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  1. Sorry guys, I dropped out of this one pretty quick there. Asthma was not under control, decision tree not used. Many bad choices were made. Will regroup and try again.
  2. I feel like I've missed a lot. What's with all the rock hauling?
  3. Thanks. Life is easier when you don't agonize over every decision.
  4. Week 1: Face the fear of exercise THE GOAL Get out and exercise x3 this week, to whatever extent I am able. THE OBSTACLES 1. Fear of triggering an asthma attack that takes me out for days - follow decision tree below. 2. Fear of using up my allotted energy for the day (and I never know in advance what my limit will be until I reach it) and not having enough left to deal with an obligation. - preplan for days when I know there will not be much else going on, and ask my husband to handle all the meal prep and chores that afternoon. 3. Not knowing what/when to exercise. - preplan the time as in #2 and follow the decision tree below. Decision Tree Do you get dizzy, exhausted or panicky from walking across the living room? Have you had to take your rescue inhaler in the previous 2 hours? YES - rest today NO - Have you had to take your rescue inhaler more than once in the last 24 hours, or are you feeling run down? YES - take a preventative inhaler and do easy exercise such as go for a walk, do some gardening, or play Beat Saber NO - take a preventative inhaler and do moderate exercise such as a 30 minute walk/run or a set of beginner bodyweight exercises I think that Monday, Wed/Thurs, and one of the weekend days should be okay. This week is a little harder because we take possession of our new house on Friday so there will be some things that must get done and I am more likely to be stressed/asthmatic.
  5. Hi Nerds! I am back this challenge to try and figure some things out. Backstory: I have had progressively more reactive asthma for the past 18-ish months. The lack of oxygen causes issues including exhaustion, fear of exercise, brain fog and anxiety attacks, weakness/muscle atrophy/weight gain, and tons of guilt over not being able to fulfil my perceived obligations at work, home, or with friends. There is a strong possibility that it will not be getting better, so I have to get better at managing it instead. It is getting more under control - despite having an ever increasing list of triggers, I am having fewer bad episodes and quicker recoveries. I used to run and hike a fair amount, and have occasionally dallied with weight lifting. I love longer trail-based OCRs. I had aspirations of running a mountain ultra. I have experience with being derailed, but previously always due to injuries. Those get better with lots of time and treatment and physiotherapy. This won't. The Dream: To be able to get back to trail running, and eventually get to that mountain ultra. The Plan: I am not a sailor. I do not "tack" but instead fly directly into the wind. That approach is not serving me anymore, since any over-exertion results in a worse setback. So I will need a way to drift obliquely towards my goal with many extreme course changes, never facing it head-on (that is called tacking, yes? I am so not a sailor...) The Challenge: Each week I will set a goal that is somewhat vaguely in the direction I want, list the obstacles in my way, and create a simple decision tree to deal with those obstacles. And at the end of the week, I will assess how well the plan went and reset for the next week.
  6. FYI I found the app, but it is only for apple so my android phone will have to live without a dystopian habit tracker. http://www.meetcarrot.com/
  7. Someone told me about a habit tracker they had and I'm hoping someone here recognizes it, because I didn't get the name. 1. It gave her a pet kitty as a reward for her habits. 2. It later killed the kitty. 3. At one point it turned her alarm to dubstep and would only let her change it when she followed her habits for a certain amount of time. This sounds random and morbid enough that I might actually like it.
  8. Not great still. Maybe it was too early to jump into a challenge. Things are still too unstable in regards to what I need to be focusing on for any given day. It's frustrating but it's good training in mental skills. Just not sure which ones.
  9. I made a classic newbie blunder and chose an outcome goal, not a process goal. I upgraded to a process goal and it has been going much better. New goal: I will have fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack. Bonus - I just discovered roasted fennel bulb. It is amazing, especially topping pumpkin soup. Normally I don't like anything liquoricey.
  10. Quail eggs are supposed to actively lower histamine. I don't know if it's true but I'm willing to give it a try. They are tiny and speckled and cute, you need 3 quail eggs for one regular chicken egg, and taste the same as regular eggs to me. You'll see people online saying that you need to use a knife or special scissors to open them but cracking them like normal eggs works fine. Our asian grocery stores carry them for cheap.
  11. Hi Radost! It'll be a good year for running I think.
  12. Thanks! I'm starting to feel better, but honestly it's just nice to eat whatever I want for a day even with the aftereffects. :D Hopefully the data will be useful.
  13. Oops, I forgot about the challenge over the past few days. I started a new job on Friday that has an early morning start time, where I'm used to a 3pm start, so that's my excuse. Pretty sure that I have not been getting 4 servings of freggies since I usually grabbed some rye crisps and hummus for lunch. Ah well. Yesterday I got to enjoy some off-limit foods in the form of a chai latte, a brownie, and a sandwich with tomato. My second breathing test is today and they want to see what it looks like when I eat normally. It had the side effect of wiping me out. My husband made dinner and I wiped out as soon as I ate. It's now 12 hours layer and I'm just waking up. The plan today after the test is to make that soup and another batch of muffins, then back to work for my last set of 5 evenings.
  14. Just throwing in about the vaccine dizziness - a reasonable percentage of people respond to minor stress with a drop in blood pressure, instead of a rise in it.
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