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  1. Kestrel Builds A Temple - Part 2 (Strong Walls, Light Heart)

    Alas no X-ray vision. I am mildly disappointed, there was a chance it could have happened!
  2. Kestrel Builds A Temple - Part 2 (Strong Walls, Light Heart)

    The doctor says I am in the 1-2% of people who don't heal well. Still spending most of my days lying in a dark room with my eyes closed, but it is slowly getting better and I am off pain meds. The great news is my vision is better than 20/20. It will just take a little while before I can read or look at screens easily. So, no update or new challenge just yet. I am excited to go try out my new eyes as soon as they finish healing.
  3. Be Strong. Be Kind. Don't Stress. Strong Walls - Primary Goals 1. Strength train at least twice a week - I have a two-day program (Day 1: Deadlift, assisted pull-ups, assisted dips. Day 2: Back squat, incline BP, overhead press, row) following Juggernaut for progressions. 2. One hill workout a week - Either (1/4 mile hill, 1/4 mile recovery) x 4, or a timed mountain ascent. 3. Grease the groove pushups - This starts on Zero Week with 60 negative push-ups over the week. I am adding 10 each week, so assuming all goes well I will hit 100 in Week 4. Light Heart - Secondary Goals 1. Run ten miles per week - I am keeping my mileage steady from the end of the last challenge. It will look like (3 miles - easy, 2 miles - hills, 5 miles - easy). A short core workout usually gets tacked on the end of my runs. 2. Complete one major task from my list each week - My Zero Week task will be to get my passport renewed! 3. Daily centering - Breathe, meditate, reflect, journal, really anything to get my headspace clear and in a happy place of love and well-being. Overall my plan isn't much different than last month except for the addition of hill repeats. I will have five planned days of training, leaving two days to rest, take a class, or go snowshoeing. Six goals is more than I can usually tackle but they all seem important. Hopefully the fact I am already doing some of them will keep this challenge light and easy.