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  1. Thanks. I'm not intentionally being cryptic, I just don't know enough yet to say what's going on and didn't want to leave the challenge hanging. Tomorrow I should be able to give an update.
  2. I'm really rooting for the bike to win! That said, hiking is a good thing. If you have to make up a vitamin D deficit, it takes a ton more than your normal daily recommended amount, so don't be alarmed by the handful of pills your doctor recommends.
  3. Week 5 Report Stuff maybe happened. Or didn't happen. Or can't happen if I don't want other stuff to happen. I don't know. I'm taking the rest of the challenge off so I can figure it out. See you next week.
  4. The week 4 dip. I haven't forgotten my challenge goals, but in week 4 the enthusiasm slips a bit and posting drops with it. Week 5 is coming and we can finish strong.
  5. Week Four Summary Run: 1 hour (target 2 hours) Eat slowly: 9 (target 14) The early darkness is messing with my running because I keep waiting until the afternoon. I really need to get used to heading out first thing, even though it would be easier energy-wise to wait. For the meals I just kept forgetting. This week was nice. It was supposed to be the week a friend came but quarantine rules won't let her visit. So I had 7 days off with nothing to do. Since my sister's family is doing homemade gifts this year, I spent the week crafting. Dinosaur toque for nephew done. Toy duck for niece halfway done. My sister is getting salt water taffy, if I can figure out how to make it! Two batches today and they both went in the trash. Apparently my new candy thermometer is off by 13 degrees. I didn't think to calibrate it after the first batch was too hard because I figured I just messed up somewhere. Ah well, next weekend I can try again.
  6. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" Last challenge was really an un-challenge for me. One "success" that started forming in the last couple weeks was consistency with an at-home strength training program at night. So my first instinct for this challenge was to say, "hey, this routine might actually be achievable. So let's toss it all out and chase after even bigger and shinier goals! Squirrel!" However, this is the year of being a Scout, not a Ranger. Even though my little strength routine did not make me stronger (yet) consistency itself is a goal worth chasing. Or.. er... a cliff worth climbing. So continuing on from last challenge I will follow the same pattern, same goals and same routines and keep hoping for better results. The Details Daily Routine - Before sleep (12:30 default) wash my face and floss. No screens after. Lights out by 1am. In the morning get out of bed by 10am. Plan out my day over tea. Strength training - 4 nights a week. Workout A (upper pull + core) Mon/Thurs. Workout B (upper push + glutes) Tues/Fri. Would days be better? Maybe, but late at night is when I will actually get it done. I may go to the gym on Sunday morning for deadlifts and squats. Running - This didn't happen much last challenge. I will suck it up and bundle up and run outside Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat mornings. At least, I will continue to schedule it and hope it miraculously starts happening this time around. Food Skills - Also didn't do much last challenge. I will soldier on anyways and follow the weekly skills practice. Scoring/Tracking I'm going to try and do it all, all the time. But each week I am only going to track one thing and that will be the focus for the week. Zero week doesn't count; my energy levels need time to adjust to the sudden winter. Now start climbing...