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  1. ya that's what im planning to do; my plan isn't like set in stone so im 100% willing to adapt as i go along and im tracking calories and keeping an eye on macros in myfitnesspal, and i decided to start cutting now so im currently at 2100 calories a day (mainly bc i think if i carry on bulking it'll take ages to get leaner)
  2. nice thanks for the feedback i forgot about re-feed meals but that'll probably happen organically anyway :')
  3. really? :0 so do you think i wouldn't need to go that low to get pretty lean? Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk
  4. This is a plan I've made for my 12+ week cut I'm gonna start either at the start of February or March and I was wondering if anyone could read it and give me any notes or just confirm its okay-ness? :') This is meant to be a slow and steady, non-extreme cut as I really don't want to lower my calories too much for general mental health reasons~ Background: I've been lifting 3-4 times a week in a gym for about 4 months (non-seriously for about a year) doing a mixture of strength training (for squat/deadlift/bench/OHP) as well as hypertrophy accessory stuff, and although my main concern is strength, I'm at like 20-22% body fat and have been trying to bulk for about 4 months now and just wanna get leaner for aesthetics and so I can then do a more efficient lean bulk from there I currently weigh about 68-69kg. Here's the plan... Nutrition: - Keep protein as high as possible (80g+) and fat low (80g max). - Do intermittent fasting as much as possible and track hours (aim for a minimum of 16hrs). Training: - Train in mostly hypertrophy rep ranges (8-12). - Focus strength training on one big compound exercise per 2 week block (e.g. deadlift for sets of 1-5 reps for 2 weeks alongside higher rep squats, bench, and OHP, then switch). - Start or end each workout with a 10min HIIT session (all in one or half at the beginning half at end) on the rowing machine or treadmill (e.g. 2 minutes at a steady pace then 30 seconds as fast as possible, repeat). - Walk whenever possible, particularly when fasted (i.e. in mornings). Weeks 1-4: Reduce calories by 300 (e.g. 2500-300=2200). Weeks 5-8: Reduce calories by a further 300 (e.g. 2200-300=1900). Weeks 9-12 and onwards: Reduce calories by a further 200-300 (or burn the extra calories through HIIT/walking) and continue to maintain (e.g. 1900-300=1600).
  5. i can imagine it being about 10kg by its weight tbh so you might be right there (and nah i can't do that)
  6. nah i haven't yet 'cause when i first joined i was doing a lot of running and now i've realised i actually don't really like running but really like lifting so maybe the warrior guild is for me like you say :'))
  7. it's probably 6ft long, definitely not a full 7ft olympic bar though because we have one of those and it's much bigger and heavier looking sorry this was kind of a dumb post to make! :')
  8. fixed it and it doesn't have any markings on at all, annoyingly :/ no scale either, and this is a tiny gym in my school p.e. department so we're not allowed to take the weights out of the room
  9. This is a photo of a small barbell I took at my school's (teeny and basic) gym today, but it doesn't have its weight marked on it so I was wondering if anyone could maybe guess how much it weighs from the photo or tell me what kind of barbell it is from looking at it and how much that kind of barbell weighs? If anyone can help that would be so helpful!
  10. would that short a 'bulk' period repeated over a long time cause any damage to your health? i.e. nervous system, metabolism, etc.?
  11. First off I know that everyone says you can't build muscle and gain fat simultaneously, but would this actually work? What is it that enables muscle gain - purely protein intake or do you have to increase all macronutrients and calories too? I know this question is kinda dumb, but I was just thinking about it because I've been trying to eat at a calorie deficit for a while now but only recently started increasing my protein intake within that calorie deficit, and (this may not be true) but I feel like I am eating more protein than I used to be when I just ate whatever and at maintenance... :')
  12. i've only started trying to eat some paleo breakfasts this week (my goal for last week was to eat paleo lunches, which i'm continuing this week) so this morning i had a hard boiled egg with leftover chicken and tomatoes, and had a pear for a snack between bfast and lunch, whereas yesterday i ate 5 pieces of fruit across the day including breakfast it's quite hard for me to have paleo breakfasts like eggs and meat all the time because i'm only 17 and living at home so i only really have access to the food my parents buy and i don't always have the time or money to cook chicken or make paleo breakfast muffins or anything like that~
  13. thanks for the responses, i'm hoping paleo will help me lose weight and retain muscle basically
  14. I'm trying to eat more paleo food so for breakfast and snacks I tend to eat quite a lot of fruit, whereas I used to eat more porridge, muesli, sultana bran cereal, brown toast with peanut butter, etc. (not unhealthy breakfasts, i.e. complex carbs, but not paleo). Fruit has more sugar than those things (I think, at least more so than porridge) but they're not paleo, so basically my question is: is it better to eat quite a lot of fruit in place of these things and stay on track with eating paleo, or is it better to eat a smaller amount of porridge/muesli/brown toast/etc. and therefore not eat paleo? thank you for any advice!!
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