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  1. Wow your last two posts describe such amazing break throughs! I'm so happy for you. I am sure that now you have experienced the 'feel' of such effortless mastery at that level, it is absolutely possible to find it again and it will happen more easily and often. How exciting!
  2. Here to listen and, as ever, no judgement of course
  3. I'm sorry you fell, especially when you had fun plans. Hope it turns out to be something that heals quickly and you feel better soon ps. your room mate is next level disgusting.
  4. I'm so happy to hear FIL has changed his behaviour, it sounds like it was truly shocking. Even more, I love that Wolvie is smart enough to respond appropriately to his behaviour! Very gratifying that he can't get away with being an asshole haha. That's a real shame all the therapists are booked up, are you able to book one for March even though it is so far away? At least as a back up, in case you decide you would still like to speak to someone then. In the meantime, I think focusing on what you can add to your nutrition rather than take away is a very smart idea. My horse riding trainer told me she learned somewhere that the human brain doesn't do well focusing on the negative in order to change behaviour, it has to be the positive. For example, the old story: you're driving and headed for a collision with a lamppost. If you tell yourself to avoid it but you're staring straight at it, you will almost certainly hit it because your brain only understands that you're focused on it and didn't get the message to avoid it. Thinking of you and hope you get more sleep soon!
  5. If it's any consolation, everyone here knows how much you love your cats and would do anything for them. I think it's really important to be pragmatic when it comes to pets' health issues for the exact reason you mentioned - sometimes it's not fair to keep them alive and suffering just for your own comfort. Obviously still crossing my fingers that they live forever, just like my little guy I would be fuming if my brother said that about me, argh.
  6. I'm glad boobcat is out of the woods, having a sick pet is honestly so heartbreaking and stressful. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! I second running away.
  7. If it makes you feel better, I only saw it for the first time last month. Same with Friends.
  8. Being thrown off by good news has to be the best reason to be thrown off! Happy for you
  9. I'm glad your grocery order wasn't terrible but no ice cream... that is tragic indeed. Funk could be a result of your life situation in general...? There's a lot of things in your life that would cause me an immense funk, I'm sorry I can't remove them for you. Hugs
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure any kind of conversation with him will leave you feeling ick at this point... there are too many reasons why to even list and you know them all anyway. That said I can see why agreeing with him, even over something hypothetical, would not sit well. Just in case the gremlins need to hear it - it doesn't mean anything. Even if you were coming at the issue from the same perspective, who you are is not dictated by whether you agree or disagree on something. You're so much more than that. Good luck with the grocery order!
  11. Oh me too. Every time there is a new show to watch If nothing else, I like that I'm now a lot better at identifying languages just by listening. Besides, even bad TV is better if it's in an unfamiliar language. Feels more exotic.
  12. Netflix is how I learn other languages.
  13. Hahaha oh no, I can just imagine. I wanted to ask as soon as you posted it but I didn't want to seem too eager to find out how you bested some random jerk kid doh, now everyone knows how eager I was.
  14. ok well now I'm curious, what did you do to that child/what did they do to you??
  15. All this talk of extra food to keep on hand has reminded me of my earthquake emergency kit which I believe has a few VERY old cans of beans in it, probably no chocolate because I raided that a long time ago and actually no water either... thanks for the reminder, I really need to look into that As far as pantry stocks... my only stockpile is the food I never want to eat, plus a million packs of pasta because I always forget I have some already so buy more just in case. Except for last time I tried to make lasagne and I actually had run out of pasta, thus reinforcing the instinct that I must ALWAYS BUY MORE PASTA. ugh here we go again. Good job on the nutritionist, I agree focusing on your mental health is likely the first step to overcoming your food issues anyway ,so you do you.
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