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  1. I find the following Triad a good starting points : - Pushups (All types of Pushups you can do as you progress. Wide grip Push ups, Push ups done ultra slow, Explosive push ups) - Planks - Wall Squats ( Holding a squat position against the wall in a static position to see how long you can hold it) Only thing missing really is a pulling exercise which can be harder to do. However if there is a place you do Pullups then you have covered all the major areas of Pushing, Pulling, Core and Legs.
  2. Holly is definetely beatable. But she is such a disciplined athlete, she reminds me of a Randy Couture in her low key style. No trash talk she just gets in does her job. She is one of those people you know will work on her weak points and come back stronger. Just look at her kickboxing loss to Anne Sophie Mathis. After having a loss coming from a 7 year winning streak. She came back and avenged that loss.
  3. Welcome, what is it specifically that you find yourself not connecting with your Monk's Guild?
  4. So I started doing Yoga again. About 20 years ago, I did a bit of study of Yoga on my own and would practice on my own. Mainly for it's original purpose of unlocking spiritual energy. As far as exercise and health I had plenty of Martial Arts, Weights and Running to keep me in good overall health. So I would take my time to read about Yoga philosophy and how to do different asanas properly. I've always been someone that is more motivated than average in self study with a subject. Did this for about a year and somewhere along the way I got busy with life and studies at the time and stopped doing it. And just kept my other stuff (Ie. Martial arts / running) in my routine to keep my healthy. Fast forward 10 years later, I decided to give it a go and decided to join a class to keep motivated. (Along with seeing all the pretty ladies in their cute little yoga outfits helped) The pace would be pushed pretty fast. However I actually didn't feel it was much more than doing fast exercise. As the meditation portion of the session was almost non-existent (maybe about 10 minutes after all the stretching). And I wouldn't really know any of the meanings of the asanas. How to do them properly and what chakras to focus on when doing them. I actually stopped doing it because I found it was actually giving me problems with my back (Go figure - figure it should be helping with this) Now fast forward another 10 years later to now. After a year of now being dedicated to making meditation a regular part of my life. Decided to give Yoga another go to enhance my meditation (Which is part of its original purpose, is the asanas prepare you for the meditation. And while doing it it's moving meditation). And definetely feel better results in my meditation. Along with better well being in my body and my mind from the last couple times I gave it a go. I take my time going from one Asana to the other. Focusing on each Chakra. And maybe in an hour session will do 30 minutes of asans and 30 minutes of meditation. If I want something fast past, I will just go do martial arts. I have myself wondering, aside from coming to the point where I might want to seek a Guru. I'm wondering if their much point again in revisiting a class? (A true Guru that knows how Yoga is directed toward the deeper path of enlightenment. Not just someone who knows Asanas) What do some of you feel on the topic of doing Yoga at home versus with a class?
  5. Good on you for keeping at it. Even when money is low, no reason you can't keep up with fitness.
  6. Study meditation and embrace mindfulness. Their is pride and joy in every job. Learn to love every moment of working. The ability to find that joy is a developed skill. Not a given implicit in the job. Because chances are even in your dream job their unpleansant moments. But you would just choose to focus on the things you love. Good luck.
  7. Shadow boxing workout can always done while travelling without any equipment
  8. Well for diet you might want to try cycling your diet throughout the week. Typically throughout the weekdays I will eat super strict. Eating very plain and bland along with doing some intermittant fasting. Then during the weekend I will give myself usually Friday and maybe Saturday to treat myself. Where I loosen up my eaten habits. Usually if I have let myself enjoy accordingly I don't need the extra day of Saturday for a cheat day. But will naturally want to get back on track. But if I have dinner parties etc it's not a big deal. But for then resume a strict cycle on Sunday-Thursday. With that it gets me more cut each cycle. While not making myself feel like I am completely depriving myself forever. So if I have cravings I can reserve for your cheat days. Along with this keeps your metabolism revved up high. Since your body then knows its not in a deprivation / starvation cycle per se. Just makes it more efficient at fat burning for a period of time. Also goes along with the regular grinding feeling throughout the work week. Working out from home is just fine. You can still get excellent results.
  9. Anyone thoughts on this rematch? I think it will be a good fight and can't wait to hear the trash talk banter before the fight. Usually not one for trash talking, but I have to admit I found it entertaining to see Nate Diaz talk back. As most people eventually give up in the war of words with McGregor. http://mmajunkie.com/2016/03/with-diaz-mcgregor-2-targeted-for-ufc-200-dos-anjos-says-hed-beat-both-on-same-night
  10. So it had been awhile but I started to do Hatha Yoga before my meditation session. As I have kept up a good routine for the last year of making Meditation a regular part of my life. And wow what a difference it does make doing the Asanas before your meditation session. Visualizing all the chakra points and their respective colors while doing the Asanas. I felt my awareness enlarged substantially with the adding the my sessions.
  11. I've done about a year of Chen style Tai Chi. But haven't practiced for awhile. It was something that I wanted to add to my martial arts roster. While it's a great art for now I still like hard style arts. And might return on my journey at another time.
  12. 1200 should be fine. It's usually under the 800 calorie mark which you can have some issues.
  13. I only eat fruits for breakfast up until Noon. Not mixed with anything just fruits alone and different type of fruits. It basically then gets into the bloodstream quicker by not mixing it with other foods. Along with giving the ability to help give my digestive system a rest. As fruits digest differently by being digested in the small intenstines versus the stomach. Which helps with the elimination cycle when you wake up (When your body is focusing more on expelling waste from your body during the morning to noon)
  14. Might also want to try Kinda Yoga. It's kid Yoga as well
  15. Strength training is only good (Maybe better - depends on how hard you working out) than running for leaning out if you are doing it in a circuit (Ie. very little rest time between sets) or doing it in a crossfit format. Other than that might not do much for building leaness. Other than putting on more muscle which allows you to eat more and potentially lose more weight by getting into calorie deficit easier. However most people just compensate by eating more. So overall I think running is better for fat loss. However allot of people have problems with it. Namely that it can be hard on the knees and joints or result in shin split pain. So you either have to build up to it, or be cognizant on how to reduce that stress on the joints. Such as doing it on a treadmill versus outside on the pavement / street can be much easier on your joints. Or doing it on grass or a forest trail can make it easier on the joints. Along with running uphill (While being more challenging). I would say keep the running in your regimen, it's also better overall for the cardio vascular health. Along with potentially can help with recovery in your strength training by clearing out your cappallaries and cardiovascular system.
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