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  1. Wow! Thanks for replying so quickly, guys...thanks for replying at all, I really appreciate the input. I think the main reason I get fast food is because it is so good...I find myself craving it! But then I immediately feel bad after consumption, both physically and mentally. I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of a binge eating disorder (?) but I haven't been officially diagnosed or anything...though my scale tells me otherwise. I have every reason to give it up! Health (and wallet-health) being the main reasons. I do use my crockpot a lot...And I like the chilli idea, just need
  2. Hello All, I am VERY new here...and I've already run into some difficulty. I just joined the Academy and I am trying to think of ways to customize my Batcave...I have a gym bag ready to go in the car, and water bottles in the fridge instead of soda. I have a book on my nightstand (so I will read more and not watch tv late into the night...) I think one of my biggest issues is Fast Food...If I am hungry when I am out and about, I tend to stop at a drive thru. I buy healthy groceries! Even been sticking to Paleo at least half the time, for the last several months, but then I ruin everything
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