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  1. Sunday was my birthday. My girlfriend had food poisoning, my car broke down, I didn't make it to my buddy's magic show... SO I ordered pizza hut. two desserts, and a 4 pack of sodas. Clearly even after 40 days of healthy eating and calorie counting, at the first sign of trouble, I revert to my old ways. In better news, weigh-in Wednesday went well. down to 273lbs. Sick today though.
  2. T'was a good week! Under calories, weigh-in went well, and I only had 1 soda, on date night, as planned! I only did two workouts instead of three, but I'm not too worried, as working out is not part of the challenge. It's actually going almost TOO well... I have this feeling of foreboding. My fitness plans have never gone this well before. I'm waiting to be carried away by a pterodactyl. What do you do when the demons of dread show up?
  3. Wacky, wonderful, weigh-in Wednesday! What wonders will it reveal? Will we welcome it with woeful weeping? Will we warble wistfully? WOW! Another Win.! Down to 277.8, the lightest I've been in 3 years! Calories were on point, steps were solid. I have knocked two NF bodyweight workouts out so far. (1a & 1b) I bought the Tarbell Magic Course, to go back to the beginning and work on my basics. Finally, I have 29 days of calorie tracking in LoseIt. Feeling good about things in general, lets keep this going!
  4. Good morning! Week 1 is in the bag! Here's a quick run down of the good, the bad, the future (how we track metrics at work) Good: 1. Only went over calories once last week, but average was still under 2. Had only the one sugary soda, during date night as planned 3. Hit at least 5k steps on 4 of 7 days, and hit 11,000 on Saturday 4. Did a 15 minute magic set to open for a local magic shop's Sunday show Bad: 1. Had a non-date night soda on Monday (sugar-free, but still, rules) 2. Overate yesterday at a pizza buffet Future: 1. Continue
  5. Journey continues. Boss was here for three glorious days of corporate-sponsored lunches! Day 2 and 3, I only had water or unsweetened tea. I did decide I broke the spirit of the challenge, so gave myself a naughty point for the Coke Zero. Accidental went over my calories by 103 yesterday (curse you delicious biscuits!), but my steps were 6700, so I dona feel too badly about it. Here's a random photo I took of one of my favorite decks of cards. (I collect playing cards)
  6. Yes I do. It's just my middle name and my family's original name. So, Jacob Ellison. You can check out my Instagram if you want. I just started it, so not much magic on it yet. Instagram.com/JacobEllisonillusions Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  7. My family is German, and to this day I can barely count to 5 in German. I can however, recite a dinner prayer. My great-grandfather would not let the eating begin till this prayer was said. Komm Herr Jesus, Sei unser Gast, Und segne was Du uns bescherret hast. Amen Apologize for any misspellings
  8. Wednesday, April 24 - 5:557 AM (Kiefer Sutherland's voice) 1st two days of the challenge went pretty well. Easily hit my calorie goals, even with the boss in town and taking me to a local BBQ place (burnt ends are amazing!). I had a Coke Zero during lunch. I'm not sure if that breaks the rules of the challenge or not. It is zero calorie. Boss is in town till Thursday; corporate credit cards can be bad for staying with your goals. Today is my weekly weigh-in day. Down to 279.6. The 1st time I'm been under 280 in almost 2 years! Long ways to go, but nice to see progress.
  9. Following for horses and vegan parmesan cheese. brings back childhood memories. Did the reaction clear up? Was it a one-time thing? my brother had an allergy to yeast flakes.
  10. So here I go again. Wow, it's been a long time. I'll summarize some major life changes: Getting close to a one year anniversary with my girlfriend! Over a year at my IT job Been off my medicine (depression, anxiety) for over a year So now that the good is out of the way, on to the less good. I got really out of shape again. After a photography-related accident, (fell off a cliff) I could not walk for 6 months. Needless to say, health and mental outlook suffered. I've been walking again since January, so time to respawn, reload, and destroy this challenge.
  11. 02/14/18 Life update: My girlfriend broke up with me last night. She said she just cannot handle a relationship right now. Painful. Sad. Motivating! I will use this experience to help me focus on improving myself as a person.
  12. Time to join the Rangers: Arcelas the n00b Carries On: Post-New-Year’s-Resolution Challenge Questline: Lose 48 lbs Complete all scheduled workouts Rewards/Penalties based on percentage of workouts completed 80% or higher: Maximum effort Deadpool workout t-shirt 79% or lower: I have to wear a plain white t-shirt to the gym, with things written/drawn on it suggested by Nerd Fitness Complete all daily food journals Rewards/Penalti
  13. I'm not sure, considering increasing my squat and other lifts by a reasonable % is a considered goal for next challenge. I just looked over your challenge, and you are progressing fine. The unexpected is just that. We'll just power on through it.
  14. This challenge has been strange. On one hand, I have gone days without completing one of my goals. On the other hand, I can show concrete evidence of progress along all four paths. Walking: have not hit my step goals every day, but have been consistently walking. Dining out costs: I am going to end the month under $100 for dining out! Magic: I have finished the 1st chapter of the Royal Road to Card Magic. I added 2 or 3 effects to my routine. Music/Singing: I have been practicing during my daily commute. I had an audition for a lead vocalist pos
  15. Loads. Being sick messed up my weekly routine as far as making food goes. I haven't been to the gym for a while, but I have done home workouts a few times. I'm going to my girlfriend's gym tomorrow for a water aerobics class. We both want to get in shape, but want to start low impact. On the other hand, my non-fitness goals are going great. I've been practicing my magic regularly, and even have a gig on the 9th of February. I have an audition on Saturday for the frontman of a rock band in Omaha, NE. Going to do my strength workout after work in 1.5 hours. Let's end the month and challenge st
  16. Hi! My girlfriend and I want to get in shape, be healthier, all that jazz. I've been doing nerd fitness off and on for 2 years, started NF coaching (really enjoying it) and have a gym membership. She had lap band surgery a couple years ago, lost some weight, but still has a ways to go as do I. I am 6'5" she is 6'1". Yeah, its pretty awesome. I'd like to help her with her fitness-the exercise part- we are already working on our nutrition side. I know men and women are different (thanks for the talk, dad), so I'm curious as to what we should look into for her
  17. Dundundun... I have a girlfriend! I met her on Tinder, and we went out several times and have been texting in between. After our 4th date, we agreed to drop the number from the front and add 'ing' to the end. She is totally awesome, very funny, sweet, loves her nephews and mine. She wants to come with me to the gym starting in a few days. We are going to get hot together!
  18. Update Day 16 - 01/16/18: Hard to want to walk when you are coughing lungs out your back. I'm supposed to be at 8333 steps this week, but it feels impossible. I think I'm going to back off a bit on the speed of this challenge's difficulty curve. Didn't cook a darn thing, but I'm still well under my dining out limit for the month. Alright! Re-read the chapter and re-watched the videos. then practiced for over an hour yesterday. Feeling very comfortable with the move. No music yet this week as I am getting over a cold.
  19. Sad Update: Day 12-15 (01/12/18-01/15/18): The good: I'm in the lovey-dovey teenage phase with my new girlfriend. We are awesome together! The bad: absolutely everything else. I haven't been to the gym since the 8th of January. I haven't hit my step goal or practiced any singing or magic. I was sick the past few days (including today), so no food got cooked. Fortunately, I have soup and a few microwave dinners left. #movingforward I need to budget my time, the way I learned to budget my money. During the week, I sleep 8 hours a day and work 8 hours. This
  20. Update Day 10 & 11 - 01/10/18-01/11/18: Wow, having a girlfriend is exhausting (not like that, ya pervs) (well, maybe a little) OK! I have been a baaaaaaad boy this week. Queue sheep noise: Not even close. I've got to buckle down. I need a time budgeting program like YNAB for time. Looking good. Going into the third week of the challenge with $17.89 spent on dining out so far. Not to mention the added health benefit from making your own food. Practiced some basic moves yesterday during movie night. I have read/watched chapter on
  21. This is the most beautiful description of mental issues I have ever heard. Thank you!
  22. Update Day 9 - 01/09/18: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy" - Helmuth von Moltke I had a family emergency, my 8-month-old nephew fell out of his high chair and drove his front tooth through the roof of his mouth. I spent yesterday helping my brother and his girlfriend clean up the house, figure out their insurance, and book a few appointments. I felt like I was running around like a maniac, but I did not get my 30 minutes of walking in, nor hit my step goal. I went to the movies with my lady friend. We saw Molly's Game. (Which is fantastic by t
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