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  1. And Owlet's coffee is four times as strong 🤪 Yaaaaaaay
  2. I've got high hopes for this. The stinging will be worth it
  3. I hope you at least got a good dose of omega-3 while you were hypothetically at it.
  4. Yay for dust masks! Boo to feeling crappy Hope your day unexpectedly improves anyway ❤️
  5. Seriously, what is it about phone calls? I haaaate calling people or waiting for call backs. Even though it's generally fine once I'm talking to the person. But the before part, nooooooo. Hugs, hope your crappy day improves asap.
  6. Ugh. I am incapable of writing messages without the use of exclamation marks it seems. Help me...
  7. Congrats on the car! I fully support your decision to not do any more adulting today, you have earned one heck of a break! But I see you made a new challenge anyway, good job!
  8. Seems like a valuable thing to recognise in yourself. Half the battle is identifying the tricks your brain plays, right? In other news, your recent saga of applying for a job is inspiring me because there's a job I desperately want but gremlins are putting me off even trying, but I keep thinking if Flea can do it, I can do it. (wow long sentence, bad grammar. Pray for my cover letter) So thank you ❤️
  9. Do I dare ask what's going on? Hope you're not still hanging out there...
  10. Did somebody say birthday?! Happy birthday then! Hope you get lots of kitty cuddles and sleep ❤️
  11. This is really great Fingers crossed for the job!
  12. I know the conversation has moved on, but going back to this (even though it's unlikely to help, since I'm not US-based...) I saw someone a bit like this. It's not super common but he described himself as an exercise physiologist. My first appointment, he spent 2 hours measuring and assessing, and worked out one side of my pelvis is smaller than the other, which was contributing to back and shoulder pain. It was super interesting and geeky, learning all the different ways my body was operating and how I could compensate for skeletal anomalies by building up various supporting muscles, to regai
  13. Yeah good idea, no doubt talking to your doctor will be less alarming than talking to google. Fingers crossed you hear back soon!
  14. Is there some kind of follow up appointment to talk about and explain the results to you?
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