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  1. ermegerd I love this so hard!!!!
  2. YESSSSS I've heard this for so many people lately, that they're really just plugged into work all the time. The anxiety is totally understandable, and hopefully will ease up more and more as it becomes a habit. Yay!!
  3. AH simple is good! I think many of us are feeling that these days
  4. Big big fan, and they're already adding up! Hope the CPAP comes together soon
  5. My parents visited us this weekend. It's the first time we've been... breathed on by people, and it was weird. But also really nice. But also very frustrating. I have a strained relationship with my mom that I've worked very hard on balancing over the years. She treats me more like a sister than a daughter, which results in a weird type of fighting I didn't grow up with. Lots of tears and threats followed by hugs and ice cream. I drank a lot while they were here. We also super cleaned the house which feels great! It wasn't a huge mess before, but it feels more normal now, and that's great. There were times I would be in a room just sort of surrounded by invisible piles of imaginary (ok, some real) piles of skin cells that no matter how many time I vacuumed I couldn't get rid of. It's like the last 3 months were a weird semester abroad full of zero super vision and manic art projects and psychedelics and now my parents show up and that's over now and we're back to normal. Only they're gone now and it was quiet last night and now it feels very chill. I turned the guest room into my sewing/mask business room, and had to turn it back into a guest room while they were here. Well, now I have to empty the gym of all that stuff and get it back into the guest room before this afternoon's work of zoom clients in the gym. I'm kind of looking forward to it. When I first started the masks it was super chaotic and there was a haphazard development of how things worked in there. Now I have a simple system and it should go in much more easily than last time. Both spaces should feel more relaxed. Speaking of masks, I have a new favorite! I ordered this stuff in April and it just arrived last week. (Immediate curbside pickup is one of the perks of using my local fabric shop, along with supporting my friend and getting sour patch kids in my order bags.) But oh man, I love this thing :DDD ONWARD!
  6. Heyo! Traditional and alternative challenge models haven't been working for me a for awhile, but a battle log hasn't either. As a GM, it's important for me to stay connected with the Rebels, so I'm going to try this - use this thread to talk about what's going on, a kind of diary, but also a confessional of sorts, out loud honesty has always kept me in check. Let's call it an experiement!
  7. Yeah, it was kind of a tip of the scale, I taught Kung Fu in the evenings and did my design jobs all day. When we moved out of the city I realized how much that lifestyle wore on my anxiety and I went for the full time switch! No regrets Yeah, the pre-hab/hab/and post hab worlds are all pretty different - the client versus patient mindset really made a big difference when I was learning from physical therapists in their offices. People who choose to see a trainer are much more in the prevention or lifestyle camp and I really like that attitude. I went through a period where i was working with folks that were discharged early based on insurance but their hearts weren't in it. Of course I think the work speaks for itself - everyone benefits from thoughtful programming and training, fixing week links, all that jazz. I have several parent friends I'm going to send that frozen yoga too
  8. I miss routine! Here's to a smooth transition! :DDD
  9. Oofta, toddlers are tough! Glad to hear he took the chill exercise, I've heard good things from parent friends. I did a late in life career change I'm a personal trainer and health coach, and specialize in functional fitness and orthopedic exercise, working towards a cert in Intuitive Eating counseling now :DD which involves several lectures on a CD for some reason. I should ask friends if anyone has a walkman I could borrow
  10. YESSS Looks great! Gardening is deceiving that way lol but I know how hard it is, I tried to pull up a 3'X5' patch of grass and it took HOURS Looks like a wonderful Summer haven!
  11. What do you use for your finance organization? I've been looking around for some options will be following along!
  12. omg I love how everyone is flossing every night! Yes, it'll feel better after a week or so You're reconditioning your gums! Also, PASSING THE BOARDS PASSING THE BOARDS! Which is basically the opposite of....?
  13. Hi folks! I'm RedStone, super into adorable video games and adorable cartoons. I don't have a switch yet so I can't play animal crossing, and am trying to hold out for my birthday, which is partially silly because I'm an adult and can just buy it for myself, but I'm trying. I'm a health and fitness professional, and here for you all whenever you need me, but I read threads quietly and privately and get forum overwhelm, but tag me for anything you need and I shall appear! Happy challenging nerds!
  14. Yay for riding lessons again! And I hope there will be garden picts???
  15. Hello hello! getting in early! I'll be reading along as always, even if I'm a slow poster
  16. Welcome to the Juice Bar, the Rebels home away from home! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. If this is your first challenge here at NF, please post your challenge in the Level 1 / First Time Challengers subforum. Take a minute to introduce yourself, let us know why you're here, tell us something nerdy about yourself, and share a gif! Have questions? Want some feedback? Ask away! Just want to hang out and chat? Awesome! Want to hide in the corner for a bit? Have a drink on us.
  17. Yeah it's super weird. I have projects, plenty of projects. But it's all... well, you said it 100% right with uncanny valley - it's too normal, it's too close to, A-ok, this is what life is! Strange times, I don't even know. I did make pierogis tonight, first time ever from start to finish, so that was interesting! The kitchen is a MESS but they were delish. Also that I can link directly here from my pixel photos! But they're kinda big, so food pron in spoiler!
  18. LOLOL And you got me just in time!
  19. Hey guys! Thanks for checking in I'm tired. Last week was kind of a haul, sharks threatened, and then they came. I feel like I'm behind on a lot of my work, but I'm also grateful that work is busy. Challenge is the same, having trouble with some, getting in the other: Meditation: good Walking: good Lifting: 50/50 Water: good Kung Fu: good networking: not good lol All in all, life is relatively easy for us. It's just the two of us. We're financially safe for now. We get along well in close quarters and problem solve well together. We're both prone to depression, but have gotten acutely aware of each other's triggers and have so far been keeping the demons at bay. One of our biggest issues these days is that we've... gotten good at living like this. Food insecurity was a big problem that we've since solved, and in a really positive way! We're getting weekly delivery of organic supermarket reject produce - stuff thats lightly misshapen, the wrong color of yellow or what have you, but is otherwise fine. We have small shops in town that help with the rest. Not being able to get paper goods, we've found sustainable solutions and I've been keen to expand that to other parts of the house/our lives. I wasn't eating enough that first month and lost a good 5-10 pounds or so. Things are better now. Ok, great! These are great things. But... as a result we don't venture much into the world, despite having remote and empty options in our neck of the woods. I'm not exactly sure what I'm trying to say here. As I write it it here, it feels like the same issues all over, same as everyone, boredom with the stay at home routine. Thing is, in the beginning we had tasks - figure it out. Survive. Stay safe. Figure out normalcy and maintain it. We seem to be lacking in the - things to challenge us and stimulate us - department. I have projects, he has projects, but we're having a disconnect.
  20. Oh hello there Yeah man, that's all super real! I think many of us have been there, trying to figure out an appropriate cal count, fumbling with RMR etc etc. It's pretty safe to say that 12-1500 is not a surplus considering what you're doing, or, honestly, the fact that you're an adult. Most children's nutritionists agree that a healthy target for an 11 - 13 year old is upwards of 2200 a day. Unfortunately when we condition ourselves to survive on a considerable deficit, our hunger and fullness cues get conditioned as well, so it doesn't come as a surprise that you don't feel particularly hungry. Metabolism is a very nuanced machine in our bodies and does not behave in a straight line, but metabolic adaptation and adrenal failure are very real. None of it happens over night, and you can keep yourself just on the edge for a long time - I did. It was really tough when I started lifting heavy. Gains were slow, weight loss stalled and started to reverse, I was rocking about 900cals a day and 8 month out to a massive physical breakdown. (4'10" female btw.) One of the best things I did was stop tracking weight and start paying attention to body composition. It was tough seeing the scale inch up the few times I stepped on the scale, but my clothing was more comfortable and my body changed. My lifts increased, I tracked food less, (and eventually stopped), and finally, worked with an Intuitive Eating coach to sort out my body's needs in balance with the amount of exercise I do (lift, run, martial arts, yoga, climb, etc etc...). The hardest part for me was the head trip of move more/eat more - it went against everything I've ever been taught about weight loss, but it sent me on a path to understand my body on a much better level. It was a long road but I'm so much stronger on the other side
  21. Thank you so much Tank, I really hope so, I've had such powerful experiences working with my coaches, and I think it will be a powerful next step Also, I'm watching She-Ra and it's AHMAZING (power power power power)
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