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  1. What a week. Actually, Thursday was quite a day. It was nice to get the car washed; it was in need. Then I went to visit a dying former parishioner and his family, remembering at the last moment to bring Communion with me. A very meaningful visit. They are not just former church members, but became friends. I stopped to pick lunch up for my wife and I, when all the lights on the dashboard went Christmas on me. As I was sitting there, "WTH?" my cell rang. That friend had just died, just minutes after I left. I was glad his suffering ended, I was grateful that I might have been able to play a pa
  2. Thanks for the input. Sick cat and workers doing a home installation really mucked up the day. My goal of 3-4 days bodyweight work is still well within range, so tomorrow is my HIIT intro. I teach folks who want to become spiritual directors, with the Parish Resource Center's 'Kairos: Spiritual Direction Training' program in Lancaster PA. Once a month, for two years.
  3. A week in the books! Did pretty well. One weekend a month I teach, which always makes things tough. I also reached out through my insurance and had my first of 6 coaching sessions. No reason to turn down free help! I'm thinking of incorporating HIIT into my weekly routine (12 Minute Athlete). Anyone with HIIT experience? Thoughts? Advice?
  4. Thanks to you both! How are you and your challenges going?
  5. Alright, alright, alright! Got an early jump to get some positive points pre-challenge! I ate like it was Jan 1, but at least I tracked it. A crash-to-earth moment, in seeing one of my worst walking mileage months on record. I'm so close to completing my walk home from Mordor, but at that rate it would take FOREVER! So I need to make sure Dec is a one and done.
  6. Thanks, juliebarkley, that means a lot. I'm a real introvert, so I can hardly believe someone notices if I'm somewhere, let alone misses me if I'm not. Your note leaves me with a welcome warm fuzzy!
  7. Thank you! So far so good! This time of year I use my treadmill a lot, but if I'm out and about and come across a walking trail, I'll take it. Of course, I'm not out and about much these days, so...
  8. I'm baaaack! I feel like it has been forever, and given 2020, maybe it was. 'Course it's a little shorter than might be, given that I lost October to COVID. Downside of the virus (for me): miserable. Upside: lost 28 lbs. Downside: gained 16 of it back. I guess going a month without eating is all my body could handle. But I'd fallen off the NF wagon back in May, so I'm overdue for a re-spawn. I've been a rebel - just trying to be healthier - but after so long, I feel like a rookie. So here I am! Mind: Track my food intake. I know what to do, but I need to do i
  9. Been getting my activity minutes in by finally finishing our unpacking after moving back in August (had some rooms to finish up first). Sadly, slept horribly last night due to back pain, so I've taken today VERY easy, hoping things settle back into form quickly.
  10. " How is the walking going? " "The greatest plans of mice and men." I've been a mouse. I'm keeping my exercise up, I would just like to at least walk on my off-days. Thanks for asking!
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone! First, to clear up any confusion, I've typed this shorthand for so long I forget it's shorthand! That's 5K STEPS per week! My bad! 🥴 I'm also realizing that I largely put in numbers that I had worked up to, and then slid from over time. While I had been at 50,000 steps per week, sadly I slacked off from that. So it is silly of me to think I'm just going to back to that. I need to build up now, as I built up before. So I'm thinking... Centering Prayer - 10 min per day. Weight Exercise - 3-4 times per week, largely bodyweight. This
  12. I'll second that "ignore the naysayers." You walk YOUR walk!
  13. well....hit and miss. Hopefully I can build some momentum. Thanks for checking in! How are you doing?
  14. It's one thing to know what's right, another to do it. Time to do it! Centering Prayer - an important way to start the day. Weight Exercise - 3-4 times per week, largely bodyweight Walking - aiming for 50K per week 8 Cups of Water per Day On Forum 3 days per week - I'm a loner, so it is too easy for me to disappear. Community is important!
  15. Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future. Where I live in southeastern PA, we're so in the red it is almost maroon into black! I just punched in my April mileage from fitbit, and was pained to see how little I've walked. The near-constant chill and rain we've had for weeks surely didn't help. But I've been getting bodyweight work in, and a walk outside today on the first nice day we've had in forever. And I've lost a few pounds! I'm sure it is being kept from the fast food that I like a little too much. And a more vegetarian diet. Getting in on the challenge openi
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