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  1. So...after reading your comment Master, I read up about water retention when eating at a deficit and increasing exercise. I did a refeed and slept for nine hours the last two nights, and today I'm down three kilos. I don't want to say you're a witch doctor or anything, but...you know.... Thanks so much to both of you for your advice. Guess I'll just keep on keeping on!
  2. Week 2 wrap up: I missed a Crossfit session cos I got real sick out of nowhere AND I just realised that I completely forgot to eat a vegetable yesterday! I'm so disappointed; I was kicking ass at vegetables! I also wheated cos I was unprepared for my 4am shift yesterday and had to eat at the terrible work cafe. Anyway. It wasn't all bad. I felt working out today that I was really, noticeably stronger. I was more successful with pull ups than I've ever been and I really powered through the workout. Something else I've noticed is a really marked improvement in my mental health. It's not so
  3. Actually, they're generally not that great...which isn't too surprising when you look at my sleeping habits (shift worker + uni student )
  4. Yeah, that's true. I'm not really hardcore about eating low carb, just trying not to go crazy with them. I don't tend to eat fruit every day either - usually just one piece on hard training days. I weigh or measure basically everything, yep.
  5. Oh, yes, thank you! I didn't even think of that. Breakfast will be porridge or muesli with yoghurt & sometimes banana and two cups of black coffee. Lunch and dinner are both something like chicken breast, broccoli and sweet potato. For snacks I'll have something like a protein shake, green beans, tuna, or apple slices with peanut butter. I'll eat more cals & carbs on hard training days - like Thursdays, I have 3.5 hours of training between Crossfit and derby so I'll have some rice for lunch and dinner as well. It changes a little from day to day, but it's usually mostly so
  6. I'm starting to get pretty frustrated by this; I really don't know what's going on or how I can change it. So I'm a 27yo female, 5'7". In January I weighed 85kg at 31%bf. Over the course of three months I got down to 82kg by working out and sort of vaguely counting calories. A month ago, I started doing Crossfit, going about four times a week, and really seriously counting calories - 1500 a day, keeping to around 100g carbs and aiming for high protein. I'm tracking on MFP and weighing almost everything. This is in addition to roller derby training for two hours, three times a week. In
  7. Week two, day five My account was spazzing out and wouldn't let me post the other day. Hopefully this works! I suddenly got REALLY sick on Thursday. With finishing my Masters in a month, and working 30hrs a week, and derby training, and Crossfit, I feel like I'm burning the candle at both ends, and in the middle, and in the bits between the middle and the ends. I'm so exhausted. Anyway, so Thursday at Crossfit I just died. I suddenly had no energy, I could barely move, it took me 20 minutes to do a 12 minute workout. So I skipped derby that night, skipped Crossfit the next day and took a sic
  8. Hey week one, you were pretty great. I went to Crossfit five days (goal complete!) and ate at least one serving of veggies every day. It's embarrassing to say, but that is actually quite a feat for me. And this week I killed it! I know it's pitiful for one serve a day (is it five serves recommended all over the world? That's the way it is here in Australia) but that's a vast improvement. So next week we'll aim to get a few days with two serves. On the wheat thing, it's just such a hard habit to break. I've been eating wheat for 27 years without thought, so needing to carefully consider eve
  9. So I'd had a bit of a revelation. I was reading a couple of Steve's articles (about BF% and the self-fulfilling prophecy one specifically) and I had a realisation. At the end of last year I kind of just resigned myself to the idea that, maybe I'm just a bigger girl. Maybe I'm just not meant to have the BF% of an athlete; maybe my body just wants to be this way. But that's not true. That's never been true, and it's not true now. I can have any kind of body I want. And I want to look and feel like an athlete, so that's what I'm going to do. I know what it takes, and as long as I just keep doin
  10. Right, day two. I WODed, I ate asparagus and sweet potato, I haven't eaten any wheat, and I wrote just over 500 words on my Masters project. Let's call today a B+ ('cause really, I could have done more work on the project. Maybe by some miracle I'll do a bunch of it at work tonight?) My running tally: WOD: 2/5 Veggies: 2/7 Wheat: 1/7 (I was a bit of a slow-going fartbag getting started on day one. I already ate some bread before sorting out my goals Project: 2/5
  11. Okay! This year is srs bzns. This is my sixth year playing roller derby, and my team just debuted at #20 in the world, so for the first time in my life, we're going to playoffs (September). I have been waiting six years for this opportunity and I'm going to make the most of it. To make things complicated, I put on 10kg last year when I went back to uni and stopped training every day. My goal this year is playoffs, so everything I do be in keeping with that goal. My main goal is: get down to 24% body fat. I've never been a skinny girl, but at 31% this is the biggest I've ever been. My pro
  12. Huzzah, I am alive! Briefly: Moved house. Won my first game with my new (as of September 2011) team. Finally got over my fear of looking like a dick trying to use the squat rack - so far squatting 35kg (77lbs). Two months until the Australian roller derby tournament, and I'm on the representative team for my league! Also I boycotted skipping. Sorry dudes.
  13. I did a suck today and was too busy/forgot to get any planking done (moving..assignments...car breaking down an hour away from home..seeing the Hunger Games!) but I DID get 6 minutes done yesterday!
  14. I'm still in the process of moving (should be in the new place tomorrow, as long as the bloody real estate agents tie up their end today..ARGH!) But it's a pretty easy one - I've been staying at my mum's place since I got back from the US in November, and before that I lived out of a suitcase for two years, so I don't have much to pack! Plus, if I'm being honest, half the reason I use the gym is to get out of this sweltering humidity and into the AC. Stupid tropics. Thanks for asking And thanks for the advice, bschwan - I did one legged squats with my PT ages ago but totally forgot about them
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