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    Agh! It's taken me WAY too long to respond to my own thread! Sorry, life got really crazy at work (lots of cleaning up of the messes of past employees!). Umm... kind of sort of. I'm not initially hungry, although I will be later on in the morning, and I actually generally start getting hungry before lunchtime anyway. Part of it is learning to time things with my new job and the fact that my meds can sometimes act as an appetite suppressant around lunchtime. I do love all these examples, though! Definitely giving me some new ideas. Part of it might also just be a monotony thing -
  2. I actually like frozen kale as an addition to smoothies over spinach, but it's a completely personal preferences (I also think the texture smoothes out pretty nice). One trick I know (from Food Guru Alton Brown) to up your smoothies is to actually make them ahead of time (but do not blend!) and let the frozen goodness sit and melt in the fridge for up to 8 hours (I often make a breakfast smoothie before going to bed and whip it up in the morning). If you do it this way, you'll get just about perfect texture. Not completely gloppy liquid, not so thick you need a spoon to eat it.
  3. Tazo


    It is, I have heard rumors, the most important meal of the day. What does everyone eat for it? I ask partially because I think it might be educational, but also as a person trying to wrangle his own breakfast conundrums. I've never really been a big eater of breakfasts, and particularly I've never been a big eater of heavy breakfasts. But I've also seen what happens if I go to far in the other direction (not pretty). What does everyone do?
  4. Thanks for all the advice everyone! I batch-cooked a mess o' food for this week and we'll see how it works out. (Although I ended up having to cook less than I thought I would, I forgot that my family is coming into town to visit me this weekend.)
  5. So, good news! I got a job! Yaaaay! It's my first full-time career-related job. It's something I've been fighting for a long time now, and now I have it. That's cool. The problem is that I'm about four days in, and aside from dealing with the typical new job learning curve stress, I'm also having a bit o' trouble adapting my healthy meal planning towards my new reality. I thought that instead of just relying on my own brain, I'd activate the Rebel Hive Mind. So here's the situation: 1. My hours are from 9-7 (this is actually not uncommon in Hollywood). 2. My commute is v. short. 3.
  6. Tea? Oh, tea is my JAM. I can tell you all about tea. Tea is, for our purposes, broken up into four different types: Black, Oolong, Green, and Herbal (or tisanes). There are actually more, but I don't want to overload you with info too early. Black teas are the most mature and strongest of the teas. Lots o' caffeine, less anti-oxidants. There are a number of traditional blends (English and Irish Breakfast, for example) that are good places to start. If you want flavored black teas, you're looking at Earl Gray (it is popular for a reason beyond just Picard) or any of India's spiced ch
  7. Sometime between 6:30 and 7 on weekdays. Saturday depends on if I've been doing anything the night before (say, a midnight movie), but very rarely later than 8 or 8:30. Getting up later than that usually means I've done something like an all-night Halloween movie marathon, so something I do like... twice a year. I have my alarm SET for 7, but sometimes I'll get up earlier should I wake, or should my roommate (who's a Naval reservist and thus just up naturally early) wake me up. One time recently he woke me up around 6:15. I didn't realize how early it was, so when I heard movement and
  8. I'm going to cheat and say the ENTIRETY of Random Access Memories, the new Daft Punk album. Available free, streaming, on iTunes. Let me tell you, my friends, they are at their Daft Punkiest.
  9. I just picked up Wolves of the Calla. I read the first four Dark Tower novels in high school before he took his big hiatus on 'em, and it's time I went back and finished the things. I'm very glad he had a five page summary of the first four books and their important bits, because I swear I had forgotten so much.
  10. I'm pretty new to Kettlebells myself, but I've started with the simple basic two handed swing, and I have to say that's a real "hits almost all your muscles" workout. Here, I scrounged up this link, might help give you some ideas to work with: http://greatist.com/fitness/22-kick-ass-kettlebell-exercises
  11. To name something is to have control over it. Well known principle of magic. If it has a name, it can be defeated. And sometimes the silliest names contain the most power!
  12. The Old Man's War series has a really solid reader that I think matches the voice of the world, and the story, very well. I will also say, it's amazing how a voice that DOESN'T work will drop me out of a story like that.
  13. I second the Redwall series (one of my favorites as a kid), here's a recent Sci-fi you might enjoy, although it's kind of techy, it works because at it's beating heart, it's a big HEIST story. The Quantum Thief
  14. Chips. I am hideously weak when chips are around (which is tough, since my roommate enjoys corn chips). Basically at this point I've got myself disciplined enough that the only chips I let myself eat are Zapp's, because A. they are of superior quality, B. they remind me of home, so it helps hit that button, and C. They're only really available in Louisiana, East Texas, and surrounding states. So, you know, hard to get.
  15. I do, but I love to cook and can get fussy about my measurements, even if I'm not counting calories, so I'm strange like that. That being said, yes, especially if you want to cook your own meals (and you should) a scale is invaluable. Volumetric measurements can be iffy, especially with stuff like, say, salt, where it can really depend on the size of the crystals/grains. Mass is much more accurate.
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