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  1. My wife's family lives in Tucson, and I'm really hoping to visit this summer. I bet I can be flexible on my dates, so I'd LOVE to make sure my visit coincides. Is there a place between Tucson and Pheonix as it looks like there are a lot of people in both?
  2. Hey Loren, The Attribute Points section is exactly that. The part in parentheses is which goal it is tied to, and every goal has points attributed to it. I guess I could break it out a bit more and clarify the ones that have multiple points. I'll add that later today :-)
  3. Challenge accepted! One of my goals is to do a dead-hang, no-band (i.e. no assistance) pull-up. So, my incremental goal will be moving down 1 band (in my case, going from green to blue I believe). In order to do this, I'm going to have to work on my pull-ups at home (or the park, etc.) and then I will test on Thursday night. If I don't pull it off...I'll find a way to test again on Friday :-P
  4. Awesome to have you around man! Good luck with your first challenge! P.S. You should update your signature to link to this post so we can easily get to it from your other ones :-)
  5. Here is my quick & dirty challenge setup. Going to fix/edit this later, but I wanted to get my challenge down. Half-Elf Ranger (Squad A) Fitness Goals: Drink only water, black coffee, no-sugar tea, and milk/juice if water is for some reason unavailable Do at least 1 unassisted (i.e. no band) dead-hang pull-up at CrossFit Workout twice per week in addition to CrossFit - This may be biking, doing pullups at the park, jump-rope etc. Nothing too intensive, but something to get my hear rate up for a bit. Life Goals: Write 1 blog post per week for any of my blogs Attribute Points: STR: 5 (doing the unassisted pull-up) DEX: 0 STA: 2 (working out 4 times per week) CON: 2 (water/coffee only) WIS: 3 (blog posts) CHA: 3 (blog posts, sexiness of doing a pull-up) Week 1 Mini Challenge (Whole Guild): Move one band down on my pull-ups (green to blue) Week 1 Update: Mini Challenge - [B+] Well, I tested my pull-ups yesterday on the blue band, and I got 1.5 before my arms gave out! So, I'm not sure I can say that I "moved one band down", but if I can keep moving down by doing at least one pull-up, I should easily make my goal by the end. I think there are only two more smaller bands to work through! Goal 1 (Water/Coffee) - [B] Aside from day 1 and day 2 where I had alcoholish drinks both days (and one was really a desert...) I've been doing really well! I haven't added anything to my coffee and I haven't needed to revert to juice or milk at all. Goal 2 (Pull-Up) - [A] After my Crossfit workout, I tested for my mini-challenge and did okay. I then ripped the dead skin off of my hand exposing a bleeding blister, grabbed the green band and did 2 pull-ups, and then grabbed the black band and did 10 and then 5; so I'd say I'm moving forward and trying my best to blast through this goal :-) Goal 3 (+2 Workouts) - [A] It's not an intense workout, but I've ridden my bike to work twice this week which is exactly what I was aiming for. By the time I get to the office, I'm sweating a tiny bit, my heart is pumping, and my legs are tired due to the wind :-) Goal 4 (Blog Posts) - [C] I have not sat down to think about my own blogs, but I actually came up with an idea for a guest post for a friend's blog which I think will be super-fantastic! Since his blog is much bigger than mine, I see this as a way to reach a much wider audience, so I'm going to work my ass off to make it spectacular and count it towards this goal. Which means I need to bust it out this weekend. However, since it will be a drastically higher-quality post than my normal ones, I'm going to say that writing this one post over the next two weeks would still be an A or A+ towards my goal. So, my goal for this week is to get the outline finalized and approved so that I can get the content in place next week. I've already done some work on it, thus the C, but when I get the outline finished, I'll bump this up to an A. EDIT: Didn't have time to finish the outline due to my family reunion, driving back, and then watching two movies with friends (we scheduled this a while back); so I'm leaving this at a C. Next week I'll do my best to get an A+!
  6. Well, week 2 was also not as good as I had wanted. Funny thing about wants, they don't happen on their own. I'm off to a slightly better start this week. As with the last challenge in which I actually lost weight, I've decided to use the Herbalife Shakes again. They are fantastic when your choices are 1) a semi-healthy shake, or 2) a burger from down the street. So, I'm going to keep them handy, and whenever I can't eat primal, I'll have a shake. Didn't get to the gym today. Left work late and wanted to get home to help my wife watch our niece. Then there was the release of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3; which provided some exercise since I stood in line for a while. All in all though, last week was not very good either. Giving myself a C- on fitness, a B on life (got some stuff done that I wanted to), and unfortunately still and F on fail. I haven't pushed at it at all. I'd be okay failing if I was trying, but it seems that other things have been more important. I'll do better this week! Keep me accountable :-)
  7. Goal Scoring Welp...week 1 wasn't astounding, but it wasn't horrible. I've pretty much eaten 2 primal meals a day (breakfast and lunch), and tried to do semi-primal for dinner. Some days I succeeded (Taco Bell Fresco Crunchy Tacos), some days I failed horribly (Whataburger Patty Melt with a Milkshake, Pizza with Cheesy Bread and Coke). Also...I didn't get to the gym once! I did help move a piano, and spent nearly 3 hours outside running a dart game. Both of which made me sore the next day. So, I'm gonna rate myself a B-. Life has been pretty busy with work and my church's Trunk-or-Treat, so I really didn't get as much done as I had hoped on my side project, and I didn't do hardly anything on my motivation app (just got access to League of Legends again and wanted to finish Assassin's Creed Brotherhood). But I did do some, so I'd give myself a C. Now...onto my fail list. It was pretty bad. I didn't do a single thing to advance either of my goals, so I give myself an F on that. Fitness: B- Life: C Fail: F So, in order to correct this, I'm planning things out a bit more this week. Plan of Attack! First off, my wife has informed me that my health should come first (which I agree, and I'm glad she does too). So, she specifically told me to go work out when I want to work out, even if it means getting home a bit later. So, that's what I'm going to do. I just got back from a pretty good workout, so I'm already ahead of last week :-) Next, I'm going to plan out some of our dinners since that seems to be the meal I have the most trouble with. Sunday and Wednesday nights are pretty much impossible to plan as someone else usually cooks (church/friends), but all other nights I should be able to plan much better. I have some frozen pork and veggies that we can pull out if I just remember in the morning. Since I'm horrible with remembering things, I'm setting an alarm right now! Lastly, my fail list needs some major attention. In regards to raising money, I need to actually get the word out that I'm raising money, and why I'd like people to help! It doesn't work very well when the site sits there by itself. So I'm going to work on a short blog post and start spreading the info. Speaking of blog posts, I'm going to sit down and find a few blogs that I'd like to write for. I have a few options already on the table, but I'm going to need some pretty awesome content to convince the owners to let me guest post. So, I need to work on more options, and some kick-ass content! That's it for me this week. How did your week go?
  8. I've done a few challenges in the past, and always came out better for it. But then I decided I didn't need them anymore...and you know what, my progress didn't budge. I've maintained the same exact weight, and same exact strength for longer than I care to remember. It's time to move forward again. I just launched a new site dedicated to my new lifestyle commitment, and I'll be posting more in-depth (and hopefully entertaining) posts there. But I will definitely update my progress here as well. I will also be tracking my progress on DailyBurn as well, so feel free to follow/ping me there! So, onto my 6-week goals! Fitness: Lose 10 lbs.Increase my Bench Press from 100 lbs to 150 lbs.Increase my Pull-Up from -70 lbs to -30 lbs (i.e. less assistance).Life: Launch my super-simple motivation app in beta, while still finishing my current side-project.Fail: Raise $5000 for my Charity Water campaign!Write a guest blog post for someone cool.Not much else to say, would rather start doing! Let's kick ass this time!
  9. It sure has been a while for me, but count me in! I recently recommitted to my health, and I can't wait to join in a group of people and get it done!
  10. @micahj - Sorry for the lack of updates. I was updating my excel file and daily burn pretty regularly, but then I had family come into town and I kinda fell off the wagon. I haven't been doing great since the family came in. There was a lot of eating out, partying, and birthday cupcakes for my nephew. I also haven't really been working out since my sister-in-law was sleeping in my workout room. I could have totally done almost all of the workout elsewhere, but I've been using her as an excuse. However, I did get in a 40 minute walk to lunch the other day, and I've been doing push-ups in my office whenever I need a break from the computer. I actually hit a new high of 19 in a row! Then today I could only do 10 :-P But I am progressing, and things should be a little bit smoother since everyone is finally back home. It sure was good to see them, but none of them really eat Paleo and workout every day... I'm start updates again shortly. Thanks for pushing me on and catching me up!
  11. Quick Update Like I said, this weekend was a wash. On Friday, I weighed in at 244 lbs. After the weekend, on Monday, I weighed in at 247 (my starting weight)! However, as of this morning, I'm back down to 244, so it just goes to show you that one bad day (or one bad weekend) doesn't have to ruin everything you've worked for!
  12. Workout yesterday didn't kick my ass, and I'm nowhere near as sore today as I was after the last workout, so I'd call that a win. Not eating as well as I should (in specific, this weekend was horrible). However, some good news: I weighed in at 244 on Friday morning; I ate like crap all weekend, and weighed in at 247 on Monday morning; today, I'm back down to 244! So, it just goes to show you that one bad day (or weekend in my case) won't throw you completely off! Sure I could have lost more weight, but the point is that you shouldn't let it ruin the rest of the challenge. I'm planning on finishing strong!
  13. @darth - Thats the basic gist of it. When the challenges started, some of us were going through every single member's posts every day to keep up with them. After a while, that became impossible with so many people, so we started the squads to alleviate that. Now, the people in your squad are generally working toward the same goals and we can more easily watch what/how our squad is doing and give encouragement where needed.
  14. The first week of the challenge is generally the hardest (in my experience at least). It takes you actually getting up and doing something, but it sounds like you're on the right track. Keep up the great work!
  15. Week 1 Overview Well, week 1 was okay, not as good as I should have done. This weekend was a huge wash. I ate almost completely non-paleo and didn't work out on Saturday like I was supposed to. However, I did get to meet my nephew (http://campl.us/U7E) and he is adorable! Anyway, week 2 is starting out better. I had a shake for breakfast and already did my workout. If you look at my Daily Burn link, you'll notice that I've decided to do the Basic Training workout, but I'm doing both A and B session at once. So, I'm doing a warm-up, 5 exercises (3 sets each; plank is listed twice), and then a cool-down. Feeling pretty good about this week!
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