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  1. I will for sure be joining the next challenge. I think I'll start small; 3 items only. 1. Quit smoking 2. Meditate 3. ... Something something
  2. Coming back from a long long break. I find myself at a point where I've realized I won't be able to rise alone. It is and will be a bumpy ride, yet I'm willing to do whatever it takes. How could I forget how awesome it is to be part of the rebellion? I hope you can take me back, ashes and all.
  3. Hi! Just got back on here & am trying to touch base with my old challenge buddies. Hope you're doing well.

  4. Aerisand

    Druid cabin

    Ready, oh yes. Greetings, fellow travelers.
  5. Aerisand

    Aeri's Game

    AERI'S GAME Last invisible-challenge, Aeri approached a wormhole, it accelerated things on some areas though she wasn't much in control. It's time to get back on track, and do some tracking! The challenge is: steering the wild beast of choice. "To be mindful, to smile, to love and live." CHALLENGE BRIEF Dailies: Daily tracking on a 4-part checkbox, in my calendar. Ritual morning Study Review Ritual night Weeklies: Will analyse performance by the end of each week, brief notes will go on
  6. Hi! Yes, it's a very short routine, meant to be able to do it daily before going to work in order to get pumped up and moving. It is on the "Warm up and Stretch" item; part of the Ritual Morning.
  7. Finish the journey/writing cards Update my resume Identify experience and knowledge gaps vs immediate career goal Specify challenge Create the timers for the rituals Adjust Study schedules in TimeTune app Start playing
  8. STUFF TO DO Color the game board to make it easier to see the different blocks. Re-write the quests information neatly, and preferably keep it with the board Mark the places where I get to write about my journey Prepare the rituals' new card with the changes, and the timers.
  9. The idea of a ritual first came to me thanks to the "Miracle Morning" book by Hal Elrod. He uses the "SAVERS" for his ritual: Silence: meditation, prayer, something of the like Affirmations: who you want to be Visualization: see the outcome you want in your mind, for goals, today, etc Exercise: a routine down to the essentials if you don't have much time in the morning Reading: learn a new idea or get inspired Scribing: pretty much journaling; what you're grateful for, what you're proud of, what results you're committed to today Later, I read similar ide
  10. The system I'll be using for challenges is going to be backed up by my Epic Quest's system, so they move forward together; one is contained in the other. I decided to reduce the areas I'll be working on by prioritizing what I actually care about, this produced three main areas plus health (health is a must, hahah). So, this is my Epic Quest's board, below. I think I should color this to make it easier to see the different blocks. Each block is a chain of quests in a particular subject: Career/calling quests Spiritual quests Communication/social quests
  11. Hello guys! I've been away for quite a while. Still working to improve at life though hadn't structured a challenge or written much about it online. I've started planning my next challenge. Needs some adjusting and comments would be very appreciated! I will be editing it on my Battle Log until a new challenge arises, (or I choose to keep tracking it there XD ) Love, - Aeri
  12. Planning next challenge... Need to set up some sort of alarm system for timing the rituals, could use the one I used to use for working out. Will print out a calendar that fits in one page for daily tracking. Not sure if I'll carry it with me or keep it at home. I have a separate tracking system for the learning progression, but this isn't meant to be marked daily, it's meant to track progress in each mission/subject (it's my new Epic Quest system, haven't updated it here though). I wonder if 45 minutes before leaving for work is too much. Maybe I should leave for work first,
  13. *waves hello*

    1. Aerisand


      Heys! Still alive, pretty busy with work but restructuring my Epic Quest to something simpler. I think I must update here for having any accountability. I miss it!

      How are things for you?

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