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  1. *gets a cup of tea and settles in*
  2. Check In: I've been hit or miss over the last week. I haven't been working out as much since I went back to work after the break. I've also had some stellar days and less stellar days. In general I want to reaffirm why I'm doing these goals and what I want to see change.
  3. Congrats! Our awards ceremony is in a couple weeks. Eep. That said, my category is STACKED and I am friends with 7/10 nominees, so... I'm honestly just happy to be nominated.
  4. HEALTH: I took time off today! I did a 5 minute yoga session in the AM to wake myself up. I'll do a longer flow tomorrow AM. I can't wait for the sun to rise a little bit earlier, because I am NOT going for walks an hour before sunrise in the AM :/. I loved my morning walks over the holiday break, so I'm bummed. FINANCES: Definitely bought dinner today. Oof. CLUTTER: I worked for about 16 hours today, so no decluttering for me. SPIRIT: Bought a new planner (yay) and did some meditation this morning.
  5. We have very similar goals! Welcome Are you using a budget tool? I've started using EveryDollar this past year and I love it
  6. I'm so in! Bonus: I completed one of the items on the list today! I painted my living room and hallway. I'm a teacher and I've had this time off for the winter break. I just bought my first home, a condo (#bucketlist), and it's a perfect space... but all of the walls were white, white, white. I'm a much more colorful person. I picked out Behr's "Mustard Field" and went to town over a couple of days. I just did the final touch ups and started moving furniture back today. I have 2 week-long vacations left in this school year, and I'm going to paint a bedroom over each of them!
  7. Heyo! I kind of disappeared in 2018, but I was still focused on my weight loss journey. I'm happy to report I lost 7% of my body weight last year (about 25 pounds). Considering how my clothes are fitting and what I see in the mirror, I'm assuming I lost even more in fat and gained some muscle. My current goal is to lose 9% of my body weight in 2019 (just under 30 pounds).
  8. Oh hey there! I'm a teacher and a new teacher mentor at my school. Let me know if you want to bounce ideas off me!
  9. I relate to so much in this challenge. Following and rooting for you!
  10. Oh hi there! The dream role I played and was nominated for is Ursula. Total dream to play. I was just recently cast as a gender-bent Audrey II from Little Shop (if plants can be gender-bent). I've actually auditioned for Audrey II in the past and was totally dismissed because they were looking for a man. Check In - 1/1! HEALTH: I went to the gym today and switched things up. I did a variety of things in my 50 minutes there, hopping on and off the treadmill and doing other exercises in between. Did some steps, recumbent stepper, and bodyweight exercises. My step tracker says I "traveled" over 4 miles while at the gym, though some of those registered steps were things like modified pull ups. Hey, I'll count it! FINANCES: Totally bought my lunch out today. Boo. I was starving and weak post workout. CLUTTER: Did some more decluttering this morning. I think I removed 4 or 5 items and rearranged others. SPIRIT: Didn't bullet journal today, but that's okay. I did meditate for a few minutes this morning!
  11. Update 12/31: HEALTH: I took my morning walk of just over a mile this AM. I'm really loving this habit, and I've done it 5 days in a row! FINANCES: No updates here. CLUTTER: Yesterday I got rid of TWENTY SIX items from my house! Today I'm taking even more to the dump. SPIRIT: I worked in my bullet journal a little bit yesterday.
  12. This past year, I accomplished many of my bucket list goals. I lost 30 pounds. I bought my first home. I was not only cast in and performed a dream role, but I've been nominated for a theater award for it. It was, overall, an exceptionally positive year for me. This year, I have four big goals for myself: 1) Health: I want to both lose another 50 pounds and to run a 5k. 2) Finances: I want to pay off debt and participate in the 52 week saving challenge. 3) Clutter: I want to drastically reduce my clutter. 4) Spirit: I want to explore techniques to reduce my anxiety and de-stress. Each week, I will focus on one aspect of each of these four goals. HEALTH: - I will take a morning walk of 1+ miles at least 3 times a week. - I will do other exercise at least three times a week. - I will not eat grains/tubers after 2pm. FINANCES: - I will not purchase prepared food/ take out/ etc. - I will save at least $50 toward my 52 week challenge - I will not add new debt. CLUTTER: - I will remove at least 10 items a week from my home (not including garbage). SPIRIT: - Keep up with my bullet journal - Meditate 2+ times a week. I'm gonna crush this!
  13. Th 12/27 REALITY Food: Breakfast: Greek yogurt + all the coffee Lunch: Meatloaf leftovers , popcorn at movie Afternoon Snack: None Dinner: Dr. Praeger's Super Green Patties (2), zucchini noodles, and low cooker chicken soup (recipe here). I swapped the butternut squash for a sweet potato and it went well. I think I would go 4-4.5 hours. 3.5 seemed a little short. REALITY Movement: Gym. 20 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes body weight / kettlebells, etc. I skipped the elliptical and did more squats, kettlebells, rows, etc. REALITY Personal Goals: Declutter 10 items (did not achieve) Put away new Christmas gifts (did not achieve) Paint hallway - ACHIEVED. First coat done. It took longer than I expected, which is why I didn't accomplish the other things.
  14. My goal is to post a daily plan here every morning, including food, goals, and fitness. Then the next day I will reflect on what actually happened and set new goals. Th 12/27 Food: Breakfast: Greek yogurt + all the coffee Lunch: Scrambled Eggs, Broccoli, Afternoon Snack: Skinny Pop, Nuts Dinner: Slow cooker chicken recipe Movement: Gym. 15 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes body weight / kettlebells, etc, Personal Goals: Declutter 10 items Put away new Christmas gifts Paint hallway
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