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  1. UPDATE! So while this challenge month was off to a rough start, it certainly wasn't the roughest. I do feel a check-in is necessary, just to keep myself on track, and make sure I keep focus where it needs to be. On the plus side, the last of my patches came in, so I'll finally be able to finish my battle vest (for now anyway). Any-who, onto the update. Quest - Maintain 85% in school classes The first week of school is always the easiest. "Here's the syllabus. Here's the criteria. Here's what books you need. Don't fuck up." I'm acing all my classes right now, which isn't saying much. But this quarter feels... different. I'm finding myself participating more in class, and being consciously more active with things going on around me. It actually not only feels like I'm actually learning, but also being able to apply what I've learned before to what I'm doing now. It's a very exciting time for me. Side Quest - Read for 30 minutes a day Freakin' nailed it. I've been reading PDF's of books I've gotten off of Humble Bundle, and listening to audio books (which totally friggin' counts). I'm actually a little surprised I've taken to reading so easily. And not just college text books either. Quest - Finish 2 tracks for my second project album With this being the first week of school, I haven't touched on any music making at all. I'm honestly okay with that for this week, but I need to remember to give myself time to create; not only to give myself time to decompress, but to make me happy. Even if it's just for an hour a week. I also know that I need to remain focused, and have an idea about what I want to create before I start. Side Quest - Finish "Gamer Fuel" song See previous statement. Quest 4 - Workout 5 days a week I've worked out for 4 days this week, which considering how busy my week has been, I'm calling that a victory. It's nice to be back into bodyweight training. But also, my yoga mat came in the mail, and I'm so excited to start getting into yoga again. I might need some help with that when the time comes though. I'd rather not resort to YouTube tutorials if I can help it. Side Quest - Cold showers, 3/week at least Yeah that's a big no on this one. "I have a hard enough week, I deserve to unwind with a hot shower." That's the bullshit excuse I've been telling myself, and it needs to stop. Sure cold showers are uncomfortable, but learning to deal with discomfort in itself is a great trait to have. Stoicism. So, next week will be better. I promise y'all. Hope everyone is doing good on their own paths! Keep up the good fight my fellow nerds!
  2. Oh if I had a nickel for every hobby I started, and gave up on, I could buy my own island. I believe that stretching your creative brain meat is a good thing though. Being able to express yourself in different ways is always nice, and very therapeutic in my opinion. Have you posted any of your drawings online?
  3. Honestly, where I live, the grey can easily overtake anyone. The suicide rate was so bad they actually started putting 10 ft. high fences on all the bridges in town (for obvious reasons). A lot of people here suffer from SAD, or seasonal affective disorder; when the sun goes away, people get sad. And there have been years where it's disappeared between November and February. Antidepressants help with that, but more and more research is leading to the theory that SAD isn't necessarily a disorder, but our brains indicating changes in the weather, and how we should be reacting to it. In other words, your brain is subconsciously telling you "HEY! It's cold as fuck outside! Let's go inside where's it's warm, eat nachos, and sleep for 12 hours." Unfortunately, all of us have shit to do, which makes this difficult, and that conflict can lead to emotional instability. Still, we press on, with warm fires and even warmer beverages. I've read that you cook a lot. Do you ever use a crock pot?
  4. Love how you started off your post with music. I really should be doing that more often. I witnessed a Minnesota winter, and it's... there are no words. I can only imagine with the sun going away, that it gets incredibly difficult to stay emotionally balanced. Regarding your anger, have you read "The Cow in the Parking Lot"?
  5. As someone who used to lift heavy things, I have often felt a lot of anxiety moving from guild to guild. All forms of exercise help me relieve stress, but I found yoga also helps relieve tension, as well as stretch muscles I didn't even know I freakin' had. I hope the time spent in the druid's camp serves you well.
  6. One thing that I find that helps is finding good substitutions for the things you enjoy. Seltzer water for soda, nuts for chips, nothing for donuts. Do you cook at all?
  7. Oh isn't that the best? It's like ice lasagna.
  8. That can be interpreted in millions of different ways. Someone could imagine that as being stronger, or wiser, or kinder. I believe as we strengthen our bodies, we too should take steps to strengthen our minds, and our spirit. Believe that what you do, has an impact. I too have been neglecting my online presence. You could blame that on school, but I miss everybody in the FB group. That's how I actually found yer post
  9. Hey how 'bout this weather eh? It SUCKS! At least it does where I live, here in the PNW. Nothing but grey, cold, grey, rain, grey, wind, grey, and grey. Did I mention grey? But just because it's cold doesn't mean I can't find a sense of direction and purpose, even on the dreariest of days. Now is the time for study, self-reflection, self-discovery, and hot beverages in porcelain mugs. For those of you reading one of these for the first time... I am a bard. At least, I had a good start on the makings of a bard. But then, if I were to walk the bard's path, where would I begin? How does one incorporate fitness into a path like this? What are my end goals? And more than anything, what the hell does a bard even do? I approached these questions the same way I approached becoming a barbarian: What are the qualities of a bard in games, books, and movies? How can these qualities transition to a modern world? Could you apply these qualities to any of the classes on NF? After digging through a handful of online blogs, YouTube videos, and reading up on D&D and Pathfinder rules (both old and new), I knew I was heading in the right direction, and I started to notice some similarities. Outside of usual being a jack of all trades, playing some sort of instrument, and indulging in wine, women, and song, the bard possesses 3 qualities: A bard educates. A bard entertains. A bard inspires. After realizing that, I knew I was on the right path. But again, could I apply these qualities to a class on NF? Even more so, how the hell does fitness play in all of this? Do I want to stay a jack of all trades? Should I learn an instrument? What could I create? What should I study? How would I want to entertain and inspire others? All this led me to seriously contemplate my EQ list, my overall story, my end goals, but more than anything, who exactly did I want to become. I believe this is the path to not only achieving a healthy lifestyle, but also a happier one. Now with introductions out of the way, let us begin... A bard educates! No matter what or where, a bard usually seems to know something about the world around him, and is always eager to share with anyone who will listen He not only educates others, but is also open to any lore he might come across. Bards hold a wealth of knowledge that can usually come in handy in any situation. I plan on expanding my interests, learning new skills, and gaining new traits to be more useful in the world around me. Quest - Maintain 85% in school classes Winter quarter has started, and I'm... nervous, yet again, for the challenges ahead. Especially since I'm retaking one of my classes after previously failing it, and I know how difficult it's going to get. Still, I can't waffle, and I must be vigilant in my studies. I think an 85% is more than reasonable to maintain. Even so, as my other college cronies have told me time and time again, "C's get degrees." Side Quest - Read for 30 minutes a day I... have... SO many friggin' books that are collecting dust on my shelf. I like reading, and I want to do it more. It's a skill really, and I need more practice in it. I know I got a lot more of it in my future, and I need all the practice I can get. So, I'll commit to 30 minutes of reading, something other than college text books. A bard entertains! I've always found myself comfortable being the center of attention. Whether it's making people laugh and smile, through the gift of music, or just lending an ear to those in need, I love to entertain. If you're playing D&D, and you see someone with a mandolin strapped to their back, odds are you're in for a hell of time. I want to improve on that magnetism. To be charismatic, humorous, wise, and churn out a couple of songs every now and then. Quest - Finish 2 tracks for my second project album This album has been in the works for a while. It's definitely what you'd call a "concept album", but probably not the concept you'd expect. And no, I'm not telling you what it is. I'm saving that for a surprise However, at the very least I can finish up a couple of music tracks for it, which shouldn't take long. Hopefully I can get more than 2 done, if time allows me. After all, school comes first. Side Quest - Finish "Gamer Fuel" song For those of you who are fans of Boogie2988, I got somethin' real special coming your way... A bard inspires! This one was tricky. I mean, how the hell am I suppose to inspire people. Raising people's spirits with mere words is a little tricky for me, and I'm better suited for conversing and comedy. Then, it hit me: All those YouTube videos of fat guys, losing weight, and living better. THAT is how I want to inspire people, to show the world that you shouldn't be limited to the things you can do just by your size or shape. To show that if you have enough piss and vinegar flowing through your veins, anything can be accomplished. THAT'S where the fitness aspect comes in. I want the strength to move mountains, and the flexibility to handle everyday life. However, I believe there are other ways in which one can inspire others. From random acts of kindness and generosity, to just being a good example to those around you, it doesn't take much to be the light that guides people through the darkest times of their lives. Quest 4 - Workout 5 days a week I really need to get back into physical fitness. Not just for my physical health, but mental as well. With the sunlight severely diminished for the start of the winter season, I need to keep my spirits up, lest my depression overtake me. I've already started getting back into bodyweight movements, and tonight, I'm purchasing some gear to begin my journey into yoga. I don't know if what I'm doing is the best way to start, but something is better than nothing. Always. Side Quest - Cold showers, 3/week at least Oh yes, this is a road I've been down before. I told you, we're finding clarity in the cold, and cold showers are SO FUCKING ANNOYING OH MY GOD I FUCKING HATE COLD SHOWERS FUCK THEM FUCK THEM STRAIGHT TO HELL IT'S SUCH FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! But, they are good for you, in many different ways. It increases metabolism, burns fat, raises core temperature, and other stuff. So, it's cold showers for me. It will take a while for the effects of them to kick in, but I remember 6 years ago I could stand in the snow with a t-shirt, and actually, legitimately feel comfortable. And I want to get back to that. Stay strong my brothers and sisters. Just because it's cold, doesn't mean you can't find the warmth in the world around you, and within yourself. Let the challenges begin!
  10. Ooooo this is gonna sting... I really, rrreeeaaallllllyyy didn't want to update this challenge post. Because I failed. Miserably. And I know all of you are "There there it's alright, everyone drops the ball sometimes". But the thing is, I felt like I dropped the ball off a cliff into an active volcano. And even the volcano was disappointed in my ball dropping skills, and posted about it on his Twitter. Still, one cannot improve if one doesn't observe their mistakes, and improves on them. As disheartening as it is to write all this out... I have to. I'll never get better if I don't plan ahead for next time. So, with that in mind, let's get this train wreck uh' rollin'... Quest - Set up lab - INCOMPLETE! What I thought would be a simple ordeal ended up becoming a friggin' nightmare. I was hoping to hook up 2 machines to the same monitor. Well, first I needed to reorganize the space. Then the video connectors wouldn't work for VGA ports. THEN after I got everything hooked up and running, wouldn't ya know it, machine #2 wasn't booting up. Keep in mind I was trying to fix this crap all throughout the holidays, and by the time I got everything connected, I gave up. The thing is, since I was trying to focus on getting my rigs up and running, it took a lot of focus from my other quests, and nearly every other one suffered because of it. Which is why you're gonna be seeing a lot more red. Side Quest - Record audio for "True Facts" video - INCOMPLETE! No working rig means no microphone. See above. Quest - Finish tracks for my second project album - INCOMPLETE! No working rig means no music. Honestly, I had a lot more songs to finish than I expected, so this one was my bad for thinking I could take on so much in such a short amount of time. Lesson learned. Side Quest - Create one song just for fun - Partially Complete I started working on a fun track before I started setting up my lab, and I actually got a decent start on a track I was interested in finishing. I'll be saving it for the next challenge month. Quest 4 - Workout 5 days a week - INCOMPLETE! Oooh boy did I bomb this one. I didn't work out once. Not once. I felt stuck, trying to figure out what I wanted to do as far as physical fitness, and I spent a lot of time soul searching, figure out who I really wanted to be, and what parts of me I wanted to focus on. For those of you who pay attention, I actually switched back to being a Rebel for a few days. But... I think I've found my place with the druids. I've spent enough time in the warrior's camp, and I think it's time to try something different. Next month will be better. Side Quest - Make kits for the homeless - COMPLETE! Well.... at least ONE got completed. See you next month!
  11. Friday, December 27th, 2019 As I sit here, typing this out at work, I'm suddenly overwhelmed with an oncoming sense of dread. Yes, next week, school starts back up again, and just like every friggin' quarter, I don't feel like I'm ready for it. I feel like I'm stuck in horrible place between 0 and 1 - maybe it's just the late night tiredness setting in. It just feels... like I'm not ready for tomorrow. Maybe. I don't know. On a related note, I happened to find myself meditating on Christmas Eve, late at night. With my wife gone to visit family, I had a moment to actually sit, and focus my mind. It had been... years I think since I last meditated, and it was amazing the amount of clarity I had after just 15 minutes of quietly sitting. I will definitely be adding it into my daily routine. It helps more than I could ever have expected. I love you all. All of you. Stay beautiful.
  12. Hey Maggie-Miau! My challenges have been... challenging. And no, no pun intended. Getting my lab set up has been a lesson in patience and planning, trying to get everything set up. What's even more frustrating is how many of my other challenges rely on getting my lab set up. However, I'm happy, and busy, and I have a lot to be grateful for during the holiday season. And I still feel like I'll be able to get it all done. Thank you so much for your encouraging words
  13. Honestly, just being able to finish things feels nice. Even if it's the end goal that I had in mind. I've made a couple of songs like that, and honestly, I'm okay with that. I know that when you listen to an album, not every song is catchy or as appealing. Having some follow-through, and creating a sense of integrity, does make me feel "mighty" I s'pose.
  14. Ooo I'd love to see the designs for those. I've only designed one of my tats. Well, I also gave myself a tattoo once. That was... surprisingly the least painful one I've ever had.
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