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  1. RedStone

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Time to go to NAAAASHVILLE! Keeping the nerves at bay the last few days, which is really nice. Last year was the first time I was ever specifically unhappy about my birthday and I'm glad it was a one time thing! Yesterday was nice, I'm an adult so working during birthday is whatever, and I got through the day and had a solid squat session (rebuilding is successfully hapenning - I can feel all the core work I've done over the last 16 months paying off) and seemed to run a bit as part of my warmup for some reason. I just... felt like it On a last minute impulse I used what would have been packing time to get a pedicure and chair massage (OMG so good.) Then walked into town with Mr Red for fancy dinner. Blew off packing (and stressing out about packing) in exchange for some sleep, and... it's this morning and I guess I still feel ok about that! Really, it's just a long weekend, I don't need to go crazy with what I'm bringing! Looking forward to some R&R and my goal is not to think about work AT ALL. Otherwise, business marches on, I'm doing my morning routine most days, studying is still meh, but getting better. I'm sort of thinking about getting those chair massages more often. The woman I met did an amazingly unexpected great acupressure for me and when you find hands like that... I'd def drop $20 here and there to destress like that. But first I can use the gift certificate Mr Red got me for the primo massure in our area, which is funny, and he didn't know, but I know her from my women in business group! So funny. Okay, Last, my guts are started to calm down and I should be able to enjoy whatever I want in Nashville. It seems unsurprising that coffee and alcohol are my biggest contenders. Food for thought when I talk to coach. my very favorite because :
  2. RedStone

    JustCallMeAmber hasn't lost her mind..just misplaced it

    Looks like a good challenge to walk into wearing a face mask...
  3. RedStone

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Yeah, I'm trying to lean into the exit more, and I feel like when it's applied appropriately, all is well in the world! I left a nice note and we all texted a tad later, it seemed like no bigs! And yeah, I really like the totems, and for me, the process of fighting making them really helps drive home the point... when I look down... and think of all the hours it took... YESSSSSS. A few years ago I made myself a zipper clutch that doubles as a sort of wallet. I keep my few cards in business card case - ID, insurance, CCs, so the clutch is more like, business cards, coupons, my lucky D20... So I can keep it in my big bag and pull it out to run into a store or when I go out it'll hold a some keys and a lipstick too. (And the card case of course) It is. Insanely clutch.
  4. RedStone

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Finished totems! The process is always so cathartic and such a pain in the ass that the concepts are freakin drilled in there like no one's biz.
  5. RedStone

    Spezzy's New Groove

    UGH I love him so much. Such a worthwhile exercise.
  6. RedStone

    Stoney starts a Side-Quest

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well! Can def join in the recovery ward, we'll do puzzles. Or something. Buuuuut SUCCULENTS! AND UKE! (Does tuning it daily help? I got one for my last birthday and haven't really delved into it much. I'm proficient on guitar butttttt...) Anyways, IG followed for all the drawing goodness!!! Meanwhile, feel better!
  7. RedStone

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Thanks guys, I'm glad I went in at least, sort of a good step in the self care dept. She's treating me for gastritis and gave me an anxiety thing for sleep time when the insomnia gets bad, but it's not a day to day thing. Next up is going to the specialists to rule out ulcers etc, and then whenever I hear back from Coach Christina (She was on vacay last week, I wasn't expecting to hear from her before this week anyways.) Well... they are on the sillier/non-satanic side of metal so maybe there's a chance... here's one of their best! Brooklyn was a little meh. I had a conversation with myself this morning, driving home after an Irish exit, about my bad attitude. It would seem I'm on a bit of a pity party and I didn't handle some unsolicited nutrition advise very well. In my defense it was extremely condescending and droning droning droning (and did I mention unsolicited?) but I most certainly didn't have to respond so poorly. (Moody, defensive) Worst is that it was one of those things that I knew this person was going to do, (always does), I stressed about it before hand, and didn't know how to deal with it when it did happen. I'm reminded of the maxim - you can't control how other people act, but you can control your reaction - and I think I need a daily reminder, so I'm going to make some sort of bracelet totem to wear for awhile. But on the plus, I'm doing the work, and it's a fantastically marvelous day out. Mr Red or no, I'm going to spend some time outside getting centered before starting a new week, which is fortunately only 3 days - and then we're off to Nashville on Thursday! Stoked.
  8. RedStone

    RedStone Is Totally Clutch

    Just getting what I need. 5X per week - Morning routine - pretty much the top priority atm) -Water -Meditate -Movement (yoga flow or -Handstands -<2 Cups coffee 3X per week - Lift (I'd like to try getting back to 4+*) 1X per week - 1+ hour walk 1X per week - Metcon sesh 3X per week - study 1X per week - Selfies (I need to look myself in the face again.) Nutrition Goals (and training*) TBD after hearing from Coach Christina. Also... Clutch is one of my favorite bands. This is a little tricky to explain, but because of my height I'm not an avid concert goer. I usually can't see much, and people don't see me and end up elbowing me a lot and I get armpit in the face. As a result, the concerts I've seen over the past 15 years or so are mostly bands Mr Red loves, (I love too! But not my top picks) and he gets us tickets in unobstructed seated areas. (So sweet!) But I also don't go out of my way to see bands I want to see (which rarely have seating at all) and you know what, I should. Sooooooo I got tickets for Clucth's Book of Bad Decisions tour, they're coming through my area in October! In the meantime I will be listening to a whole lot of Clutch and sharing with all of you. Because I love you, Duh.