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  1. Zeroh Searches for Spring

    Hey boo! look at me, getting around, doing the forum things! Here for you. I'm a big fan of simplicity, and with new job comes unforeseen routine (suspicious side eye... but hopeful ;) How did that go down? So far, we've gotten no snowflakes out of probably 1 - 24" I am so done with this weather...
  2. KnitJoy

    I super <3 bullet journals! Best of luck with the job hunt
  3. Mike Wazowski: A Different Kind of Healthy

    So many good things. Even when things are dark, it's a comfort to remember.
  4. Miss Marissa doing space things

    Your space is cool. I dig all your spaces. (I can't believe that there are no pictures of an astronaut reading a comic book in space.)
  5. RedStone Turns Left

    They're just like stickers! Only... metal? \m/ \m/ LOL yessss I'm sure that has a lot to do with it...
  6. courtniemarie puts one foot in front of the other

    aww yeah. no matter what!
  7. Gemma rests up in Rivendell

    I had an incident in a lab like this once while giving blood... the end one of the vials broke while it was still in my arm. The nurse stoop agape for several seconds before reacting. She cleaned me up before I got to see myself... but if her scrubs and my tee shirt were any indication... Very happy to hear she's on the mend <3
  8. ElvenEngineer Hunts Monsters

    New meet!!! Yay much excite! And just showing up. That's basically my tactic for getting out of bed in the morning. Do it when I can, do it when I can't... and it's true, I'm always much happier when I do. <3 you!
  9. RedStone Turns Left

    HA! Sorry not sorry? I did get a few rubber duckies yesterday for my epsom baths. Because I am an adult. And because it's very hard to find squeaky narwhale bath toys for some reason. As I've gotten older, slicing off the tip of my fingers while chopping stuff in the kitchen has become a very real peripheral obsession. It's not something I think about, or really stress over, it's just sort of this quiet day dream on the back burner of my thoughts while I work. Mr Red has reported something similar about vertigo from his hi rise office building coupled with this odd sensation of falling out of his office window. (Good thing it doesn't open ) Getting older is fun! _____ Last night was a fail. Between weather and impending sharks I was very down and didn't read. I also reached for a 3rd glass of wine. I also fell asleep on the couch at 9pm. I've been super pooped. I'm a super pooper. Just trying to get through one more storm, hopefully not lose power, and keep looking up for April, which should (I don't even know anymore) offer some warmer weather. And I'm sure when sharks roll around things will start to level out a bit.
  10. Taddea Zhaan in Breaking Bread

    I love shepherds pie SO. MUCH.
  11. RedStone Turns Left

    That is incredibly satisfying to watch. I want a pet... thread spindle... to cuddle? It's like reverse wool shearing. I wanna touch it. It's a lot of things. I can't... stop... watching... _____ OK day one. Liquids in check, reading has been read. I'm frickin exhausted. Recovery has been poor and energy low. SADs from the weather? Probably. Not enough water? Definitely. Sleep and food have been good doe. I'm continuing with intuitive eating principals although I did have an incident this weekend where I drank stuff I didn't want because I was out with friends and it seemed appropriate. I didn't feel well after that. Otherwise things are going well. I'm taking initiatives (not listed as goals) to combat boredom, which seems to be a common theme in the hotbed of bad behaviors/thought patterns. I'm enjoying my anatomy coloring book and plan on bringing some smaller watercolor materials upstairs to work on in the newly cleaned office. The book I started is Michael Palin's The Truth and it's certainly readable so far, tho I don't have much commitment to the characters or story yet. Time for wind down... I'm tempted to read more, but then I won't sleep Nighty all