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  1. UPDATE! So while this challenge month was off to a rough start, it certainly wasn't the roughest. I do feel a check-in is necessary, just to keep myself on track, and make sure I keep focus where it needs to be. On the plus side, the last of my patches came in, so I'll finally be able to finish my battle vest (for now anyway). Any-who, onto the update. Quest - Maintain 85% in school classes The first week of school is always the easiest. "Here's the syllabus. Here's the criteria. Here's what books you need. Don't fuck up." I'm acing all my classes right now, w
  2. Oh if I had a nickel for every hobby I started, and gave up on, I could buy my own island. I believe that stretching your creative brain meat is a good thing though. Being able to express yourself in different ways is always nice, and very therapeutic in my opinion. Have you posted any of your drawings online?
  3. Honestly, where I live, the grey can easily overtake anyone. The suicide rate was so bad they actually started putting 10 ft. high fences on all the bridges in town (for obvious reasons). A lot of people here suffer from SAD, or seasonal affective disorder; when the sun goes away, people get sad. And there have been years where it's disappeared between November and February. Antidepressants help with that, but more and more research is leading to the theory that SAD isn't necessarily a disorder, but our brains indicating changes in the weather, and how we should be reacting to it. In othe
  4. Love how you started off your post with music. I really should be doing that more often. I witnessed a Minnesota winter, and it's... there are no words. I can only imagine with the sun going away, that it gets incredibly difficult to stay emotionally balanced. Regarding your anger, have you read "The Cow in the Parking Lot"?
  5. As someone who used to lift heavy things, I have often felt a lot of anxiety moving from guild to guild. All forms of exercise help me relieve stress, but I found yoga also helps relieve tension, as well as stretch muscles I didn't even know I freakin' had. I hope the time spent in the druid's camp serves you well.
  6. One thing that I find that helps is finding good substitutions for the things you enjoy. Seltzer water for soda, nuts for chips, nothing for donuts. Do you cook at all?
  7. Oh isn't that the best? It's like ice lasagna.
  8. That can be interpreted in millions of different ways. Someone could imagine that as being stronger, or wiser, or kinder. I believe as we strengthen our bodies, we too should take steps to strengthen our minds, and our spirit. Believe that what you do, has an impact. I too have been neglecting my online presence. You could blame that on school, but I miss everybody in the FB group. That's how I actually found yer post
  9. Hey how 'bout this weather eh? It SUCKS! At least it does where I live, here in the PNW. Nothing but grey, cold, grey, rain, grey, wind, grey, and grey. Did I mention grey? But just because it's cold doesn't mean I can't find a sense of direction and purpose, even on the dreariest of days. Now is the time for study, self-reflection, self-discovery, and hot beverages in porcelain mugs. For those of you reading one of these for the first time... I am a bard. At least, I had a good start on the makings of a bard. But t
  10. Ooooo this is gonna sting... I really, rrreeeaaallllllyyy didn't want to update this challenge post. Because I failed. Miserably. And I know all of you are "There there it's alright, everyone drops the ball sometimes". But the thing is, I felt like I dropped the ball off a cliff into an active volcano. And even the volcano was disappointed in my ball dropping skills, and posted about it on his Twitter. Still, one cannot improve if one doesn't observe their mistakes, and improves on them. As disheartening as it is to write all this out... I have to. I'll never get
  11. Friday, December 27th, 2019 As I sit here, typing this out at work, I'm suddenly overwhelmed with an oncoming sense of dread. Yes, next week, school starts back up again, and just like every friggin' quarter, I don't feel like I'm ready for it. I feel like I'm stuck in horrible place between 0 and 1 - maybe it's just the late night tiredness setting in. It just feels... like I'm not ready for tomorrow. Maybe. I don't know. On a related note, I happened to find myself meditating on Christmas Eve, late at night. With my wife gone to visit family, I had a
  12. Hey Maggie-Miau! My challenges have been... challenging. And no, no pun intended. Getting my lab set up has been a lesson in patience and planning, trying to get everything set up. What's even more frustrating is how many of my other challenges rely on getting my lab set up. However, I'm happy, and busy, and I have a lot to be grateful for during the holiday season. And I still feel like I'll be able to get it all done. Thank you so much for your encouraging words
  13. Honestly, just being able to finish things feels nice. Even if it's the end goal that I had in mind. I've made a couple of songs like that, and honestly, I'm okay with that. I know that when you listen to an album, not every song is catchy or as appealing. Having some follow-through, and creating a sense of integrity, does make me feel "mighty" I s'pose.
  14. Ooo I'd love to see the designs for those. I've only designed one of my tats. Well, I also gave myself a tattoo once. That was... surprisingly the least painful one I've ever had.
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