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  1. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Published: 5DB840 - 029 Agent #: 30B4A9 - Drake Report directed to medical personnel: Barne's, I hope this missive finds you well. I have returned from my assigned duties and have prepared the following data report on my regimen. I have been following the energy intake you suggested. My vigor has returned and there is a notable spring in my step.
  2. He threw his keys into the valet bowl and drank heartily. The weekend in the preserve had been productive and relaxing. He had joined some of the others biking by the river; mostly he went because she was riding as well, but he also wanted to test his skills for atrophy. They crossed the river together generating great sprays of crystal cool water as the knobbed tires of the KTM and TransAlp ground through. He was impressed by her skills and noted how big the bike looked compared to her small frame. 1. Multiple mountain biking loops during Memorial Day gathering outdoors. 2. B
  3. Round kicks. straight punchs. Max punchs. He thrashed the bag bitterly and repeatedly. One hour of krav maga training.
  4. They approached a meadow, leaving the heavily shaded forest from a singletrack trail. "I usually turn back here". said his guide. "Its fine, let's get the hill done" "Here we go" 05/22/2016 2.5 hours Mountain Biking, moderate terrain, some technical sections
  5. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Published: 4F6060 - 005 Agent #: 30B4A9 - Drake
  6. He opened the lid of the flame grill. The fork released sprays of juices as he jabbed the Bratwurst repeatedly. Her name was associated with swords and flames or perhaps both. "You should measure the temperature to make sure." she said. "I know they're cooked" "Let's check" She pierced the side of the wurst with the thermometer. "Perfect" "Poor darling, you look exactly as you did when I saw you last" "Well, I haven't been doing much, that is, I have been 'convalescing', so to
  7. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Published: 4EEB30 - 002 Agent #: 30B4A9 - Drake
  8. 1 hour kickboxing 1 hour Krav Maga "Straight punches, then Hammer fists". He struck the pad a few times and his partner stopped. "You're not pivoting." "What?" "You pivot your weight into the punch. If you just smack your opponent in the face, they just might bobble head a bit and then counter. No smacking. Put your weight behind it" They continued through various drills for two hours. Drake felt the sweat chill him as he exited into the night air.
  9. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Published: 4EC420 - 001 Agent #: 30B4A9 - Drake
  10. He typed slowly, getting used to the phone interface: 1. One coconut soup. 2. Light cream with coffee. The physical went as he thought it would. "Not good at all." , said Barnes. "I've been resting, been away." "No matter, we have our standards. What will you do?" "I'm tracking with the phone; and I have my routine" We'll see Drake. I expect a report by evening of your activities." "Yes, yes"
  11. DOCUMENT REPOSITORY Published: 4EC420 - 001 Agent #: 30B4A9 - Drake ||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  12. Leaving Torquay He shifted the paper and secured it under his left arm as he reached for his passport and ticket from an inside pocket. Not that he was using a passport; he had become obsessed with knowing its absolute location at times. He had left the cottage after ten that morning and he suddenly became acutely aware that his holiday was finally over. A former colleague at London had told him once that associates received at least six weeks of leave in their offices, and more as needed, between assignments. He noted mentally to mention it over tea with Hastings when he got back
  13. Thanks to everyone who gave me an encouraging word during the challenge! I figure I had a +90% compliance with the goals, which is great for me. I am moving on to some new goals and I hope to bring along some of the ones tried here, especially the tracking. Here we go, folks.
  14. Steady as she goes! I have been tracking my food, and that's going well (no nutrition goals yet, just track). I mentioned early on that I would track sleep with SleepCycle and I just started looking at the data. Its a cool app and I even though I have no Idea how accurate the "sleep depth" data is, its fun to look at regardless. Some stats:
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