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  1. LMAO well it does now!!! Heyyyyyy! Haha yeah, but that's on me, life gonna life and all that. But so far this has been good, I'm not feeling overwhelmed with life stuff outside the forums vs inside, and I'm starting to feel responsible for getting in here to update/be accountable, so I think it's working. I know I was always kinda keyed into the Rebel systems for multi disciplinary training, but I do love my Warriors ❤️ The sprained hapenned on the Monday before Thanksgiving, (going on week 8 soon?) and fun fact, the xray showed that my ulna is disproportionately long to the radius so I'm pretty susceptible to wrist injuries anyway - explains a LOT from my gymnastics of yore! It hapenned on basically the reverse of a BB clean, heavy, but not out of my comfort zone, -but I was just moving the bar for a client and wasn't working out so I wasn't warm etc. Note to self? Don't be lazy moving a loaded bar lol I think the most disconcerting thing at the moment is that even tho the pain is decreased significantly and it's finally starting to feel healed", there's still swelling. I might try a heat/ice flush this weekend, but if it's still there next week I'll go to my follow up appt pain or no pain
  2. AH so you're just starting IE! Cool! Yeah, it takes awhile to get to a point where it's second nature. I think one of the best pieces of advise someone gave me was to observe my reactions/desires etc without casting judgement on myself in either a positive or negative way. Just a sort of - huh, that's interesting. I took a workshop a few years ago that dealt with the idea of eating more to binge less, with the idea that the more we restrict the more we over do on the things that we aren't allowed. Not gonna lie it was a tough tough process for me emotionally, but the long term freedom really paid off. When I'm making decisions about if I'm eating what I need, it's usually about having enough energy to do what I want to do, and, so so sorry for the TMI, but it's very useful... paying attention to mah poops to determine if I'm getting the right stuff for my body. OH and FWIW I definitely have weird cues too - nausea (and sometimes hunger) when I'm full, sadness when I'm hungry. So strange.
  3. I had a kismet encounter at the dentist yesterday and thought of you! My hygienist just started riding this past year and was telling me all about her experiences with it, and what an incredible workout it is! I felt much more informed about everything she was telling me after having read your thread 😄
  4. HAHA - I hope so! And almost literally at that... I did throw my laptop in my purse when I went to run errands one day in case I didn't make it back and had to stop at a cafe or something. The whole afternoon was very stressful! We had originally talked about the goal of the practice and I really do think I'm keeping in the spirit of it! Yeah, I clearly need more of this in my life, it's surprising to see how much of a knee jerk reaction it is to reach for me phone! boing! Yeah, me too It feels like an ongoing work in progress but I also have noticed how much it's effected the quality of my days over the long run. TBH I find it annoying in the beginning when I have to remember to do it, but it's getting easier lol _____ Today should be relatively easy, short workday, painting my dreams in the morning, writing and cross stitch in the afternoon. My cousin is coming over this weekend and I'd like to put away some holiday decorations to make some more space for the table - he's coming to help Mr Red brew beer! I like being around it, the wort smells really good and maybe they'll let me drink a cup of that if it doesn't disrupt the process. I'm not 100% when I'm going to get my second run in. I could do it today but I like to space them out more. Tomorrow I have a Kung Fu class in the morning and then my cousin visiting, so I guess that leaves Sunday! Saying it out loud now for accountability/manifestation.
  5. Oof those bujo spreads hit all my buttons yay! I hear you on maintenance, I guess that's what makes them so useful sometimes. My biggest problem (when I'm having problems) is to remember to open it. I really do feel better when I get into so long as I remember! But this isn't about me. Hoping the wave has passed! And sweet on a wee one digging sushi!! Nice to have different outing options Hahaha yeah this was very much the case for me! KB work was the very first weighted strength training I ever did and it was through the Kung Fu family
  6. looks SO. GOOD. Thank you! It took so much mental work to get to a place where I could do entrepreneurial things, but really loving the work itself made all the difference in the world! In your face quit-before-I-started photography business! _____ This week has been going well. No drinking Monday or Tuesday, and one glass of wine at date night last night rather than 2 or 3. Tonight is a fund raiser at a brewery so I expect I'll have some, but I'm donating services and want to network so I'll be inclined not to over do anyway. Mindfulness surrounding consumption is picking up steam and I'm remembering to pay attention a little bit more everyday. Got in a run and strength session today, possibly the best workout I've had in awhile! My wrist is starting to feel like it's transitioning from "injured" to "cranky former injury site" and feels a fair bit more comfortable without that splint than with. Everything surrounding it is starting to feel achy from not being used, so I spent some extra time for mobility and strength in the shoulder complex. Writing is hapenning but I'm finding that the "exact same time everyday" thinking is hindering productivity (and causing enormous stress) rather than helping. I forced it week 1 and part of this week and productivity really declined, and then when I gave myself permission to do it when I was most relaxed and ready, it all started moving again. Afternoons still work well, but I'm going to be a bit more lax about the exact hour and see how it goes for the rest of the week. Another thing she has been encouraging me to do is to have some non screen time activity blocks as a waking meditation, at least 30 mins at a time. Reaching for the phone every five minutes (even when I'm looking at a computer screen 🙄) has become pretty normal. I belong to an artist collective in my town and used yesterday's co-working session to relax, no screens, and work on a cross stitch that sparks joy. I noticed the screen use more all day, and left it at home for date night, surprise surprise I felt way more focused and present! Thursday is marching.
  7. Oh Rookie, I'm so sorry to hear. So many hugs. Do what you need to do
  8. I'm not going to jump in having just met with a bunch of thoughts and suggestions, just an acknowledgment on how difficult and lengthy the grieving process is. How much it dregs out of us and how it has a different face everyday. Looks like you have some good friends here All my best ❤️
  9. So good, and pixel art really lends itself to cross stitch! I have a few really big projects I chip away at(mostly tapping into my anatomy nerd side) but the little ones are such a delight too. And so sweet when I see people stitching with their kiddos, I belong to a nerdy and snarky xstitch group on facebook and see a lot of mommas doing that!
  10. You had me at food pictures. And the butter chicken looks awesome!!! I use a lot of greek yogurt in my cooking so that really jives for me, I usually have it in the house and my stomach seems to like it a lot So so true, and it really takes time! I find for me it's rarely a linear path ether, just sort of showing up and following through as best as I'm able. All the work you're putting in is amazing!
  11. JUMINOS!!!! I was just thinking I should do a cross stitch with them, but I'm just started a plumbob with simlish for a friend. Just like the last bundle in the community center, I will get to you summer year 2 little jumis!!!!
  12. Hi Rebels! Visiting with ya'll for a bit in the new year Getting back into a forum habit as my life has changed recently and I need support and accountability to build new habits for my sparkly new routine! In the fitness world I do the things, weights, body weight, Kung Fu, running, and recently developed a taste for throwback rollerskating :DDD I'm an art and theater nerd, love crafting and painting and writing and all of the cartoons and most of the anime and I go to Cons by myself sometimes and I never have the energy to cosplay but I want someone to sort of just, cosplay on me (But not in a weird way.) I like games like the Sims and Stardew Valley and here is my contribution to nerdy star wars craft (done in my jams during the holidays) also omg dude 😂😂😂
  13. I will never not meme (cause old)