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  1. Workout for myself and my girlfriend

    Hi! My girlfriend and I want to get in shape, be healthier, all that jazz. I've been doing nerd fitness off and on for 2 years, started NF coaching (really enjoying it) and have a gym membership. She had lap band surgery a couple years ago, lost some weight, but still has a ways to go as do I. I am 6'5" she is 6'1". Yeah, its pretty awesome. I'd like to help her with her fitness-the exercise part- we are already working on our nutrition side. I know men and women are different (thanks for the talk, dad), so I'm curious as to what we should look into for her strength training, and how that might differ from mine.
  2. Life quest update - Obtained girlfriend!

    Dundundun... I have a girlfriend! I met her on Tinder, and we went out several times and have been texting in between. After our 4th date, we agreed to drop the number from the front and add 'ing' to the end. She is totally awesome, very funny, sweet, loves her nephews and mine. She wants to come with me to the gym starting in a few days. We are going to get hot together!
  3. Arcelas the n00b aka Diamond Dan Presents: Challenge the Second

    Update Day 16 - 01/16/18: Hard to want to walk when you are coughing lungs out your back. I'm supposed to be at 8333 steps this week, but it feels impossible. I think I'm going to back off a bit on the speed of this challenge's difficulty curve. Didn't cook a darn thing, but I'm still well under my dining out limit for the month. Alright! Re-read the chapter and re-watched the videos. then practiced for over an hour yesterday. Feeling very comfortable with the move. No music yet this week as I am getting over a cold.
  4. Arcelas the n00b aka Diamond Dan Presents: Challenge the Second

    Sad Update: Day 12-15 (01/12/18-01/15/18): The good: I'm in the lovey-dovey teenage phase with my new girlfriend. We are awesome together! The bad: absolutely everything else. I haven't been to the gym since the 8th of January. I haven't hit my step goal or practiced any singing or magic. I was sick the past few days (including today), so no food got cooked. Fortunately, I have soup and a few microwave dinners left. #movingforward I need to budget my time, the way I learned to budget my money. During the week, I sleep 8 hours a day and work 8 hours. This leaves 8 hours to do the rest of the things in my life. That is the time I need to budget better. Does anyone have any suggestions for this process? Any apps that help with this? #notgivingup I'm going to walk around my work during lunch today, as I am sick and not interested in food today.
  5. Greetings from Arcelas the n00b! If you are reading this right now, it means I have successfully posted it. 2018 (The year we all become murlocs) Quests 4 Week Challenge Quests: Quest Line: Lose 59 lbs. Hit my daily step goal of 10000 steps. 5000 the first week, then add 1666.66 (repeating of course) steps each week until 10000 is reached Quest Line: Get Out of Debt Cook as many meals on Saturday and Sunday as possible to reduce dining out spending by 50% (dropping from $220/mo to $110/mo) Quest Line: Become Much Better At Magic Read Royal Road to Card Magic: Chapter One and watch the accompanying videos Quest Line: Become A Much Better Vocalist Complete KTVA Streaming Lessons Vol 1 and practice 30 minutes a day 3 days a week OK Rebels. Let's do this!