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  1. I'm trying but I just cant get used to the new layout =(

  2. In so much pain and bedbound. Any smaller exercises I can do to keep myself going?

    1. Oh Beep

      Oh Beep

      Depends where the pain is and what you can move

    2. EllieTheMage


      Stomach pain and lethargy in general

    3. Raincloak


      Consume fluids and rest.

  3. All I can offer to this thread is that I feel - your - pain - bro. No, seriously. I have an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to fitness. I begin my quest. I have my goals in mind. I power through it, filled with enthusiasm, veins rushing with adrenaline, with vigour. I am, quite literally, kicking some real butt. I'm slaying it. *pun intended* Then comes the fall. Bam. Poom. Pow. And things don't go... exactly to plan... I strive for 100% perfection, slip-up and that's that - gone. Done. Not "successful". Off-the-tracks. Written off. I am in the "nothing" mentality. Swept off my feet. All I can say is best of luck, brethren.
  4. Huh, I hadn't thought of finding a body weight workout and then adding dumbbells in later. That cuts the amount of different work outs that I have to remember how to do in half. That's definitely going to be a possibility for me. And thank you for all of the links! I'm definitely going to check them out. Seems dumb but I had no idea that Nerd Fitness had that many workout routines available - I'm struggling to find the NF resources to be honest, but those I do come across seem to be some of the best!
  5. I'm wondering about trying a low-sugar diet. Might have to look into it more.

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    2. SnowOwl


      I currently on a cane sugar fast and was fairly low sugar before that - I did it gradually though and didn't find it too hard, IF you have time to bake at home.

    3. Helix "The Peasant"

      Helix "The Peasant"

      It's amazing how many products these days have sugar - ketchup, sauces...

    4. EllieTheMage


      It is, isn't it? I was shocked by how many things - even seemingly healthy - have a bunch of sugar in them! As for baking at home, I can make the time. And adjustment period? Eep. But might be worth it? We'll see. xD

  6. Derp! Yes, I meant dumbbells. I cant believe that I forgot to mention that. I've just given the link a look and it looks like a great access point to bodyweight exercise. I think I'll give it a go today. Honestly, the fact that beneath the video Steve gives tips on how to keep form is SO useful for me. Sometimes I'll have people to spot check me, make sure I'm doing it right, but its my days off alone that i get the most exercising done so this is brilliant. Thank you!
  7. Hiya! I'm Ellie and a year ago I was finally diagnosed. I have a lifelong condition. Its not been an easy time. Of course, a part of me was happy to have answers but another is still deeply rooted in denial. I have "episodes" in which it affects me much, much more significantly. These are occasional, only a few times a year - and sometimes only once or twice - but cause me extreme dizziness, faintness, lethargy (mental and physical), pain in most body parts and more. Basically, its as if I've taken a bad potion - or five. I've had two already this year, which is out-of-the-ordinary. Thankfully an uppage of my medication should help. When I'm not having an episode I'm pretty much fine, par a few minor things. I have had it my entire life after all. It isn't crippling. I have the capability to exercise as much as another person - no need to take it easy. 80% of the time I live a regular life. But 20% of the time is spent exhausted, sometimes sleeping up to 20 hours a day Despite the fact that I spend a pretty good amount of time fine, I constantly worry about the next episode and in moping about it I've foregone any sort of exercise. I'm still coming to terms with it. I think of my condition as something I get plagued with every now and again; like lycanthropy! Leading a normal life and every now and again BAM, there it is. I used to love fitness when I was younger, running particularly. I want to reclaim fitness - as well as my condition. I want to grow stronger. Apparently my GP said this could actually help; sleeping well, a healthy diet and exercise can all help. I don't want to start with running. I want to try some weights, some bodyweight exercises, some yoga and what not, and then see where I go - things I've never done before. To try out some new adventures! Problem being... I know nothing about weights or weight routines. As a complete novice I don't even know where to go. I'm only vaguely aware of what a squat is and as far as form goes I wouldn't know how. Sit-ups, push-ups, planks, etc... I've heard of them but how to do them properly goes above my head. But more than that I want to learn how to do some things with some small weights (they're only a few kilos, to get started), and bodyweight exercises. So I have a few small weights and the space to do some bodyweight exercises... where the heck do I start? Thank you guys! Mage out ~
  8. Hm, not sure how great a contribution this will be but I'll give it my best shot. All I can recommend is that you try and give everything a home. Sounds obvious; but really. Collect everything you have and think; does this have a proper home. A place it can live and that can be its default position and that most importantly - looks tidy. Things like placemats or mugs, etc. Oh, here's another; have a basket or hamper by your door; could be your front door or your bedroom door. And whenever you have crap that you just cant be bothered to put away or decide upon a home for, throw them in the little basket. Then, every day or every so often, sort that. Keeps the place neat. As for optimizing your space for levelling up your life... I'll have to brainstorm that a little. But if I do, I'll be sure to come back and let you know! I can relate having a rather small place myself; its cosy, open-floor plan, but small, so a lot of the typical "optimize your space" tips have already been utilized here without knowing about it. Best of luck!
  9. Had an appointment today for health issues. In bed feeling weak and sorry for myself. Bleh.

    1. Maggie-Miau


      Oh, I hope you feel better soon!

    2. EllieTheMage


      Thank you! I'm sure I will soon. Isn't anything too big but gosh I feel like I have the flu.

  10. I know your pain. A while back I became a bit obsessed with calorie counting. It made me a little ill in the end but after it was all done and gone I found that afterwards it had hindered my ability to pine after foods that are good for me. Since it had all become about statistics and numbers it threw me off. Ie. I knew the calories of an apple. And I knew the calories in a single piece of chocolate. And I'd eat the one piece of chocolate instead whereas before all of that nonsense I'd have craved fruits - they make me feel good inside, plus a whole apple would be more filling. But intuitive eating is something I've managed to get back on track with for the most part. I'm making more of an effort now (or a lack of effort? You know what I mean) so that's a big goal of mine as well - to listen to what my body wants not what my brain's been conditioned to think about food.
  11. Today is a day of change. I can just feel it! ~♥

    1. Oh Beep

      Oh Beep

      Not planned then?

  12. Hi and welcome, Ojara! I'm Ellie. Pleasure to make your acquaintance! Sounds like pretty solid goals to me, as does joining the scouts. Do you have plans to take part in this / the next four week challenge? Its going to be my first one too so perhaps I'll see you around there. Anyways, seems like you'll fit in here just fine!
  13. Aw, thank you for the warm welcome! Feeling quite comfortable here already! Honestly, weights is something I'm really interested in doing. I'm a scrawny little thing; 166cm and varying between 46kg and 49kg and hoping to feel lean, mean and ready to take on whatever life can throw at me. I want to be like the video game characters I play, you know? And they're not just scrawny and weak - they duck and dive and assassinate (not that I have any plans to assassinate anybody, of course!) I loved the rush from agility based sports like I feel like weights could be something I could easily fall in love with - I saw an article on here before I even joined about women weightlifting and it made me feel a lot more enthusiastic about the idea. I have zero idea where to start but the warrior forum seems as good a place as any to find out more!
  14. Ah, I'm PC and xbox unfortunately! But I'm dying to see how Persona 5 pans out! I'll probably haul out my PS3 just to play it! And ooh, running. That was a while back. I think its because I live in a nice area; there's a lot of different terrain and great sights to see. Running meant you could put on some kickbutt music, go for a run and see some nice sights. Plus nothing makes you feel more like some sort of elven ranger than a run in the woods, haha! I love the idea of trying some HIIT, bodyweight workouts and parkour (but my balance is atrocious so we'll have to see about that one...) Thank you! So far everyone on here seems so friendly - and nerdy too! I think I've found the place for me.
  15. Hiya! Ellie here. Welcome to the rebellion! What kind of goals do you have? Plenty of resources here no matter what kind of route you're heading down. Hope you find what you're looking for!
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