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  1. So, we're into week 3 (right?). Week 2 went as well as week 1. I was proud of myself for maintaining the daily walk since we had family visiting from out of town. Despite that, I didn't miss a walk. I've been getting more than 10 cups most days, which is good because that's the minimum amount I should be drinking based on my current body weight. The pre pregnancy clothes are getting closer to fitting. Things are a bit more organized (clothes are at least put away, rather than piled wherever) and we're almost done packing for the Sept 1 move.
  2. Thanks, MamaT! Things are going well so far. The daily walk and hydration goals are happening every day. The organization one is coming along. I haven't worked on cleaning/organizing every day, but more days than I did before. As far as a specific plan to fit into my prepregnancy clothes, it's pretty much breastfeeding and walking. I actually started the daily walks about two weeks before the challenge began because I wanted to do something. I ended up with postpartum preeclampsia, which did a number on me in terms of stamina and energy, so I'm easing back into things with the walking.
  3. Yesterday my 6 year old niece patted my tummy and said, "It looks like there might be another baby in there." Awesome. Well, I am still wearin maternity clothes at this point. Hopefully not for much longer. One of my goals is to get back into my prepregnancy clothes by the end of the challenge, but I'm hoping it's sooner than that. Eventually I'd like to get even smaller, but I'm breaking things into smaller goals for now. I might throw some body weight exercises into the mix before this challenge is over.
  4. You could take measurements and count inches lost (or gained, as the case may be). I'm personally going more by how my clothes fit.
  5. Thanks, mist. I will keep an eye on that thread. So, time to update. So far so good. I've been walking about 1.25 miles per day and I'm starting to get a bit faster at it. I think I'll stick with the same distance this week and will increase it next week. I've been getting in at least 10 cups of water each day as well, usually more (which is good). I signed up for a free ecourse on organization and decluttering, which has had some helpful tips.
  6. I had a baby about 7 weeks ago and thought this would be a good way to feel like me again. So, my goals are: 1. Walk every day to rebuild endurance lost during pregnancy. 2. Fit back into pre pregnancy clothes. 3. Drink at least 10 cups of water per day. Breastfeeding is thirsty work. 4. Get more organized. Things are chaotic and messy right now. We're moving September 1, so I would like things to be organized and more tidy at the new place. So far this week I've walked every evening. I wear my baby in a wrap for the walk, which adds an extra 11 lbs at this point, so that means I'm burning
  7. Hello! I'm 29 and pregnant for the first time. I'm about 5 months along and have finally gotten to where I have enough energy to exercise. Most pregnancy workout recommendations are boring and lame or not a very good option for me for one reason or another. I tried a couple videos, but I find them long and boring and can't make myself do them more than once. I decided that body weight circuit training was probably my best bet, as I could do it inside my house and not have to go anywhere. In my googling for circuit training routines that didn't include lying on my back (not a good idea pa
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