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  1. Thanks for the math? Looking at my diet I found my BMR using the site Steve has on his guide. From there, I wanted to find my maint. weight. For me I did this with a multiplier of 1.55 to be about 3000 calories or so...so I did the math and I was at 2400-2500 calories per day. For now, my sample diet has been about 3 squares a day @ 700ish calories per, cleaned up and close to paleo, followed by maybe one snack and one 300 calorie, 2 scoop muscle milk shake or something similar. Now I know to aim lower and eat more protien. I know that I do not eat enough protien, but I am droping weight. My l
  2. Oh, and tell me of this "navy and YMCA" formula so that I can do the math for myself. had to reread your post a few times.....still trying to wrap my head around it. I think I get the point, but not sure how to implement it.
  3. Ok, so I am not sure how to use this data. Right now I am a SGT in the U.S. Army and I am 34 years old. This morning I weighed myself and I was 204 lbs (92.7 kgs). with shoes on. I am 69.75 inches (a hair under 5'10"). Under the Army Body Fat system I am around 23% body fat. I would like to be in the teens as a goal. Now, if you have links for me to visit or maybe you can show me the math...here is what I want to know. 1) How much (many calories) do I need to eat to lose around 1lb a week? Is this a safe amount? (Given that I work out around 5 times a week for about 45min-1 hour a day) 2) How
  4. Things to do to up this slightly, For legs: I would occationally throw in the squat-lunge combo that steve has on his "body weight brigade" guide. (sqt - left leg lunge - sqt - right leg lunge = 1 rep) Maybe some of those "assisted one leg pistol squats". They really help me and I can notice a difference. Push Ups: Maybe elevated or jack-knife just to work a different set of muscles. My instructor in AIT had a 25 lb back pack and he would knock out 70. Dude was a stud. Get some! Pull ups and chin ups....maybe add weights. you sound like a stud doing this. good job. Knees to elbows suck as wel
  5. Im at Fort Carson myself. If you all ever venture my way, let me know. I can get you on post and maybe play a round of golf or just go for a run.
  6. So, I figured I would post here about a few of the things I am still holding onto after trying this for a month. I first will say I have been losing a little weight, but I feel the need to graze in between meals just to sate hunger. I was hung up about this first, as I am trying to lose about 1 lb a week, but I finally slacked some on myself. Being deployed in Afghanistan, I don't have many options all the time. I would list chocolate, but I only get to have it once a week, and damn it...I love chocolate. I am one of those people who actually like 70% and higher cocoa. Now for the foods: Oatme
  7. I also have a copy of the deluxe strength guide. You made a wise choice. I do exactly what it says, however, I can not do a legit pull-up or chin-up, so I do inverted body rows or single arm rows with a dumbell. You can maybe try knee pushups. You can also try just holding the push-up position without doing anything for a long period like you would a plank. You make your money with the diet. Overhaul your diet and maybe start with a little more cardio to trim down. I have lost 13lbs since I started. you can do it dude!
  8. Yea, it is a known fact that the more body fat you have, the more water weight you retain. those two go hand in hand. Unfortunatly for armed forces guys, if you weigh over a certian amount for your height and sex, then you have to get weighed and taped. In the Army, the scale matters.
  9. I see nothing wrong with milk, coffee, and straight water. I used to be an avid V8, diet soda, arizona green tea, and juice drinker. Now a days, if I want orange juice, I will just eat a damn orange. Instead of V8 with all its sodium, just eat my fruits and veggies throughout the day. Milk, well I have to get my calcium. Coffee, well, since it is mother natures natural energy drink, why not. I don't like anything in it. Straight black for me. My one weakness however? flavor packets for bottled water. I go through a ton of those. Most are calorie free or close to it, especially the ones with el
  10. Well, I just got my gift box from nuts.com, and though they can be a little high priced, they are one option. I bought me some freeze dried fruit (which goes with anything, is sugar free and tastes good) and some trail mix. Try to steer clear of some of the dried fruit that has sugar and other stuff added, or nuts with way too much salt. If you don't want to make your own jerky, maybe find either someone who does or look for a cheap website. I have one I used to use, but it is all about expenses. How much effort you want to put into this and what you want to spend. Another option for nuts and
  11. I have been on Lexapro, Zoloft, and one other SSRI in the past. They do screw with your diet and libido. And no, the worst possible thing you can do is quit them cold turkey. You ALWAYS ween yourself onto and off of all SSRI and MAOI medication. Also, you should not be drinking any alcohol just to be on the safe side. Always follow your doctors orders. When I was taking Zoloft, I was dealing with the winter blues, weight gain, and sleep issues caused by my apnea. The zoloft did kill my sex drive some, but for some reason I lost a little weight and slept better. When I felt like I was better a
  12. Some things you may try: Check your blood sugar if you can find a checker. Anywhere between 80-120 fasting is good. Just to be on the safe side, you can do this. Also, if you have any family history of diabettes or hypoglycemia, that might be an issue. Also, since you basically passed out to (almost) exhaustion, you need to reevaluate your workout needs. Possibly start on a lower level or do the full entire warm up and cool down's that Steve has given. It looks to me like you added a little more fruit, which is what I was going to say next. My issues are similar, I am not a good runner but I
  13. I did keep a close eye out for added sugar and color in dried fruit. That is why I chose freeze dried. I do love my oatmeal, and it would be hard to ditch it in favor of potatoes and other starches. I am not sure what a potato addes to the diet, but I feel fine without them. I figure a baked potato with salt and pepper and maybe a little butter wouldn't be too bad, except we rarely get that here. After my typical breakfast, I need a little filler. That is why I use raisins and a little honey in my bowl. It is either that, bread, or fried hash browns. I picked what I felt was the best option of
  14. Well, I am just trying something different and new, so I am having hiccups. After reading Steve's latest article, I realized I was obsessing a little too much. Now I do the math, find my target calorie intake, keep running tabs in my head, and pick what is healthy and not what is bad. You can seriously eat twice as much food without filler calories like soda, bread, and starches like potatoes and fries. So, I get to eat twice as much if I want and keep the same amount of calories! My sample daily routine goes like this: Midnight chow (2300 local) Leanest single serving of meat they have in th
  15. My thing is with the religious aspect is mainly giving credit to where I think it is due, as well as trying to do right by my body. Over here in Afghanistan, their bread is a big deal. It is a part of every meal. These people, aside from the bread, are as paleo as it gets. The reason for the bread is that it is a filler of stomachs and it goes with everything. It is cheap and plentiful. And it is damn good. Myself, if I had too, like say I was on mission or eating with locals, I eat what they eat. It honestly isn't bad. With that said, I have just enough in the DFAC to where I do not have to e
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