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  1. 200kg penis extension http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2Txcs_av1o
  2. I have never tried strong lifts but it is always highly recommended so I would definitely finish a full cycle of it at least I'm probably not the best person to come to for advice, I just sort of make it up as I go along and if I have a problem, or something I want to know I do some research. But best of luck! Leg day this week, I tried to close up my front squat stance a bit. The stance is probably only slightly narrower, but I think it looks significantly better. Knee's traveling in a much straighter path. Also recorded some random exercises for fluff. Paused front squat, 100kg front squ
  3. Sorry bud I can't really help you out there. The thing that attracted me to the Paleo diet was being able to eat as much as I want. And that I did . I essentially just made sure I had enough protein in each meal, and filled up the rest with veges/fruit/nuts and oils etc. No calorie counting, and next to no macro tracking. what are your goals? and what shape are you in now?
  4. Yep. There's strong, and then there's ...... :-/
  5. Yea I could do them outside the cage, but i like having the safety bars there because I often go to failure. I'm at the new GO Carindale. Ended up joining! haha we're all chasing someone, one of the PTs (powerlifter) and my gym was doing reps on 270 ~_~
  6. Cheers Lach, I honestly don't notice the lights and music haha, when I get in the gym I'm 'In the zone'. I think I will try a slightly narrower stance with knees a bit straighter, maybe poor hip flexibility makes the wider stance more comfortable for me. I think it's a split squat. I think lunges you are supposed to either step through each rep, or step back up. Foot raised is Bulgarian squats I think. I have used Barbell before, I think at my new gym the cages slightly limit how far I can step forward so I switched to dumbells. I'll take a look next time and see what I can do. Also pulled a
  7. Had a good leg session last night, I took a few clips to check out my Front squat form. Any thoughts? (Are my legs a bit far apart?) It still takes me a bit of dicking around to get my grip comfortable etc... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV3PFQSIqck If you were wondering yes, I am working out at a rave party. Those split squats are the only thing really making me consider buying wrist straps . Grip definitely giving out before the legs.
  8. It is more regularly than I was Yea I do hope to compete, I think I will try to max out my strength and size in the next 6-8 months and then start prepping for the September comps next year. I think that's when all the majors are on. Just need to stay injury free for another 10 months
  9. Good work posting with what you did anyway! I'm bad at that. And on the upside, Skyrim will help you develop some of your viking skills Keep up the good work!
  10. Since last post I have run through another weeks worth of workouts. managed 6 reps on 110kg bench, with subsequent work sets on 90kg which is a step up for me. And this week I pulled 6 reps on 200kg deadlift (Naked style), so another pb yay. I was focusing more on neutral neck position this time and it seemed to help a bit. Yay for progress.
  11. Keep it up mate, solid progress! Hope the shoulder improves. I know all about dud shoulders
  12. Trying to post a little more regularly. Had a very solid back session today. I didn't feel like I had the PB in me, so I repped out on 180kg. Managed 9 reps which is was happy with, it's a new max. Apologies for the terribad camera angle. (No straps/belt/toga)
  13. Too busy exercising to post updates?! That's the way ;-) Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  14. 240kg. Next time gadget!!!! Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
  15. Progress is medium ;-) My diet has really dropped off in the last few months, but I have managed to maintain weight at 108kg, which I am relatively happy with. At least I haven't been moving backwards, and my lifts are slowly increasing as well This week I managed 6*105kg Bench press 3*160kg ass to grass highbar squats. 2*220kg deadlifts. It's my second week in my new shoes, I only wear them on back/leg days but damn they feel great to lift in I was feeling a little fatigued for my back session today but thought I would try for a DL PB anyway It didn't turn out, as I should have expected h
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