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  1. Needed: Adventure party?

    I am struggling a lot with creating habits and sticking to them and to actually do the things I need to do. I've tried using my wife as an accountability buddy but it doesn't seem to have quite the same effect. I also find that forums don't really do it, in the past what has worked best was team games where other people relied on me get things done. So what I am looking for is some people who can help me make an adventuring team, where we all set weekly or monthly goals and also set a team goal that we all work towards and the reward is dependent on everyone on the team contributing. I would also very much like the team to have some sort of online meeting place. Personally, I am partial to a discord server but a facebook group could work too, the key for me would be that it would be a bit more personal than just a forum thread. An added bonus could be some sort of rp element to it. Maybe the monthly challenge is in the form of a beast we must slay. If you'd be interested let me know and we can figure out what we want to set up.