planyourvisit/upload/NACCmap1.pdf
  9. I just moved between DC and Baltimore and am in full tourist mode. If you only have a weekend just take a subway to the National mall and start walking. You could easily spend two full days just walking in and out of free museums. Yes. I said FREE!! This is one of the things I love most about this city. Here's the full list of museums so that if one certain thing interests you, you can put it on your to do list: http://www.si.edu/Museums/american-history-museum If you're into airplanes and want to see one of the shuttles, the Udvar Hazy Center is *not* at the mall but I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure how close you'll be to it. http://www.si.edu/Museums/air-and-space-museum-udvar-hazy-center There's SO much to see in the DC area. You could spend a month there and not see everything! If you need any advice navigating the metro as a newb, feel free to ask me. I just went through the painful experience of figuring it out. I'd never been on a subway before. lol
  10. Thanks for this!! Just ordered some. Being new to vegetarianism I didn't know we were lacking. Great read.
  11. Hey guys! I'm new to Maryland and live between DC and Baltimore. Any suggestions on hiking areas that are free and not too tough? I have a 4 and a 6 year old that I like to take out for "nature walks".
  12. I am! Sanford here. I've been slacking for a while but just joined the local Y to get some running in. During the tour the free weight room was introduced as "The Man Room" jokingly. I'm indimidated but home to find the balls (pun intended) to invade it. Heck, maybe I can find some other women to go in there.
  13. Shopping for weights for my home gym. :D So excited.

  14. I just had this ridiculous cartoon imagine in my head of a postman trying to shove a kettlebell into a mailbox, and the post for the mailbox snapping as soon as he got it in there. My brain makes me laugh.
  15. Next video he'll work out on the beach and kick sand in nerd's faces. I did not like this at all. What dicks.
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