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  1. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    Me too Especially your lovely cat. Cats are never 'just a cat', I would be really upset too! And your poor student, what a terrible situation (for you too). Actually I empathised with everything in your post so I'll stop getting specific, but you have my internet hugs and more! I'm struggling with a similar motivation problem myself. The only thing that keeps me going is imagining I'm telling someone of my struggle, in say 10 years, and how hard it was but how I kept going and eventually achieved all my goals (and more!) Trying to see hardship (which includes feeling dispirited and wanting to give up because 'what's the point') as a point of pride, because it didn't stop me. This doesn't stop me feeling dejected and giving into despair, but it does mean I pick myself up again and keep trying. I may not know you in person but from following your journey over the last year or so I do know how determined you are and I really do believe you will break through. Even if you don't always feel like a wolverine, we all know you are one and nothing can keep you down for long!
  2. Experiments in Rangering [Owlet]

    Thanks So far I have not succumbed to the plague. I'm still really struggling with energy levels though. I felt ok on saturday morning but by early evening I was so tired I felt faint at times (and unfortunately wasn't able to stay home and go to bed early) tried to take it easy all weekend but ended up feeling pretty dispirited as a result. Fingers crossed for a better week this week. Goals: Monday - plank, 6000, up-skilling Tuesday - plank, 6000, physio, up-skilling Wednesday - plank, 6000, up-skilling Thursday - plank, 6000 Friday - plank, 6000, run Saturday - plank, 6000, physio, up-skilling Sunday - plank, 6000, up-skilling
  3. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    Booo to rent raises!! We just got a raise too Not quite as much as yours, thankfully, but we've only been there a year so it hurts. Fingers crossed you will find a new place easily that ticks all the boxes. Good job with your goals in the meantime!
  4. Hi Rangers! I'm new here I've been hanging out in the Druids forum but it occurred to me that I have so many goals I'm constantly trying to hit, maybe a stint in Rangers could help me.. feel free to share your rangery wisdom with me! So here's the deal... I have a sedentary job and it's a constant battle to keep my body mobile enough that I don't seize up completely and topple over. Meanwhile, I have a passion for hiking but the best hikes are long and hard, and it really does help to be fit! I also really want to change jobs but before I can even apply I need to do some serious up-skilling, in my own time. Here's the plan: 1 minute plank, daily - core strength makes everything better and I used to be good at this but I've let it slip over the last year. Time to bring back abs of steel! 6000 steps, 5/7 days - unless I go for a walk, it is really hard to hit 6000 steps in a day - and frankly, 6000 isn't even that many so I really need to at least hit 6000. This will require a lunchtime walk or run, or parking further from work and doing it that way. physio exercises 2/7 days - to help with my neck and back which get sore from sitting at a desk all day run 1/7 days - I've been doing this for a while now and ideally want to move up to 2 runs a week but as winter is approaching, it will be weather dependant. up-skilling 5 hours/week - this is the bare minimum, ideally I will do more on this goal but I'm keeping it low at this stage so I don't freak out and skip it altogether. I want to try and do an hour after work at least 2 evenings a week and the rest on weekends when I have more time. Lately I've been very lazy during weeknights though and I think I could utilise that time much better. 5 hours/week5 hours/week And because I've not had much success with vague goals in the past, here's a rough timetable to make sure I hit goals: Monday - plank, 6000, physio Tuesday - plank, up-skilling Wednesday - plank, 6000, up-skilling Thursday - plank, 6000, run Friday - plank, 6000 Saturday - plank, 6000, physio, up-skilling Sunday - plank, up-skilling Obviously the timetable is a bit flexible, I just want to try and keep track of when I'm doing my goals so it's not a mad dash at the end of each week, or skipping them altogether. Wish me luck! And finally, what's your number one tip on DOING ALL THE THINGS as well as having time to relax, eat, sleep, socialise, work and call your mum XD