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  1. Oh snap, I am now a brigadier?! Yuss, a promotion!!! Lemme go google what that means haha.. ok I'll stop hijacking your thread now, as you were ❤️
  2. Oh, and your explanation about your particular strain of trauma made total sense. Just print that out and hand it to any future therapists/psychologists lol.
  3. Missed you too! I like all your rants recently btw. As in, I agree with your train of thought and totally get the I-don't-want-to-do-the-thing-now-that-you-told-me-to-do-it-even-though-I-already-wanted-to-do-the-thing aren't brains ridiculous. Anyway, I think you are making real progress recently. despite everything. Also, what the heck, no coffee for a whole day?! Yikes. I've come to accept that I am wildly addicted to that shit haha. Look out anyone who tries to talk to me before my morning coffee(s)
  4. Oh yeah wind is the worst. I should be used to it by now, seeing as it's been there my whole life. But no, I still whine about it every day. Maybe don't move here though, if you hate wind. It never stops.... Snow on the other hand, I would love to have some of that, since we don't get any. I can appreciate though that it would get tiresome very quickly, especially the shoveling aspect... Good job with the purging and making of appointments! Not bad for a 'meh' mood
  5. Good luck with your lesson! Jumping always made me nervous too, I haven't tried it since I was a teenager. Good on you for challenging yourself 😎 Hope you find a solution to the work problem soon, it's frustrating when you can't see a way through.
  6. Here for the horse updates! Post as many videos as you like, I will watch them
  7. Listen to Tank, Tank is wise! Sending you internet hugs but I wish I could send you something more substantial ❤️
  8. I'm proud of you too seriously, I'm really impressed. You followed through, despite all the setbacks, and you delivered. Nothing else matters. Seems like a good time to disappear into your bedroom and leave the toddlers and their stupid comments to themselves...
  9. What the heck?! On top of the liquid squash, this is disappointing to say the least!
  10. Live feed of Flea's Thanksgiving, this is great (for me, if not you). I've never felt so involved in Thanksgiving good luck, you're doing the thing!
  11. Poor kitty will be fine I'm sure, but good on you for trying! If kitty was playing with other people that's a good sign, I'm sure someone will manage to sort it out or else it will find its way home. Who knows, maybe it likes going for long walks away from home? I see cats up in the hills around my place sometimes, ages away from the houses. And then I see them back down at the houses later. Also, I feel for you with the election stuff... I'm nervous enough about it and I'm on the other side of the world I may or may not have been wearing noise cancelling headphones last night to drown
  12. You're a nicer person than me then, I find it mildly funny to see my cat freak out when I start to vacuum Jokes on me though because I've done it enough times for him to stop worrying about it. Booo, yelling and loud noises are extremely stressful Sounds like you need noise cancelling headphones (only partly joking)... and maybe a mouth guard.. do you grind your teeth at night, to cause one to break?
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