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  1. Long term: exercise Short term: 3 breaths, hard as you can in through the nose and out through the mouth. It sounds silly but it really does work, and the more you do it the more effective it gets.
  2. My gym (something closer to a corss fit box really) had a horse massager (similar to what's in the vid). It felt amazing after a workout but I don't know how much it actually helped.
  3. I spent so long with martial arts instructors drilling me to ki-up with a strike that I almost ki-up at the peak of lifts. I consider grunting loudly far less embarrasing than a good loud "HIYAAAA". On a related note it always makes me chuckle when a researcher "discovers" something that often passes for common sense.
  4. I'd go with Jiu-Jitsu too - I currently do gym and martial arts but the soical and "club" aspect of the martial arts makes me much, much less likely to skip sessions without a good reason.
  5. I switched from Iphone3GS to Galaxy SIII about 2 months ago and couldn't be happier, that has a lot to do with moving from a closed to open enviroment though. The S3 really is a huge phone so have a good think about that against your hands - my fiancee finds my phone hard to use and ends up holding it in one hand and tapping with the other whereas my hands a big enough to still use my thumbs.
  6. Doing my first ever swing dancing lesson tonight!
  7. I've met some great PT's and some woefull ones. In my the independents and small companies (who may work out of the big gym's but not for the gym) are a lot more passionate, educated and willing to listen.
  8. That video may be the best argument I've ever seen for something you can do with a weight machine but not with free weights. *thinks about the barbells and overhead hoist* Although.... Waldo - Your video reminds me of one of my Evil Instructor's old drills; squatting, jumping front kicks. Multiple sets of 20 per leg.
  9. My thinking would be that if rice is an absolute staple for you (and a really enjoyable one) then cutting it completley will make you more likely to not stick to the diet. I don't eat strictly paleo because I can't do without my milk, but I'm ok with that. If you want to remove it I'd say do it slowly, a little less each day then only every second day etc. at least that way you could work you're way through the bag you have and then decide if you want to buy another bag.
  10. My sex drive generaly spikes on rest days during a heavy exercise period, not so much post work out. That being said I agree with a "high T" state powering workouts on.
  11. Interesting article, but why is any of that women specific? I'm emphaticaly not female (the beard should be a tip off) and I'm the main cleaner in our house for most of the reasons listed above. For me it's particularly about accomplishment and stress reduction, a coule of small tasks (clean this specific surface, vacum that room) is a good way to get the ball rolling for the day or cap off an otherwise frustrating day of work.
  12. I could actually imagine doing that between heavy squat sets or similar... Want to rest the legs but elevate heart rate for a bit.
  13. "In response to someone who hit himself in the testicles when deadlifting: "You either have very short arms or very long nuts."" This made me laugh so hard (and I still chuckle when I think of it) I had to leave the office and go outside.
  14. Simple way to tell would be if you can lift the bar and then a 45lb plate (or one in each hand) - if there's a significant difference in the feel it will at least tell you that something is up.
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