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  1. Yes. Our bathroom. We can use the general patient/public one.
  2. Mulligan. Thinking I would do anything on my target routine while my mom was here was pure silliness. It was a very productive week for her and we got to do lots of visiting with my sister, so a good week non-challenge wise. I probably won't be going over to visit my sister's family for a while now. We just got word they are putting a symptomatic covid testing site at my work. So that the infectious people don't mingle with regular patients, they will be using the lab staff entrance and the testing room will be beside our locker room, and they'll be using our bathroom. Thanks whomever thought this one through. So I am expecting to be exposed and am not willing to bring that to others and am going on an indefinite self-imposed semi quarantine.
  3. Here it is kettlebells that are inflated. Bikes you can get.
  4. Bike enthusiasts: my bil is buying a touring bike and neither of us know enough to understand reviews. He's looking at the Morrison T 3.0 (he lives in Germany). Can anyone take a look and say if it looks decent? It would be mostly on road with a bit of gravel or dirt, rides up to 20k or so. Thanks! It's a little awkward yet flattering that he asks me for advice on anything involving fitness.
  5. Good start, and stay strong resisting temptation! It will be cute to have Scraps growing up in your progress pics.
  6. Following! Wait, wrong silver ranger... My gif hunting skills need work.
  7. Have you explored the area around your new home yet? Is it very far from where you live now?
  8. I beg to differ. I know next to nothing about American football, but the last game that I was roped into watching, my friend and I picked our team based soley on how sparkly gold their pants were.
  9. Thanks, that helps with some of them but it is a real sticking point on fasting 4-6 hours between meals! Thoughts copied from my Eating Skills log below. Scout's honour, I am!
  10. Zero Week 2/3 runs completed. Evening routine mostly followed. Morning routine mostly missed because I'm waiting on my shipment of matcha tea and can't get going without it. 2/3 at home short strength sessions. It's been a bit shaky emotionally this week but I've been doing okay with following through anyway. Eating Skills is still a work in progress. I'm having trouble treating the guidelines like rules which is not what I'm supposed to do. My mother arrives tonight. I plan on sticking with the challenge while she's here.
  11. I may not have goals or know what I am hunting, but predators don't need to know. They can be patient. It is the process that matters, not the destination, so this challenge I will focus only on the process. Intently. Patiently. Not worrying about the after. Or at least I will try! Patience when I am not seeing immediate progress has not historically been my strong point. The Process 1. Run three days a week. Starting with 30-45 minutes easy with optional strides for the first two weeks. 2. Stay consistent with my morning and nighttime routines. 3. Strength train three days a week. I have one quick and easy home workout for most sessions, and one gym routine for days when I want to throw around some iron. Other stuff going on this challenge: It may snow tonight. The rest of the week will warm back up, but summer is definitely over here in the Rocky foothills and we are headed into fall. My mother is coming to stay with me during Week One. I have the week off so I can play host and drive her around. I am continuing with the GMB Eating Skills program. It will get most of my focus this challenge.