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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Since starting with a personal trainer I haven't had an issue with it
  2. So when I do any type of overhead tricep extensions laying on a bench or flies on a machine my right shoulder will sometimes pop out of place. When this happens you can physically see it and i have to let go of the weight so i can pull my arms back up. It doesn't hurt or cause any pain after just inhibits my ability to move it back up under weight. Again this only happens on the right and when I go too far back with my extensions/flies. Has anyone ever experienced this? Any suggestions?
  3. Ok so it has been a while since I've been on here. Let me give you a little catch up on my life. (it is pertinent information). Last year I was doing 5 workout classes a week until the Louisiana floods then all hell broke loose at my house. Anyway I was dealing with pain then but just powered through. Lost 25lbs altogether then in December my knees started hurting so back to working out the get my weight OFF. Yay! I'm back into the classes. Actually not yay my flipping right side is KILLING ME! I have a knot/burn like pain right above my hip on the right side of my body. I went and got the knot worked out and went back to the classes.... Long story short they were having me jump onto platforms 2ft in the air, I'm 226lbs and 5'2" something tells me my knees wont like that... oh what the pain in my knees told me. I now have a personal trainer to help me with form and teach me how to lift "big girl weights", and all the pain is gone by that one spot in my lower back. I'm not sure what is causing it. Stretching helps but it always comes back about 30 minutes into lower body workouts. Any suggestions on how to make it disappear permanently?
  4. Ok so this probably could had gone in the general fitness but all I see if chinese? Characters when I go to the form. Anywho I've been working out 4-6 times a week for the last 2 months with little progress (just getting my nutrition 100% on point) So the working out I do is some HIIT and then toning. All are classes. I want to start addING a morning workout focused on my glutes (using string curves booty-full beginnings) and I was wondering if this could hinder my progress? If I do some of the same workouts in my evening classes that I do in the morning. Could this be a problem?
  5. So today I did my first spin class and I I my made it 30 minutes before I couldn't take it. My lungs and throat were burning. My butt and back hurt. I know you should work through the pain but when I get to that level of exercise I feel my chest constrict some and I find it exceedingly hard to catch my breath. I don't want to feel bad about not finishing because I went and stuck in there, but what can I do next time to improve how long I stick in with spin? I should also mention I'm 115lbs over weight and have been going Monday through Saturday to workout classes for 2 weeks. This is the first I didn't feel like I could make it to the end.
  6. I agree that calorie tracking is highly variable. I have started measuring it out however my home cooked meals I still eye ball. I will have to start weighting them to get a better idea. I don't believe my calories would be to terribly off simply because of measuring now my eyeballing calories would be WAY off but I try to avoid that. I honestly calorie count just to see how much energy certain foods have, my main goal is to eat less carbs/dairy and more veggies/fruits/lean proteins.
  7. went from pretty sedentary to this new work out. out of the two days i did track one and was close to 2100 calories. The other I did not (well i was tracking then you know alcohol and game night with a group of friends). I do notice that i get close to 2000 on a really physical day just because I am ravenous! I will give it one more week after this one, and I am not seeing any movement I'll readjust of go visit the doctor. My husbands theory which I don't think is very sound, is that I have been at the weight I am stuck at for over a year ( i lost 7lbs through diet to get to my current weight then realized my eating style wasn't realistic and went to counting calories and working out 5 days a week before I was eating 1200 a day on a whole foods diet) that my body does not want to let go of the weight. I think its like you said inflammation and water. I just don't want to fall into the "oh muscle weighs more than fat that's why I'm not loosing it" mind set, because while muscle does weigh more than fat i have over 100lbs to lose and I don't think I am at the point where the muscle I put on will weigh the same as the fat I am taking off.
  8. So been logging my calories for a while now and I haven't changed much in my eating except for trying to get few carbs and a lot of protein. I know weight loss is mostly nutrition and I had to days last week that were not ideal for food consumption but they weren't horrible either. I also began working out last week. 5 days a week with alternating 1 day HIT and one day free weights (both are classes) and my scale WILL NOT MOVE! Is there a reason for this? Obvisouly to many calories will do it, but I'm getting around 1700 a day and my tdee maintainance is 2600 So I don't believe that's my problem. Any suggetions? Ideas?
  9. Thank you. So update again yesterday they laid my grandfather to rest and that was emotional/exhuasting, but now I feel back to my sunshine self. I met a girl at work at a workout class I randomly decided to go to and she asked if I was going the next day. I said no I thought 1 was enough for now, however, she talked me into it. Can I say that doing 2 days in a row made me way less sore? so as of now I am doing small weights and toning/cardio classes. I have another one today with the same person, and although I would rather go home and sleep (yay big lunch), I will be attending with a smile on my face. Drinking more water is going well too. I feel thirsty now if I don't get in a certain amount by 9 am, and through out the day honestly. The whole30 isn't 100% on anymore. I'm back to calorie counting, and bugging the husband to make some dinners. I am ok with this. I can never stick to one way of eating long so bouncing between whole30/paleo/calorie counting should work. I plan to attack it by weighing in once a week and adjusting my diet as needed. So that is my quick update. Need to get up and move before I fall asleep!
  10. Yeah I was trying to edit it but it wouldn't allow me hmm lets try again. And if it decides to mess up again it shows a 7lb weight loss in about a week
  11. Thank you. Stress is still there atm. My grandfather on my dad's side passed. I am sad to lose him, but he was surrounded by family and all the grand kids got to see him, so it was a peaceful send off,and I am at peace with him passing. My other stress is from the thought of seeing my dad for the first time in like 5 years, and my pawpaw (who raised me; my mothers father) being on his soap box. So little side rant: my mother is mentally ill with bipolar and a lot of narcissism in the mix. My grandfather enables her to use her illness as an excuse. She is a very toxic person with a pill problem which my grandparents have said and I quote " she is easier to deal with when she is medicated and we don't expect her to last to long." So with this screwed up situation I have decided to remove myself from it (because it is freaking TOXIC), which pissed my pawpaw of. He straight up told me "I have never seen someone walk away from a sick mother like you are." Ok lets get something straight here: 1) you enable her to abuse prescription pain pills 2) you do not make her take responsibility for herself or her actions 3) you allow her to get away with EVERYTHING under the pretense that she is "sick" when many bipolar people live completely normal lives and 4) I will not enable her or bring the toxicity into my marriage of my life Sorry for the rant, but he is constantly on me for 1)my weight, 2) my finances (I am the only grandchild with a degree and who is completely independent) and 3) for not being christian enough and agreeing to take on my mother. This causes me a lot of stress and anger, that he constantly nit picks at me when I have worked so hard to be where I am at in life. On to the sunshine and rainbows : This is my weight chart after the yellow line is when I changed my eating And while I am still a bit scared of the large lifting bars, my gym has an aerobics room with the small weights and bars for me to learn on. OH AND I have decided to attend to cardio classes twice a week. Last night was pump, jump, and jab. I struggled and didn't realize I couldn't even do a freaking v-up anymore however they do incorporate a lot of small weights ( i didn't use my 3lbs weight much just the weight of my arms because i am WEAK SAUCE, but will become AWESOME SAUCE soon). One more side note: The hubby aka Mr. Wizard is a hard head. He believes that he needs to aim for 1200 calories a day.... um..... NO that and he tends to over eat the healthy stuff if I don't portion is out for him. I need to some how get him to realize that yes its zoodles with chicken and sausage and red sauce however..... you at 3 servings i serving is 400 calories... OR yes they are grapes but you just ate almost a whole container which is about 45 grams of sugar (probably more). So we are working on that, but I have bought him a bentobox like mine to help him portion better. I know it's a long post but I've had a lot going on. Thank you for all the support I truly appreciate it. IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING!
  12. Ok soooo I had something not and the whole30 approved list, but I don't feel bad about it so WIN. It wasn't a slip up, it wasn't a moment of weakness, and it wasn't a "I am a horrible failure and therefore should all the CANDY AND CHEESE I can moment." it was a "uncle Mike made jambalya? Yes I'll have a small bowl." This is just very big for me, because old champagne would beat herself and tell herself "you'll never lose the weight. You'll always be fat." nope not today. Today it was I have eaten very well all week and one bowl will not undo everything, so eat till you are satisfied and stop. And I did and I still weigh the same. So I am very proud of myself for not letting food have an emitiknal hold on me.
  13. Yes ma'am I do. I ate a banana and I have some strawberries. Thank you for the support
  14. So I came here to rant just a touch, and I am sorry , but I WANT SUGAR and DAIRY lol. So I've lost about 6 lbs already (yay sure its mostly water weight) and felt really good on the whole30, but now I'm stressed. My grandfather on my dad's side is about to pass away which is stressful and have a lot to do at work (I don't know about ya'll but working under indoor lights with no window makes me zone out pretty bad). I'm not going to give in. I got this, and the food I am eating is delicious, however I just had to get that out there.
  15. I agree with this. Idk why but I just think negative things sometimes. I'm obviously not in good shape and just don't want people laughing at me, but then I remind myself that if they are laughing at someone on the path to health then they can go shove something in a not so bright place.
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