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  1. Aaaaaaah. I want to play, but challenges sounds so scary. I just want it to be soft and comforting and re-affirming and soothing, so I can betting gravitate towards it and its wonderful possibilities of awesome.


    Any ideas on how to do that?

    1. fitnessgurl


      So play. Set up something a bit challenging but also achievable. :)

  2. Wow. That's beautiful, and ethereally deep, and very familiar to some things I've heard from others in my life. I'd love to hear more about that - link me if you wrote about it somewhere.
  3. I just want to belong somewhere. I want clothes that I belong with, and rooms that I belong in, and places I belong at, and people that I belong with. Belonging is so important, and I don't have a home, even a kind of one. I want the kid in me to belong somewhere. And the girl, and the adult, and the wild in me, and the fantasy in me, and the intensity in me, and the royal in me, but the kid needs a space really soon. I want to belong. I want to go home.
  4. Things I want to use: https://quizlet.com/17130202/sociology-vocab-all-chapters-flash-cards/ http://study.com/academy/lesson/pygmalion-effect-definition-examples-quiz.html http://study.com/academy/lesson/pygmalion-effect-definition-examples-quiz.html https://quizlet.com/21071575/cultural-anthropology-vocabulary-flash-cards/ http://www.apa.org/research/action/glossary.aspx?tab=19 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_dilemma
  5. Today I'd like to further discuss the Pygmalion / Golem effect and it's imperative usage in the vocabulary of "fire" towards camp activities. Also, storytelling. And I'd like to go through all of them. I'd like to combine this with the layout for what we teach in Artisans, and discuss it there. With extra emphasis, exploring a better understanding and explanation of meditation. Here are all the wonderful things you can do, but first, as always, you must build a base. I also like that the concept of a base and the concept of earth are playing with division - one being c
  6. What You Do Today Will Matter Tomorrow School Path: Trackers Path: Bo Path: Work Path: Health Path: You brushed your teeth today, and got dressed, and ate breakfast (an english muffin with honey). You took your medication. You are on your 123rd official water bottle, with 122 down. This one finished will add to that, as soon as it's done. You even put a number on it, so there. Other Pursuits: You have walked 135 measured miles total. You have spent 20 confirmed minutes dancing. Progression-of-Language Levels-of-Thinking
  7. Back to Base You're an Adventurer, in a program you are in the process of making. You are currently in the Sora's Nightmare Tutorial portion of your own adventure. You have chosen the Dream Bell - The power of the life-speaker. Unstoppable inner strength. A bell of hope and vulnerability. The power to save lives. (My inversion of the choice below: first the game's, then mine.) "The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction." "The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all." "The pow
  8. March 15 to Now Sleep: 184.5 hours + ??? Meditation: 10 minutes Distance: 96.43 miles + 5.03 + 1.1 + 5.0 + 2.0 + 3.25 = 112.81 miles! Passion Running: 7.38 miles+ ??? Protein Points: 67g + ??? Greens Points: 7 cups+ ??? Water Bottles: 122
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