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  1. What Alecto said. The portion control aspect of calorie counting can be very important, especially if you have difficulty identifying true hunger between meals and satiety when you are eating. If you are accustomed to eating quickly and feeling full based on belly distension, then controlling the amount you eat at each meal by going for a certain caloric target can be extremely useful; you learn other body satiety signals, and rapidly learn what is physical hunger vs. just being "snacky". If calorie counting helps you get there and helps you determine how much and what type of food you need
  2. Right now I'm working with inverse rows, weighted rows with resistance bands, negatives (as described above by bigm), and assisted pull-ups. The negatives and assisted pull-ups I do in a nearby playground, and I've noticed a huge difference in just a couple of weeks. I can't yet do a full pull-up, but I have made gains in terms of how far I can pull myself up. It's very encouraging, I would definitely recommend giving them a try. Playgrounds are genius for improvised workout equipment.
  3. Never underestimate the value of beating the living crap out of an inanimate object!
  4. All gym goers must also sport stoic expressions at all times. Anyone showing effort through undesirable facial contractions must leave immediately. The Planet Fitness staff must point and laugh as the perpetrator is shamefully ejected from the premises.
  5. Freeweights. Coming in second is a selection of decent high-octaine exercise DVDs when I don't have the brain or willpower to push through a workout on my own. Third is my jump rope. My current #1 most anticipated addition to my home workout equipment is a big honking hanging heavy bag. Mr. Halftruths and I are setting up our own mini dojo in our basement and that is our most desired item. We love hammering away on them whenever we get the chance, and we now have the space for one of our own.
  6. Dio's advice is good. I go through periods where my appetite doesn't just take a plunge - it rejects food altogether. This is usually tied to periods of high stress. When does your appetite decide to go on vacation? Are there any triggers or circumstances that are consistent with this? When my appetite takes a dive, I try to eat according to the clock and not according to a physical sense of hunger; in these periods, physical hunger feels the same as nauseous don't-you-dare-put-anything-in-me anti-hunger, so I can't trust it. I'll have small amounts of food around the times when I normall
  7. This sort of self-talk is going to get you nowhere. There are variations you can apply to any exercise to make it possible. Try focusing on what you CAN do instead of on what you can't. As Oogiem said, a change in your mindset has to come from within. Work on that, and if you need to find someone who can provide external motivation, then join some sort of physical activity class that you enjoy or look to investing in a few sessions with a personal trainer who can tailor a fitness routine to suit your abilities. Get the crap food out of your house. Honour yourself enough to feed yourself
  8. Correlation does not imply causation. Diseases caused by poor nutrition, poor hygene, and lack of physical activity cannot be narrowed down to the consumption of one, single, culpable food type. Nor can the lack of such diseases be boiled down to the consumption of that same food. Don't oversimplify.
  9. Indeed. The bodybuilding capabilities of a well-grown 17 year old are going to be vastly different from those of a smaller 14 year old.
  10. Hey Masaru - way to go on starting your epic quests! You should look at making your Pain & Sweat Quest much more specific - the other quests are pretty reasonable as far as solid goals go, but "Establish a workout habit" might be a bit trickier to achieve without the what, how, and when laid out. How do you want to establish the habits, what sort of workouts and activities will you do so, what is your workout schedule, and how are you going to make sure you stick to it? And nope - none of these quests are easy, not by a long shot. Stepping out of your shell and developing new habits is
  11. Gratz, Thrym!! BMI might not be perfect, but it can definitely help to track and measure your goals and progress. And you've indeed made damned good progress. W00t!
  12. Holy crap, dude, listen to what everyone else is saying and start eating a) WAY more calories, and WAY more varieties of food. Being on such a restrictive diet at your age when you do not medically need to lose weight is insane, stupid, and damned dangerous. Let's hit some facts here, which will just repeat what other people have already said: 1) You are 14 2) You are growing 3) Your caloric needs as a pubescent adolescent are VERY different from that of a fully grown adult 4) You will gain fat at this age. Your body NEEDS fat at this age if it is to properly regulate its own hormone p
  13. Love mine. I use it for a wide variety of pains 'n' aches. I got mine from a fitness store and purchased the more expensive high-density foam roller, like they have at my physiotherapist's office. It holds its shape longer than the cheaper ones, so is worth the extra couple of bucks.
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