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  1. Then I guess those will come first!
  2. There's one of those machines at my gym too. I really do need to get on it. Since I injured my shoulder a few years ago doing pull-ups has not happened without pain. Maybe I can build it back up. Here's to both of us getting some upper body strength. yea do it! :mrgreen:
  3. Well since you're all experts on the subject....do chin-ups or pull-ups tend to be easier? I'm thinking chin-ups for some reason. I bet weighted negatives would get you to a chin-up faster, but I'll see if I can even handle regular negatives first. Although I really do want to invest in a weighted vest for running/rucking so I can do my army training properly.
  4. Good idea! There's a bar at my gym I can easily jump into a chin-up on because I can grab it with my feet still on the ground. I'll be there tomorrow night and I'll try it out.
  5. This is not very adventurous...but it was certainly a big step for me! I've been failing horribly at improving my pushups, and since I can't manage a pull-up or dip I usually just avoid thinking about them all together. Then when I was at the gym last night I pretty much had the place to myself...there was one person running, one person doing squats, and one person working at the front desk. I took the opportunity to try out the assisted dip/chin up contraption and figured out how much weight I have to use in order to actually accomplish both with good form - I hate the thought of fiddling
  6. 18 November - Day 4 (with a little day 2 and day 3 recap) RUNNING 1.5 miles today - .25 to the gym, 1 on the treadmill, and .25 home. I felt good running, but I'm keeping the mileage on the low side for now because I'm still feeling it in my shins. Hopefully I'll get some distance in this weekend Days 2 and 3 I did some running outside but I didn't keep track of mileage... :/ DAILY CONDITIONING Did it this morning! This was the first morning I actually managed to get it all done before getting ready for work - yay me! STRENGTH did strength yesterday, so took the day off. I'm excited to lif
  7. yayyy! I'll provide something more thoughtful later!
  8. Thanks Alethea! Your responses were so helpful! I'm get more carbs than you suggested I probably should (more around 130), but they're all coming from fruits (I'm an apple eating machine, and at this time of year in New England they are pretty much the cheapest grocery item ever) and veggies so for now I guess its alright. It's still far fewer carbs than I was eating previously with rice everyday! I'll definitely have to explore the world of dark leafy greens...I love spinach but I haven't really tried many others.
  9. So I just prepared my 100% paleo menu for tomorrow and stuck it all in caloriecount.com to see what nutrient/vitamin levels looked like. Since I'm not used to this whole low carb thing...what do your fat/protein/carb percentages generally look like? Also, what paleo foods have a lot of calcium? Mine is wayyyy too low for tomorrow but I really don't know what to do about it. Thanks!
  10. Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II's Most Dramatic Mission So this is about a Ranger unit, but I highly recommend it since you're considering JAG. It may not make you a better man per-say, but it will give you some perspective. My commander suggested I read it, and I'm glad I did.
  11. Good choice my friend. I hope you continue to feel like that's a good path for you! The ability to pass PFTs is probably one of the most motivating goals ever. I'm currently re-upping my fitness abilities so I don't get my ass handed to me at Army OCS. Granted I made it through BCT no problem, but since then I've been slacking off.
  12. Thanks for the reassurance and pointing me in the right direction! I've been poking around but there's a lot of material in here to read through. I'm planning on shoving the non-primal food to the back of the shelf over my fridge. The hardest part will be the fact that my roommates have tons of crap food. I mean, not complete junk, but definitely processed and it will be a test of will to resist the granola bars constantly within my grasp.
  13. Well I haven't done anything productive yet today (fail for my morning workout), but I have big plans As for RUNNING... Investing in some tape on the way home to hopefully reduce the strain on my shins before this turns into something worse. And maybe running outside a bit if the rain holds off! In the YUMMIES department... I am clearly eating way too much today, but 95% of it will be natural (I ate some dark chocolate a little earlier that a tech in one of my labs made himself...how can you say no to that?!) I know its only been like a week since I started reading up on all this paleo stuff,
  14. 15 November - Day 1 RUNNING 2 miles - I went about 2.5 miles but I was doing a lot of sprints/walking because my shins were on fire :x DAILY CONDITIONING mehhh...failed this morning. I did half of the prep drill then realized my mat was in my car. Core work and jumping is impossible on my slippery hardwood floors, and my car was 1/4 mile away, so I decided it just wasn't happening. aaaand failed tonight. But thats only because I came down with a freak fever on my commute home today. I'm pretty sure I was having hot flashes or something on the subway, and it was really awkward. Chose to
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