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  1. Status April 25: Nothing new to report really
  2. Buy a house with a big garden/ a smallholding and raise my own meat and grow veg.
  3. Status April 22: Taking a couple of days off running, Been feeling ugh with period cramps so trying to be gentle with my body. Other than that I am starting to look forward to the next challenge and what sort of ideas I can bring with me from this one.
  4. @RedStone Thank you so much
  5. Status April 20th Back to work. I am still enjoying working from home. Especially when the dogs are quiet. I find it easier to focus than at work. Weight had gone up and down a little the last week but that is normal this time of the month for me.
  6. Status april 19th Going alright except for the sugar thing. Craving some sugar pretty bad. Also didn't get around to doing a hike last week with the dogs or at least not any new places. We did have some in our local woods and they came with me on runs.
  7. Thank you And thhhhhat is one of the silliest and best gifs I have seen in a while! And yeah. it is a little silly that one of the reasons for why is so that I use less fabric or yarn when I make myself things.. But on the other hand, there are more serious ones like wanting to be in better shape to get back into RC SAR stuff.
  8. Status April 16th Yesterday was my birthday and it was a really good one. Apart from the cake I had planned I managed to stay on top of the no sugar plan which I am really happy with. I have a tendency to indulge when I have "cheat days". I also went on a c25k run. I turned 33 yesterday and I decided that I want to be my goal weight by the time I turn 35. Which means I have 40kg to lose in two years. Not impossible but also not easy. But that might also be good in a way. it will mean that I have to start now if I want to do it in time.
  9. Status April 14th Back to work today (well from home). I think it will go easier when I have that stability. I got a bit of a bummer this weekend. I have gained enough inches around my waist that I don't have enough fabric for a dress I want to sew. I had been sewing every day and enjoying that and that just put a stop to that.
  10. Status April 13 This last week I have been really struggling with chocolate cravings. Chocolate is a big easter thing here and I have been weak. I will also be weak one more time on wednesday, it is my birthday and I am planning on having a cookie or something.
  11. Status April 5 Been pretty quiet. I am mostly finding the no sugar thing easier than I had expected. I get a few chocolate cravings every now and again but I can handle that. Today I finished week one of C25K and I have so many emotions about Zombies run. Meditation is also going great.
  12. Status Morning April 2 This have gone pretty great for the last couple of days. Yesterday I did have cake but it was planned as mentioned above. And I am not feeling guilty one bit. Which is a pretty great feeling. The last couple of days I have been struggling to get up in time but today I managed. Working from home is a bit of a struggle sometimes, but at the same time I am feeling more productive.
  13. Yeah listening to it is a little surreal. The radio mode more so than the story itself for me right now because I am in very plot heavy things, but the radio mode is more about everyday life and that is... well.. different than it was 6 months ago. They do have some home workouts as well.
  14. Status morning March 31: The first two days have gone great. On Sunday I had a hike to a new hilltop I have attempted to reach in the past but been unable to. It was a great view from there and the dogs did really well walking down hills so steep they had made staircases in them. And yesterday I did day one of C25K and well it was hard but doable. I took Frodo, our 9 month old Lagotto, with me to see how he is to jog with. He did really well. Pulling a bit but less random stopping than Samwise, our old man poodle.I listened to Zombies Run and damn is it weird right now. Not so much the main story but the radio mode talking about dealing with living in a post apocalyptic woirld. I am craving sugar a bit but since I am allowing myself fruit and veg I feel I have something when I want something sweet. I am planning on being "bad" about that on Wednesday. It is my wife and I's 4th anniversary and I have ordered a cake for us. That way I can also support a local bakery a little.
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