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  1. missed a few days. New job has sapped all of my energy and I am not getting to the gym as much as id like. However, spent a few hours today cooking up healthy meals for the rest of the week so lets see how that plays out.
  2. Dayum Taco bell has some sodium, super long day at work and was starving so i injested the sweet sweet poison. Calories were alright today but macros waayy off
  3. at least im fairly consistent with the amount of calories i eat? since im not really gaining weight either it looks like 22-2400 is what i need to eat to stay the same
  4. A little closer today, already on day two I can see my sodium is kinda high too and I'm a bit carb heavy.
  5. Coming out swinging lol, dinner took too long and two brownies while waiting took me from ideal to 500 calories over
  6. Ahoy all, a bit of background. I have been lifting heavy for a little over a year, and have done 3 obstacle course races (2xspartan, 1 warrior dash). I'm very pleased with the strength gains I've made (started 95lbs bench and 135 deadlift, now at 200 bench and 265 deadlift) and the running stamina however, I feel like I have been handicapping myself with a crappy diet and that I could have/can see much better results by cleaning that up. Despite nearly constantly working out I am exactly 3lbs lighter than a year ago. Last I checked I was 18% body fat still so I know there is a lot of room for
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