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  1. Craftyviking


    Yeah. This was kind of silly though. We got stuck without breakfast before going grocery shopping. My wife gets the shakes pretty bad when she goes too long without food so we ended up going to the closes place which only had non keto food. I had fries.
  2. Craftyviking


    Soum... I meant to checkin earlier. It is past bed time... Ooops. But I wanted to do a quick update on how things are going I have started Keto, been struggling a few times and yesterday we ended up with a non-keto meal thanks to poor planning on my part. Darebee I am behind: I will have to double up on the next few days I think I will have to modify this one to go to 2 MMA training sessions a week. Completed this this week, the week before was full of meetings I am not checking in every day but often enough that I have a very good control over our spending.
  3. Craftyviking


    It is a lot of fun, though fun isn't the right word. We do a lot of stuff outside of missions that are a lot of fun and it is really rewarding being able to help people when we do have to. I am lucky that the one mission I have been to we found the guy a little cold but not really worse for wear. This was an elderly person with some cognitive issues and he had gotten lost.
  4. Craftyviking


    Oh yeah, it is a very good burn. I am doing mostly the grappling, that is the work on the ground. So we use a lot of the same techniques as no gi BJJ
  5. Craftyviking


    Honestly not so much this time around. I've had a little bit but that is more about oversleeping and not getting my coffee fix. I am actually really happy with how the transition has gone this time, and surprised because Christmas was mostly carbs. But I have been careful to get enough water in
  6. Craftyviking


    Oh no, more of me hurt than that. Inside of my thighs, my ass ... And also yesterday wasn't actually any fighting, just various strength and endurance training
  7. Craftyviking


    After years on and off the Nerdfitness train this year I have decided will be the year. This isn't exactly my first challenge, or rather my first attempted challenge, but it will be my first completed one. The Main Quest AKA Big Bold Year Long goals Lose weight I will lose 1 kg a month for the year (ie. end each month 1kg lighter than I started it) I will eat Keto/Paleo most of the time Grow Strong/Learn to fight I will continue with MMA/Grappling training I will do something physical each day (Darebee challenges, Zombies 5k etc) I will start taking hikes with a weight in my backpack Adventure I will go on 100 different walks with my dog, ie: 100 walks that are different in some way, some new path or another direction I will learn a new skill Stability I will feel financially stable and not worry each month if we have enough for the next pay check I will work together with my wife when it comes to money stuff rather than feel it is all my burden I will set aside money for my goals each month I will start a IPS account (personal pension saving) The current quest log AKA What I will do this challenge to work on the main quest Start Keto and keep it until the end of the month Complete the Darebee 30 days of change Go to MMA training every session where I don't have a conflicting RC meeting Check in to the YNAB budget every day The side quests Check in here every other day Set up work goals Loot Bonsai wire I am going to need all the accountability I can get on this. In the past I have failed at checking in and then failed at completing the quests.