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  1. Mahalak

    Mahalak...Once More, with Feeling

    Posted on the NF FB page: The church that I served for 3.5 years closed at the end of 2018, leaving me in an unfamiliar place of unemployment. Thankfully, the church gave me a little parachute, and the powers-that-be are keeping their eyes open for a new position. For three weeks I've been feeling like I've been frittering away my time, unable to concentrate as much as I'd like (though doing well with exercise 3-4 times a weeks). But today it was like the scales fell from my eyes, and I'm feeling better than I have in quite a while. I wonder if, after many exhausting months of caring for the people and the church, I just needed a few weeks to re-set my internal calibration. It sure feels that way right now! And I am thankful.
  2. Mahalak

    Mahalak...Once More, with Feeling

    Community is a great thing, but community is what community does. So if sometimes it feels like I'm not get much feedback in here, maybe I need to offer some feedback out there. So I'm going to try to reply to my brothers and sisters out there who aren't getting a lot of replies, just to let them know somebody is out here. Views are nice, voices are better!
  3. Mahalak

    Kareesh Respawns in 2019

    Hi, Kareesh! I hope your challenge, however you've defined it, is going peachy!
  4. Mahalak

    Zurg's Steady As We Go Challenge

    Hey SoZ, how's it going? How go the ticks? Here's to that pink lacrosse ball!
  5. Mahalak

    Better Late Than Never

    Hey EB, how's it going? Did you get the freebie at the gym? And how is the moving moving? It's good to see another Insight Timer user! I've been a fan for years! And yes, it is always better late than never!
  6. Mahalak

    Mahalak...Once More, with Feeling

    I've been pathetic about checking into NFR, but I'm doing okay with goals as stated. Given the sarcastic venom with which my son says "if it's not on FB, it didn't happen," I'll take meeting goals over reporting goals! Still, I do want to check in on all of you more than I do. Community is as community does.
  7. Mahalak

    Mahalak...Once More, with Feeling

    A carryover from past challenges, as I've been doing better with them and want to form a habit. I have a coach for the month, and the first three are my goals with him. Fitness Goal: maintain my strength training goal of 3-4x during the week, and get 30 min cardio daily. Nutrition Goal: My Fitness Pal. Lifestyle Goal: I am a better human being when I take time to meditate. Take time to meditate daily. E-Diet: Content, Quantity, Time frame