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  1. Aaaaaaah. I want to play, but challenges sounds so scary. I just want it to be soft and comforting and re-affirming and soothing, so I can betting gravitate towards it and its wonderful possibilities of awesome.


    Any ideas on how to do that?

    1. fitnessgurl


      So play. Set up something a bit challenging but also achievable. :)

  2. Wow. That's beautiful, and ethereally deep, and very familiar to some things I've heard from others in my life. I'd love to hear more about that - link me if you wrote about it somewhere.
  3. I just want to belong somewhere. I want clothes that I belong with, and rooms that I belong in, and places I belong at, and people that I belong with. Belonging is so important, and I don't have a home, even a kind of one. I want the kid in me to belong somewhere. And the girl, and the adult, and the wild in me, and the fantasy in me, and the intensity in me, and the royal in me, but the kid needs a space really soon. I want to belong. I want to go home.
  4. Things I want to use: https://quizlet.com/17130202/sociology-vocab-all-chapters-flash-cards/ http://study.com/academy/lesson/pygmalion-effect-definition-examples-quiz.html http://study.com/academy/lesson/pygmalion-effect-definition-examples-quiz.html https://quizlet.com/21071575/cultural-anthropology-vocabulary-flash-cards/ http://www.apa.org/research/action/glossary.aspx?tab=19 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma
  5. Today I'd like to further discuss the Pygmalion / Golem effect and it's imperative usage in the vocabulary of "fire" towards camp activities. Also, storytelling. And I'd like to go through all of them. I'd like to combine this with the layout for what we teach in Artisans, and discuss it there. With extra emphasis, exploring a better understanding and explanation of meditation. Here are all the wonderful things you can do, but first, as always, you must build a base. I also like that the concept of a base and the concept of earth are playing with division - one being consistancy and meaning, one being the structure in which it is built. This allows for "base" to be the summit of perserverence (earth), determination (fire), exploration and understanding (water), and rejuvination / clearing release (wind), which I find excellent.
  6. What You Do Today Will Matter Tomorrow School Path: Trackers Path: Bo Path: Work Path: Health Path: You brushed your teeth today, and got dressed, and ate breakfast (an english muffin with honey). You took your medication. You are on your 123rd official water bottle, with 122 down. This one finished will add to that, as soon as it's done. You even put a number on it, so there. Other Pursuits: You have walked 135 measured miles total. You have spent 20 confirmed minutes dancing. Progression-of-Language Levels-of-Thinking Categorization Theory (Dichotomies, etc.) or Development Tiers of Predictive Categorization - Aka Cognitive Psychology Schema Linguistic identification through yes/no dichotomies (stove, not-stove... car, not-car... mommy, not-mommy... etc.) Schema-building through dualisms (cold, hot - good, bad - beautiful, ugly) ...keep your eye out for people who don't yet know that this is not the end of language, though more often people will misunderstand phase 3 to be the end step. Keeping in mind the necesity of this stage, as it allows us to begin predicting our environment and STAY ALIVE, let's also have some examples here. Green berries are bad, red berries good. Schema-build dualisms, or, Dualistic Predictive Dichotomies (ex: good vs. evil). Dualisms where each category is absolute, and brings along with it a long list of expectations and predictions. Good stuff: Day is warm and people are awake and that's when school happens and play and good things. Night is when there are stars and it's dark and we need lights and also sometimes sleepovers happen and dinner and nighttime stories but also sleeping. Good, incomplete Segregative Predictive Categorizations start appearing as incomplete dichotomies, such as: Winter is cold, there's snow, we need to wear coats, school might be canceled, the roads are dangerous... vs. Summer is hot, there's sun and grass, we need to wear light clothing, school doesn't happen, the roads are safe. Of course, if a culture lands too heavily on this stage, those Predictive Dichotomies become dependable through... oh, what's the word, self-fulfilling prophecy that comes back around itself through expectation and encouragement.... well, it'll come back to me, but as a trigger, one of the most noticeable of these is the Predictive Dichotomies of Female vs. Male. Other examples include Republican vs. Democrat, White vs. Black, Adult vs. Child, Rich vs. Poor. Of note, many dualisms (perhaps most) that asserted themselves in stage two will grow into Predictive Dichotomies, such as the Skinny/Fat to Good/Bad attachment explored in class. Polygonal Predictive Dichotomies are called Polygonal Predictive Categorizations . Polygonal is the umbrella term for specific P.D.s, such as Triangular Predictive Dichotomies, Quadrilateral Predictive Dichotomies (the seasons, the harry potter houses), up to and possibly beyond things such as Enneagonal Predictive Dichotomies (like simple-form Enneagrams). Speaking of personality testing, MOST are.... Complex Polygonal Predictive Categorizations. I am an Ares, who's also a moon sign Virgo, and also a rising sign Taurus. These are three isolated Dodecagonal Predictive Dichotomies layered on top of each other, to create a Complex one - a situation still contained by reliable options that hold firm in what they say about the item it lables. One will note that 5th level Contained Predictive Categorizations. Categorization that appears as Polygonal (Isolated or Complex) Predictive Categorizations but who clarify that there are an infinite list of items beyond those being actively used. Examples: Authors. They exist. In this class, we're going to be studying these five. That doesn't mean they are all that exist. We're going to be commenting on these from one of these "perspectives" (evolutionary, feminist, etc.) There are an infinite number, but these are the ones that are most commonly discussed and the ones we'll be differentiating between. Types of cars. Names. Languages. Etc. Complex Contained Predictive Categorizations. There's an infinite number of colors (but we're only using these twelve) and an infinite number of dress styles (but we're only okaying these four) - when you put them together, here's what they say about you! Complex Contained Predictive Categorizations are the end result of most multiple choice personality quizzes. Infinite Predictive Categorizations start becoming notably difficult to hold on to, and usually desire a certain amount of interest and/or value in the subject it adheres to in order to sustain it. There is a thing. An infinite number of these exist, talk about / use whichever ones you want to, but also understand that tons of others exist and are just as valid all over the place. Gender is, ostensibly, an Infinite Predictive Categorization, mostly through self-identification whatever-that-thing-is-called where you decide a label because its assumptions and predictions fit you and thus happily present its predictions. However, this gets dangerously close to... Material Abstract Contemplation (or Non-Categorization). The thing that everyone is afraid of snowballing into if they allow their perspective or categorization of an object / concept to expand. No neat construct really exists, no predictions can really be made, to every rule there is an exception to that rule, and so rules are really only training tools. Then each individual instance of an object within a well-understood field can be anticipated with probability, but not determined adherence. If you're a specialist in a field, your field will have reached this point. When Kaylee from Firely sees the engine, she doesn't pull out the rule book for what exact thing this exact engine type needs in this contructed situation, she's like, well I mean really this thing just clogs up this and isn't really needed, so I figure, let's just do this, because to this particular situation, your right couple is bad and there's no need to get another one. Types of instruments or tools is infinite, types of problems are infinite, and these come together in new and complex situations all the time in ways that don't make sense or haven't been seen before, and you can think about differentiations and be marveled by new contradictions rather than threatened by them. Every scientist ever has reached this place and feels comfy in it, making many others very uncomfortable with the abstract nature with which they discuss many common place pieces of the world - pieces that, to those who stay in lower categories of thought - are clear constructs under attack by those of higher levels saying they don't exist. What I am currently and humorously calling "Abstruse" Abstract Contemplation (or Non-Categorization). Also colloquially called "philosophy" (mostly by those who don't study philosophy), Quantum Physics (solely by people who don't study philosophy), and the summit of the phrase "Keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out." Out of clarification, this level is not one of stupidity - rather, it is the highest possibly realm of thinking. However, as with most of these perspectives, if you speak with the language of it to someone who isn't there, you will sound like your brain has indeed fallen out. For the sake of humor and clarity, let us add an 11th form, which is your brain falling out, okay? 10th level categorization is holding in mind that nothing really exists. Usually this is only attained through the use of two perspectives - one of faith / spirituality, and one of science. In the words of the first: We are only spirits / the children of god / souls in one tiny material form in a world that does not truly exist. We are only truly ourselves when we ascend to our higher selves, and understand that we are much more than our experience of this world, and that everything is merely the whim of the universe / god / the goddess / the creator / [heavenly being of preference]. In the words of the second: Look, everything probably makes sense. Probably. But maybe not. I don't know, nobody knows, mostly likely no one will ever know. Do you understand how complex the universe is? There are squid that see in more colors than us! What does that even mean! What is language, can non-carbon based lifeforms exist, what the hell would that mean, but it probably exists, EVERYTHING probably exists, the universe is contstantly expanding, NO EDGE. Woooooooooah..... dude..... While 9 and 10's perspective may indeed be true, it takes an enormous effort to hold this concentration on any subject. So now I have lots of suggestions, thoughts, and elaborations on utilizations of this polygonal predictive categorization concept - such as applying clarifications of false dichotomies / dualisms by appealing to as low a level of comprehension as possible. "But... you're a girl." being responding to not as "THAT'S A STUPID SEXIST ASSUMPTION AND STEREOTYPE" but rather as "Yes! But I am also an athlete." Ah! Okay, then it's okay then. Because the easier people can categorize you, quicker they will feel safe. The quicker they will feel willing to expand their awareness to fit your individualization. But I'll do that more tomorrow. Night! - WW
  7. Back to Base You're an Adventurer, in a program you are in the process of making. You are currently in the Sora's Nightmare Tutorial portion of your own adventure. You have chosen the Dream Bell - The power of the life-speaker. Unstoppable inner strength. A bell of hope and vulnerability. The power to save lives. (My inversion of the choice below: first the game's, then mine.) "The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction." "The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all." "The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin." "The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. The power to affect the world." "The power of the guardian. Unbreakable protection. A shield to repel all. The power to haven from harm. " "The power of the mage. Unbound capability. A staff of wonder and ruin. The power to unleash the realms of possibility." "The power of the life-speaker. Unstoppable inner strength. A bell of hope and vulnerability. The power to save lives." Destination Goal You're are an un-official Humboldt Student, still deciding between the majors of (Early Childhood) Education, Social Work, and Psychology. You are also pursuing minor focuses / emphases in Music, Languages, Physical Education / Kinesthesiology / Nutritional Science, and base utilization-capability of Economics. Fire: "I want to speak for children. I want to have the abilities, the skilled understandings, and credentials, to walk into school systems and convince them that it's in their best interest - the interests of economy, reputation, academic success statistics, all of those mortal things - to allow me to come in and teach kids how to take care of themselves and others, to create fun and motivation and imaginations and emotional understanding in the classroom. To revolutionize the language used to discuss and combat depression and suicidality. I want to save people's lives - children's lives, those young and vulnerable of heart and understanding, open to learning about the world, full of love and hope, no matter what physical age they come at. The ones who want to help but are not taught how. The ones who need help and don't know how to find it, or forge it themselves. The people still learning what this world is all about. I want to speak to them. For them. With them. And I want to fight for diplomacy between the world of the closed and controlling, and the world of the open heart. I'm not sure yet which of psychology, social work, or education are the credentials I need. I don't yet know how strong a role an education in music, kinesthesiology / nutritional science, and economics will play in my success towards this goal. But these are masteries of understanding that I will pursue until I figure it out. Because I am going to save lives. I'm going to be the ambassador of life. See if I don't." Nerdfitness Element You are using Nerdfitness as a baseline game-concept for an accessible method to figure out, modify, confirm, and teach ideally supportive routines and methods in Nutrition, Physcial Exercise, and other influences of Neurochemical Functioning through health. Or in other words, you're getting healthy so you can heal and be base-ly re-engergizing. Healing powers. Whoo! Sleep, meditation, hydration, deep greens, protein, flight, and passion lighting (running, dancing, etc.) all gain points towards healing. You're going to fill in the rest later, but we gotta build a base first. We gotta build a base first.
  8. March 15 to Now Sleep: 184.5 hours + ??? Meditation: 10 minutes Distance: 96.43 miles + 5.03 + 1.1 + 5.0 + 2.0 + 3.25 = 112.81 miles! Passion Running: 7.38 miles+ ??? Protein Points: 67g + ??? Greens Points: 7 cups+ ??? Water Bottles: 122
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