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  1. Kestrel Grey

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion part 1

    That sucks about the running goal. Proud of you for taking a long-term view and looking after your hip first though.
  2. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Week Three - Monday First day of running outside! Spoiler: it did not go well. My hubby worked from home today which means he also handled the cooking, so I had a little extra time on my hands. I thought today would be a good day to drive out to the foothills and try out some easy trail running. The first two minutes were up a gentle slope and I felt like I was dying... crap. At that moment I was afraid I had lost too much fitness from last summer. After a few minutes I had warmed up and felt great; it turns out I was just really cold. My watch was at home but I think I ran around 30 minutes. It was relaxing to be outdoors again for my run and I loved it. Until I got back in the car to drive home. Then my knees cramped up and stayed mad all day. Maybe too early for even gentle hills. Blarg.
  3. Kestrel Grey

    Maigs Gives Up

    Success is kind of scary when it starts happening. You'll get used to it. Maybe just enjoy being on top of things for a while before adding more lifting days.
  4. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Week Two Summary 1. Run Comfortably - 3/3 Two forty minute runs and one forty-five minute run. I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now that things will go smoothly. Now to start transferring these runs outdoors. 2. Train Easy - 2/2 Technically I did three strength sessions this week if I count the low-impact bootcamp class. I rounded out the week with a lifting session on Sunday. It was cut short so I could have pancakes with the hubby before going to work so only squats, deadlifts and assisted pull-ups were done. Physio continues to be done a little each day. 3. Sleep Cozy - 5/7 I missed the one when I worked evenings in another town, but otherwise I (mostly) complied. There has been occasional peeking at my phone before bed. Habit Repair Mini-Challenge Not going well because I keep forgetting about it. I may give up on this one for now and swap in eating whole fruits and whole veggies every day for week three.
  5. Kestrel Grey

    Rhovaniel: A year of Questing, part I

    So much amazing going on there!!!
  6. Kestrel Grey

    Ye New & Fancy Leaky Tankard: Ranger Guildhall Chat

    For those Rangers in the Northern hemisphere, remember to take a minute tonight to enjoy the Blood Wolf Supermoon!
  7. Kestrel Grey

    Maigs Gives Up

    As someone who has never had or witnessed this "biscuits and gravy" thing, it sounds like the oddest breakfast choice one could make. But I bet it was delicious.
  8. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Week Two - Saturday My legs felt great this morning so I decided to go for my 45 minute run today after all. It felt good! No knee issues and only a little arch discomfort. I have switched my physio to a little every day instead of everything twice a week and I think that might be helping. Tomorrow will be a strength day. In related news, I had ordered a gym bag and it arrived yesterday. I was using a fabric shopping bag so I feel much more legit with a dedicated gym bag that isn't advertising the local grocery chain.
  9. Kestrel Grey

    Operation Fly By Night

    Thanks! Are you interested in running obstacle course races too?
  10. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Week Two - Friday Yesterday morning I went to a group fitness class, my first since hurting my knee. I had been avoiding them because a) They might include exercises I didn't feel safe doing b) It wouldn't be specific to my goals and so would be a waste of time, and c) group fitness brings out my insecurities. Mostly because of c. However I felt the need to round out my strength training and this looked interesting. It was a low-impact bootcamp that my gym offers. It felt easy at the time but my muscles feel it today; surely a good sign that it hit things my normal routine does not. I may try to go weekly on an easy run day.
  11. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Studies say they dream to assimilate what they learned and experienced during the day, and often wake with new songs. Which is why most birds sing in the morning. I have no idea what scary thing he was trying to assimilate though since his life is very safe.
  12. Kestrel Grey

    C_Q: Piece by Piece

    Parkour is actually the best thing I've ever tried! They won't let you try anything above your grade, so my two visits were learning safety rolls, wall runs, and precision jumps (on the ground). If my schedule let me I would definitely have kept going because it made me feel safer with the things we are going to be doing at ocrs. Maybe give it a try some day just to learn how to jump or fall safely. (Disclosure: In the past I have cried clinging to a 6' high wall because I was afraid to drop, so you may not need this as much as I do.)
  13. Kestrel Grey

    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Today I went for my second run of the week. My foot felt better but my knee still is twinging. I think I'll double down on physio and take an extra rest day before my next run, and see if that helps. Which will also give me time to make up the strength session I missed. This morning I was glad I've become a light sleeper because my little parrotlet had a nightmare. The sound of him flying around his cage woke me and I got to him before he hurt himself. The poor thing, it took me a while to talk him off the bars where he was clinging with his little heart pounding. Then I sat with him until he fell asleep. TLDR: I overslept when I finally got back to bed and ended up with crappy food choices.
  14. Kestrel Grey

    Operation Fly By Night

    I wouldn't be very optimistic about completing this without you. Your help means a lot.
  15. Kestrel Grey

    Operation Fly By Night

    Thanks! I feel your challenge is more hard-core though! Mine is only 12 hours and many people complete it. Thanks, over-planning for the win.