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  1. Hello my first challenge week was okay. I did 6/10 scheduled workouts and ate okay about 50% all the time. I didn't Overeat too much or stray from paleo except for a cupcake, but I did skip so Many meals and snacks. I was planning on being done with final papers and focusing hardcore on fitness but I did not finish as planned. this is my last week of school so I am trying to stick with the plan as much as possible with finals stress. I also have graduation this weekend and am trying to plan for restaurants with healthy choices. Hopefully this week will be better than last!
  2. Waxing is the way to go. Take Tylenol beforehand. After the first few times the pain will stop. The hair down there is terrible to get waxed but it's definitely worth it. I did my own for a while so I could control the pain but find it much more helpful for another to do it so they can surprise me and rip the hair out quickly.
  3. Challenge accepted: tonight I will cook a few meals to refrigerate and have ready in case I don't have time to cook in the next few days. Also, I will set alarms to remind myself to eat.
  4. When school is really busy I use an excel spreadsheet with days horizontally and the vertical axis contains 15 minute intervals from 4:30AM-11:00PM. I write my schedule a week ahead and adjust as needed but for the most part I keep every part of my day mapped out. I account for EVERYTHING, Seriously--makeup, bath, workouts, work, drive time, cleaning the house, telling my son stories...no spontaneity but it works. I took 42 credit hours last semester and 21 this semester so I absolutely need a schedule or I would be carnival freak crazy. Now that school is ending I can be a bit more flexible
  5. No one loves square pants :/ it's tragic
  6. You're awesome Gem! Great goals and the $1 thing is a fun idea...use it at the end for a hot new dress
  7. You look fantastic! Great work!!
  8. Hooray! There is hope ha ha. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. It is true, I suffer from squarepants syndrome. Sometimes I worry that someone will hit my butt and knock my spine out of place. I considered wearing false cheeks but consider it false advertising (against my personal law) so now I am left wondering how I can fix my flat *ss. Any suggestions for exercises that will give me the J Lo butt I've always dreamed of?
  10. Love the goal of saying something nice to yourself each day! Great way to stay motivated! I'm rooting for you
  11. Crooked you will do great! I don't know if you use weekly schedules now but it is so helpful! I have every moment of my life mapped out in fifteen minute intervals. Once you get the hang of it and learn that Excel is your best friend You will see a definite improvement in consistency and efficiency in your life. That schedule will also be a stabilizer when everything else is rapidly changing. Anyhow I'm cheering you on! Yay for positive changes
  12. Thanks for the support Okilibrarian, I figured I should be active in the afternoon now that it is too hot for me to nap in my car at lunch lol. Librarian I am torn between Business/Management Information Systems and International Policy Management...of course I am two weeks from graduating and can not decide 0.o
  13. I am pumped for this challenge! School made it really difficult for me to keep up with previous ones. I have been planning for this challenge in an effort to eliminate any excuse for not succeeding. I want to really devote my summer off to getting fit so I will be ready by the time I start Grad School. I have lost 65 pounds since last summer and am now trying to become muscular/cut the body fat down a bit. I am an aspiring Ranger. Currently: Age 23 Weight 125 Height 5'3" Body Fat 22.2% Race Elf Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 1 Constitution 3 Wisdom 3 Charisma 4 Goal
  14. Ha ha yea free. I am cheap and morally opposed to paying to torture myself. I will definitely check out the library! I've looked online for free study guides and haven't found much :/
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