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  1. Good work on thoughtful eating. Those victories on tough days are worth a great deal. You can do it!
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    Mostly physics. When a 6 ft tall 200lb person falls, they hit the ground with 8 times the force of a 3 ft tall 50lb kid. Which causes 8 times the damage.
  3. I did the scary thing and went on the group run. It was awesome! The evening was sunny and everything was green and pretty, and it had cooled off just enough to be comfortable. Yes I was way behind everyone else, but so were two other girls who were also there for the first time. We speed hiked the uphill (and my lungs are still searing from it). By time we got to the top, the rest of the group was long gone and we didn't see them again until the parking lot. My body still remembers how to run downhill so I flew down the hills and waited for my two new friends at the bottom of each section so we could continue together. The loop took 1:39 at our slow stop-and-go pace and I loved every minute. They host these runs every Tuesday evening so I will go again next time I have the evening free, and one of the ladies I ran with said she would keep an eye out for my name and come too if she can. It is nicer having another person at about your pace.
  4. You're doing great! Anaerobic zone is for sprinting, which I don't think is in the C25K program. You can't run in the anaerobic zone for more than a couple minutes before the lactate build up makes you stop. Just remember it is always okay to run slower! If you are out of breath then you are probably running too fast. The HR zones on these watches are set to a default. You can usually change them in the settings. It sounds like your heart rate is lower than this watch is calibrated for since running until you can't catch your breath is definitely harder than easy. You are getting a solid workout.
  5. June 1st - the official start of my 16 week Ultra Training Plan! To solidify my commitment I did something scary and signed up for a group trail run on Tuesday evening. We can be in groups up to 50 now, if we are outdoors and socially distanced. This group is one of the ones with "real" runners and the trail run is up and over a small mountain, so I am convinced I will humiliate myself when I have to drop to a walk 5 minutes in. The group is one I have been wishing I could run with for over a year now though, so I think it is time to see if it is as bad as I think it will be. If nothing else I will have a better yardstick to measure progress against. Tomorrow I die 5 minutes in and have to slink back to the car. Next month maybe I make it 15 minutes.
  6. Week Three Recap The week was not a shattering success but not a complete failure either. I give myself a solid C. Thursday I spent with my sister and her family and got to play with my nephews and niece, which was nice. The negative covid test meant I didn't worry about getting them sick. It was the first time in over 2 months that I got to hug someone other than my husband. Now back to isolation land. Friday I slept in and had no time to train before work, and Saturday I just didn't feel like it. On Sunday, I dragged myself out to the park for a long run. Most of it ended up being hiking because I didn't have the energy to maintain a run. Still, I managed to jog about 30 minutes of it and since I have decided to count the entirety of my hike/jogs towards my running total, I just hit my target. 1. Get outdoors and run. I spent 5/5 days outdoors and ran 2.5/2.5 hours, but only if I count the full hike. Counting just running I ran 1:20 this week. 2. Stay strong and uninjured. Same as last week. I trained my core 2/4 times, and added a full workout to both those sessions. I didn't warm up before the runs. However, I am able to do a full push-up again! It's been a while. I guess even my half-assed strength training is doing something. 3. Start slimming down. Ha. Hahaha. No. 4. Get musical. Guitar practice twice for a total of about 40/60 minutes.
  7. I'm thinking it is really okay to take this year and just enjoy being outside and active, without needing any big goals. There is time for that when things are a little more settled in future times.
  8. As a beginner your pathway to improving is 1. Run lots 2. Run better 3. Run long Amalgamating all the running plans I've encountered, first increase the frequency and length of your runs until you are comfortable running 30 to 60 minutes at an easy pace 3-5 times a week. Ex. Add 5 minutes per week to each run until you are at 3x60 min. Then add a fourth day at 30 minutes. Then start lengthening one run until it is 90 to 120 minutes. These can all be at an easy pace for now. For better running, include strides near the end of your run a couple times a week. You slowly speed up to 95% of your fastest run, hold it for about 5 seconds, then slowly drop back to easy for a couple minutes. Don't sprint all out or your form breaks down instead of improving. Repeat 4 or 5 times. These are also called pickups, and the exact descriptions vary, but they are all essentially the same and teach your body good running form and make you faster. For added fun, do them running up a hill. You don't need to worry about tempo or intervals or anything until you've built a good base after a few months. Just my two bits from the reading I've done. That said, just because you don't need fancy run workouts doesn't mean they aren't fun. If you find a plan that interests you, go for it! It will make you faster short term even if the progress may not be sustainable without building a base first.
  9. Thanks. That was all helpful to hear and I'm a little less worried.
  10. Just chiming in about electives in school. Starting from grade 8 we had a few options (ex. which language, whether you took shop or drama or home economics), and the options increased as we went along. There were no "tracks" so you could take any course that interested you as long as you included the core curriculum classes. I have a question about homeschooling and I was wondering what other people thought. Our province just introduced a bill allowing parents to home school their children without having their plan approved by the school boards or meeting any preset targets. (Currently you can home school with your own plan as long as you show it does meet the learning goals.) All they have to do is say they want to home school and that they have any plan. But then the child would not get a high school diploma or recognition of learning and could not go on to college. It seems like a terrible idea. Are there redeeming aspects to it that I can't see? Maybe children can be better off without having to hit formal learning targets?
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    I'm awake!

    It sounds like you didn't schedule enough recovery after the Murphy. You probably really needed a rest week, so your body was going to give you one whether you wanted it or not. It did a great job for you last weekend so I'd say give it a break when it needs it. I feel you on the ambition thing. It is hard for me to accept that I may never be great at a passion, but that it is still worth striving for.
  12. That's like winning the quarantine lottery!
  13. That's really the goal, so well done. Tracking is just to help get you there. It sounds like the MMA is your main love so it makes sense to ease up on biking now that MMA is back in your life. Are you more constricted by time or by energy with all you do?
  14. There are a lot of virtual races out there to choose from if that is more motivating than going it alone. Are you thinking of peaking for a marathon PR attempt this fall? I'm hopeful! None of these longer distances can truly be done on your own, so if there isn't an organized race to support me through it, I would only be able to attempt it if other people around me step up to help me through. Thanks!
  15. These 6 weeks are all about slipping into a routine that is productive and flows easily. Some of last challenge went really well so I am repeating it. Some did not. Since we can't count on the situation smoothing out just yet, I need a routine that does not require much energy or willpower to maintain. Something I can just glide on, instead of having to beat my wings. Hopefully taking some of the decisions out of my day makes my life a little better too. by Claire Brewster, made from old maps Challenge Goals 1. Get outdoors and run. This worked well for me last challenge with a minimum of 4 days outside/2 hours of running a week. This challenge will be a minimum of 5 days outside/2.5 hours of running a week, as long as it is safe to do so. Having the trails open up will help motivate long runs, which were the most frequently missed run during the last cycle. Mostly because I didn't fancy running 5 or 6 laps of a dirt road. On the other hand, I will have to watch myself in skipping shorter runs. With the option of driving somewhere pretty for a run, I suspect there will be a tendency to only want to run if I have time to travel to a trail. 2. Stay strong and uninjured. Train core 4 times a week, and do a dynamic warm-up before runs. I plan on the core workouts also including either lower body or upper body strength training as well, but that is a "hope for" and not "demand". Dynamic warm-ups will start off as, at minimum: hip hurdles, skipping, leg swings. With no OCR opportunities on the horizon, my purpose for strength training will be for health and injury prevention. 3. Start slimming down. On the last challenge I tracked my food quality score. While this was interesting, it did not lead to any benefits in weight. In fact, I gained a few pounds. As I stated above, I am probably not going to magically find more motivation or energy so I need to get in a better routine instead. I will pick from two breakfast options, have a smoothie midday, and either a soup or salad with dinner. Everything except the smoothie can be batch-prepped to keep things simple and mindless. We'll see if it helps and I can re-evaluate as we go. 4. Get musical. With my math project at an intermission, I will refocus on guitar for a while. That is another project that I laid aside when work got busy. I will spend at least 1 hour/week practicing. Zero week won't be included so that I have a few days to rebuild calluses. Please pass on any thoughts or suggestions about the goals. Strength training and diet seem to be friction points so I am happy to hear anything you might suggest for a higher chance of success.