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  1. (non-penalty) Burpees FTW!
  2. I know! I pretty much can't eat fast food anymore unless I'm really stressed, and then I wind up regretting it. This is not a problem. ;-) Onward and upward!
  3. Woohoo! Keep that pace gentle for a few more days...
  4. Oklibrarian


    Looks like a good workout! I haven't messed with my kettlebell in forever, might have to do something about that this weekend.
  5. When tracking (I'm just trying to get back on the wagon at the Mo), I use some spreadsheets similar to IIFYM/Hacker's Diet. And what's wrong with being excited!!! ;-)
  6. Welcome new accountabilibuddies! if I wasn't following your threads already, I am now. :-)
  7. Hey New Accountabilibuddy! And you fly? Awesome! Learning to fly is one of my major "epic quest" missions--I think a PPL may be next on the list after i finish my PhD! (well, and possibly after i get Mom on some valium, her dad flew on bombers in WWII/Korea and I don't think she's real sanguine about me carrying on the tradition, even just in the form of the occasional VFR flight to OKC or Dallas...)
  8. Hey! busy few days. Quick recap: 1. had a minor slip on monday (had a corn dog on the way home from work because I was ravenous and I deluded myself into thinking o could just peel off the breading) and in the process of seeing if I could afford an afternoon snack discovered I need to be eating about 400 more calories a day than I was. Morning AND afternoon snacks were added yesterday, and things are much better now. 2. Working out continues to go well, I've decided that 5 workouts a week makes more sense than 6 ATM, will take mondays and fridays as my off days. 3: catching up with my cl
  9. Well yes, figured we could take the requisite pre-game smack talk as read. :-) That sounds like a helluva tailgate! (Been too long since I had deer...dammit now I want deer.)
  10. Good job on the writing and habits! Italics mine. couldn't have said it better myself. Just keep at it!
  11. What a weekend! GO you...I'd have been Eating All The Carbs. An American phemomenon, usually (but not excusively) associated with football games. Basically it entails loading up a pickup or SUV (hence "tailgate") with a grill and large quantities of food and friends, driving to the stadium a few hours before the game, and having a cookout in the parking lot. the menu can pretty much be anything grillable, from hot dogs to fairly gourmet fare.
  12. salty crunchy stuff is more my downfall, as i don't actually have that much of a sweet tooth.That said, I told Kevin I wouldn't mind swinging back through there on a cheat day sometime soon...;-)
  13. Gad you enjoyed the family time, and happy early birthday!!!
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