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  1. Day One. Meditated. Weight Trained. Diet as planned. 1/ 42 Meditation sessions complete. Game on .
  2. I've decided to edit my original post after researching other challenges and seeing what works and what doesnt, I noticed that some people put in 'strikes' as a clause , and I could forsee that to be a reality such as missing a training session in the event of an emergency or a work call etc. As such i've edited it to include lee way for a few strikes with more details on how I plan to go about accomplishing the fat percentage reduction. A true monk accomplishes the impossible while acknowledging the realities =)
  3. I love the fact that you post in character and you even designed your character into your potrait. I love that, in fact I may want to consider doing the same , it adds a whole element of integrating your ideal character into who you want to be in real life. Brilliant.
  4. Hey ICB, Thanks and yes it is gruelling but if I figured that as this is my first challenge I probally want to put in a whole lotta effort and see maximum results to drive me forward. Regarding meditation, no I'm not new to it, in fact I have been practicising transcendental meditation for awhile, but its just that my habit has not been consistent, ideally I should be meditating twice a day for 25 minutes, but that I would leave for my next challenge =)
  5. Hi Guys. This would be my first challenge ever, and I'm going to smash it. Been practising martial arts for awhile though not on a fairly consistent basis with set goals etc. as such I'm going to use this challenge as a means to kick-start my journey to overall uberness! I currently weight around 69 kg, at about 164 cm height. Body fat percentage according to this machine scale I have at home is 23%. My intention for this challenge would be to significantly increase my endurance, power, and overall health and lay the foundation to achieve greater things on a physical and mental level for myself. Race: Human Class: Aspiring Monk/Assassin Strength (STR) –2 Dexterity (DEX) – 2 Stamina (STA) – 2 Constitution (CON) –2 Wisdom (WIS) – 4 Charisma (CHA) – 3 My three diet/fitness goals would be to do the following. 1. Attend 12 Muay Thai/Stand Up- Striking Lessons/ sessions. So thats twice a week for the six weeks. Each session is two hours long. RPG Stats: I would say this would be a total of 5 points as it's a rather gruelling regime. I would allocate ( + 1 STR, + 1 DEX , +1 STA and +2 CON) 2. Attend 12 Bujinkan ninjutsu classes. So thats another twice a week for six weeks. Each session is two hours long. Total number of sessions over 6 weeks = 24 martial art sessions Strikes: A - 0 - 4 strikes (example: Missed up to 4 training sessions ) B - 5- 8 strikes. C - 9 - 12 strikes. D -12 - 15 strikes. F - More than 15 strikes. RPG Stats: I would say this would be a total of 4 points but it would have a different type of physical impact, as bujinkan ninjutsu lessons are not as gruelling as it's a traditional art form, but would definitely increase my agility and stamina to some extent. I would allocate ( + 3 DEX , +1 STA ) 3. Drop from 23% body fat to 19% body fat over the course of six weeks. RPG Stats: Total points for this would be 3 points going into CHA. My lifestyle goal would be to: 4. Perform 1 Meditation Session per day for twenty five minutes. Total number of meditation sessions: 42 Strikes: A - 0 - 5 strikes (example: Missed up to 5 meditation sessions ) B - 5- 8 strikes. C - 9 - 12 strikes. D -12 - 15 strikes. F - More than 15 strikes. RPG Stats: 2 Points going into WIS. I guess thats it for now, I've synergized the fitness goals to link with each other specifically in the losing of body fat. So obviously I would need to manage a good diet as well, while going for all those training sessions. Thats all for now guys. Let the games begin!
  6. Well the doctor I saw was the top allerginist in the country and I did get a secondary test done for a second opinion and the results were the same from a different allergenist. My Ige levels are 5000> when most people are around the 250 mark. It seems in all his years of experience he's seen very few of my type of cases and it is a fairly pitiful condition. That being said it's something I guess I have to live with and make do as best I can.
  7. Thanks for the information, it will help greatly, over the last few days I had conducted a food allergy test and would you guess what the doctors found out when they conducted a blood test on myself. I have something called Pan-Plant allergies. Basically I'm allergic to all things plant except leafy vegetables! No wonder i've been screwed over and having significant health problems while young, as a vegetarian. I cant even eat rice, wheat, and only certain kinds of fruits, (no citrus etc except grape) no nuts at all, etc, no seeds... .. it's a very rare case according to my doctors, that being said I think paleo is then the way forward.
  8. Hey guys, hope all is well with you all, I'm new to these forums and due to a certain health condition, I've decided to go Paleo, the challenge I am facing is that Ive been a vegetarian my whole life and now to go paleo it seems a bit challenging. I am considering eating meat if it is going to improve my health. Just that I'm not used to it as such I have a few questions I wish you could help me with. Can we eat potatoes? fruits? Can someone direct me to a link where I can get some great paleo recipes. In fact can someone please asssit me with any links or reading material to help me get started on this journey.Greatly appreciated. Vin
  9. Hey guys, hope all is going awesome with yourself. I realised that one of the key reasons why I have not really been able to achieve my goals is cause I was never really committed enough to it. So here is one way of me committing, by being in an active community of people who would support me. Names Vin, my goal is to get complete mastery over my mind and body and level up my life to a whole new level of awesome. Glad to be part of the army. I'll be be actively involved in detailing my journey and hope to make some good friends along the way. Yours truly, Vin.
  10. Emm I'm in but forgot to post here and am late cause from malaysia.. http://nerdfitness.com/community/blog.php?4880-Vinasius
  11. I'm in, and I'll win this. http://nerdfitness.com/community/blog.php?4880-Vinasius
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