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  1. RedStone

    RedStone Does Dailies

  2. Just saw this pop up and would be interested in joining the conversation if ya'll decide to move it forward! I just finished a period of work with an IE coach. Feeling happy about the experience!
  3. RedStone

    RedStone Does Dailies

    I just don't sweat much, never have. I assume it's because I evolved from peasant stock in very cold climates It's funny that I don't care much for minimal clothes when training since most of the rest of my life is spent with as little clothing as possible! Anyone that has ever lived with me knows my no pants stance. I'm a panties/tank top around the house kind of girl. It's been good! This week I can already tell that certain things on my variable list should be non negotiable dailies, including the 10 mins of studying. I'm going to work up a new set of dailies and variables to go forward! It feels good to be making steady progress <3
  4. RedStone

    RedStone Does Dailies

    AHOY! Happy Zero Week my dearest nerds! As I mentioned at the end of the last challenge, I'm going to be embracing the compound effect as a focus for my goals this cycle - an idea about how the little things you do every single day adds up at the end of the week, month, year... etc. Soooooo for example, if RedStone spend 3 hours a day mindlessly scrolling facebook (FOR EXAMPLE!!!) that's a total of 45 DAYS per year that I am mindlessly, unhappily scrolling facebook. Wow. Yeah, I'm gonna let that sink into my thick skull. Soooo I'm going to do a little experiment this month. I'm going to go about my usual business, regular workouts, working with CC, my mental health nutrition coach etc blah blah blah, but here I'm going to focus on a list of very short daily tasks, that if I were to add them up over time, would benefit me greatly in the long run. Lets give it a whirl and see how it goes! 1. Sun Salutations (2 - One on each side) 2. Hand stands (I usually do 2 or 3 right after sun salutations to wake up my braaaain) 3. Silumtao (Kung Fu thing) 4. Write one page (For the sake of focus lets call this 3 paragraphs 300 words) 5. Play one song (Any instrument is fine) 6. Study for 10 minutes (*wall of text in spoiler) 7. Run a self coaching model on thought/behavior change (will explain in more detail later in the challenge) Here's a little thing I made as a daily reminder! I like the idea of it staring me in the face