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  1. NeverThatBored :: A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do

    Hey you ran 5k! That seems like more than you've done in a while, what with your shins playing up..? When do you get your orthotics anyway? I'm so impatient haha. I just want to see you finally be able to run without pain. Good work on the meditation streak too, that is seriously impressive
  2. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    Good news! I got asked to work on a different project at work which is both more fun and better paid! And I get to move offices for 2 weeks!!! Yay! Happy friday everyone
  3. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    Yikes! Yeah I wouldn't want to start out cold haha! It's a lot less daunting if you start out hot Good luck!
  4. Interesting! It's a little hard to say without seeing the video, but there are definitely some similarities. The Buddhist chant has actual words (Nam Myho Renge Kyo) which have significance in themselves (basically it is the vocalisation of essence if all the teachings and can be boiled down to the idea that every living thing has limitless potential... but there are many layers to it) so part of it is that in vocalising it you are tapping into that potential and reinforcing your own conviction/determination. But the other side of it is that sitting up straight and chanting with a strong voice also opens up your lungs, diaphragm etc and improves your circulation and leaves you feeling energised and positive (like exercise, it releases endorphins and if you chant in a group apparently Oxytocin is also released). The physicality of it combined with the fact that voicing something out loud is more empowering than staying silent means it is a powerful tool for increasing positivity and vitality while decreasing stress and despondency. It's a shame he didn't offer more explanation of it in the video - perhaps he is just starting to explore that side of things? As far as how low to go.. I've always been taught it doesn't matter what pitch your voice is at so much as your conviction behind it - chanting or singing with a weak timid voice will give you weak results. Which is not to say you need to shout and annoy your neighbours (!) but try and put conviction and determination into your voice. Does that make sense? As for what to say.. give it a go and see what feels right? Chanting felt very alien to me to start with but I think it would feel more weird if I didn't have a particular phrase to repeat, if I was just making stuff up. But that's just me. If you have a set phrase then you can concentrate your energy on your voice and the physical sensations without worrying about what noise to make next. Let me know how it goes!
  5. Ugh yeah find a different doctor. She sounds downright irresponsible, as well as rude.
  6. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    Running: went for a 2.5km run yesterday after work. Up-skilling: Have been trying all week to get the software set up, lots of messing around with license transfers and talking to the company that makes it. Fingers crossed it will be sorted today, finally. Chant: Small amounts most days. Physio workouts: Not yet. Food: Pasta on monday and a croissant but otherwise not too bad. Cold showers: Currently on 60s. Had to really psych myself up for it this morning as it was a bit colder than it has been for a while. Bit of a strange week. Some real ups but also downs. My flatmates are not getting along and my boyfriend is uper unhappy about it, so there's been all sorts of tension in the house. It doesn't really feel like home to be honest, and combined with the work dramas I've been feeling rather stressed. Still pushing on with my goals though.
  7. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    We also had a gannet who fell in love with the concrete gannets they positioned to try and attract more gannets (to start a colony) Dear old Nigel.
  8. Nice to have that vote of confidence from him though! He wouldn't give you the challenge if he didn't think you could make a good go of it brrrrrr
  9. NeverThatBored :: A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do

    Good job on the swimming goal! I know exactly what you mean about breathing, I always seem to half drown myself when I attempt to swim x__x EAGLES! Cool
  10. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Unrelated to pretty much everything, but just gonna leave you this heart-warming gem from NZ: https://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/101232244/thomas-the-blind-bisexual-goose-to-be-buried-next-to-partner-henry-the-swan
  11. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    Me?! But you're the wolverine!!
  12. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    10km run on february 18th: DONE!!! Legs are pretty sore today! BF asked me this morning how long till I start running again and I replied "probably a day or two" which took him by surprise... I think he was joking XD We'll see how it goes but I would like to keep running and get more comfortable running long distance. Wedding gift for friend 10th feb: Done Chant: Missed yesterday but otherwise pretty good. Still room for improvement of course. Physio workouts: Done, once through. Food: Weekend was pretty shocking - takeaways three nights in a row. Just one of those weekends when cooking is too hard. Weekdays better. Cold showers: Done, 45s at the end of each shower So this week: 60s cold water at the end of each shower! I'm starting to adjust to the sensation now and it's kind of nice, after the initial shock. I've been feeling too hot quite often though, especially in bed at night. Not sure if it's because the weather has been warmer or my body is. Either way I'm looking forward to cooler nights! For chanting, I really need to get some sort of routine going and commit :/ physio: I'd like to do my exercises more than once, whether in one session or spread out over multiple sessions. Food: try and get some more vege-filled meals on the menu. In other news, I had a really good chant on saturday and I realised something - I'd been feeling so shit about the run-in with my work colleague and stewing over whether to let it go and just accommodate his behaviour or tell him to jog on. Both options made me really unhappy. But when I thought back to the confrontation I was struck by the fact that I even had the guts to talk back, let alone raise my voice and express my disagreement well enough to make him look silly. Last time I had difficulties with a colleague (a few years ago now) I was unable to do anything but freeze in terror basically. Realising that made me feel like I've already won the important battle - that to transform my own reactions - and anything else doesn't really matter so much. It made me appreciate myself more and have some patience rather than beating myself up. Next time it happens I'm sure I'll deal with it better still
  13. Owlet: smashing out goals (since now)

    I did it!!! 10.5km (why did they call it 10km then make it longer?!) and I only walked once, for about 10 meters at a water station. It was harder than I thought it would be and I was running verrry slowly by the end (totally got overtaken by a few walkers haha) but my aim was to keep going, and I did, so I’m super happy! I even did it a couple of minutes faster than my predicted time (1hr23 all up, 1hr18 for 10km) Best of all, I have a medal now Lessons I learnt for next time: wear a singlet not a tshirt, wear a headband to stop my hair flying around, and do more training(!) haha. Maybe practice on the course too so I know what to expect. All in all, a very successful day and I’m so glad I decided to run in the end. Now I have to go be lazy for a long time XD