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  1. Kestrel Grey

    Maigs Continues with the Baby Steps

    That is a great way to do it! I've come across the concept of pre-deciding but haven't tried applying it to treat serving sizes.
  2. Kestrel Grey

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Recovery always takes longer than hoped, stay confident that you will get there! With all the physio and running form corrections it is nice to remember that you are improving over earlier this year, even if you are still taking it slow, because you are running better.
  3. Kestrel Grey

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    My hands still do that, I have to use a counter edge or something to pry my hands back open. Completely random thing this made me think of: a game an old roommate and I used to play, where we would hum/sing a tune and see if we could get the other person to hum it against their will by the end of the day. EVIL game!
  4. Kestrel Grey

    Kestrel: Ghost Protocol

    Week 4 - Monday The early bird pricing on OCRWC ends today. So, I bit the bullet and signed up for the 15K age group/journeyman run. I am going to England next October to see all my crazy British Rangers!!! Qualifying as an age-grouper likely won't happen since I need to focus on healing the knee but I will definitely qualify as a journeyman. I have scheduled an appointment for a running analysis later this month and that might speed things along. The 2019 race season for XWarrior also gets released later today. So my calendar will be filling up nicely. There is a Quebec-based OCR that is coming to Alberta in 2019 that might be fun to try as well. I did not go running on Sunday. My bed called me back in to sleep. Evil seductive bed.
  5. Kestrel Grey

    Boundaries Gonna Ranger: The Ranger Border Guard Mini-Challenge Part 1

    I will do less solo game/TV time this week. The obstacles are that this often happens late at night/early in the morning when it is dark outside and others are sleeping, so I can't go anywhere or do anything that makes noise and my brain isn't on enough to study.
  6. Kestrel Grey

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Maybe not wise, but still amazing! It will be an epic weekend. I can't wait.
  7. Kestrel Grey

    Maigs Continues with the Baby Steps

    We have a 9rounds by our place, they are really big on giving out free trials so ask! Make sure they give you a trial week, not day. It's not my kind of thing so i didn't end up staying with them, but I still had fun there.
  8. Kestrel Grey

    Elastigirl's Exciting Endeavors

    Summer ending is sad, it just doesn't take away from the fun things about all the other seasons.
  9. Kestrel Grey

    TimovieMan on the Road to AwesomeDad™ - Pt. II

    You might not have been here for it, @Charlie_Quinn had hers placed above her bathroom door and had to do pull-ups whenever she entered the bathroom. You can ask her but I think it worked well?
  10. Kestrel Grey

    JonFirestar: The Return of the Challenge of the Living Dead

    That's great, you seem to do well with goals that are inspiring to you! I hope you are feeling better Monday and can get started.
  11. Kestrel Grey

    Kestrel: Ghost Protocol

    Oops, I guess I have been neglecting my thread this week. Overall the week has been productive if tiring. There are some big financial decisions we have to make regarding jobs and pensions, so that has been messing with my sleep. Last night I tried to fight it and ended up with patchy sleep and a headache. Today I simply got up when I woke up after 5 hours and went and lifted weights. It was the right call, and I am feeling pretty good now. Team Living 1. Strength train 3/week - Yes, today was 3/3. My knee inexplicably refused to allow squatting on Wednesday but it seems okay with light squats today. 2. Keep the knee moving 3/week - One day of light walk/jogging and one day on the bike. Tomorrow will be number 3. 3. Winter-proof - better at remembering my Vitamin D and my sunlamp. There were two days where I forgot my gratitude journal (late night money discussions distracted me). Team Ghost
  12. Kestrel Grey

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    Are you running the 3k on Friday or the 15k on Saturday?
  13. Kestrel Grey

    Charlie Quinn Hatches a Plan

    So excited for you! You'll have six months to your qualifying race? Sounds perfect, we'll be cheering you on! (By the way, my husband and I talked it over and we are going to use our vacation fund to send me to a UK Ranger meetup in 2019, I'd love to come and see you run the ocrwc )
  14. Kestrel Grey

    Kestrel: Ghost Protocol

    I have been doing some reading on achievement and goal-setting, and am intrigued by the controversy over whether you should publicly share your goals. On one hand, it adds accountability and positive peer pressure. On the other hand, there is evidence it damages the likelihood you'll reach your goal. The theory is talking about your goals tricks you into feeling like you have already accomplished something, and you won't work as hard. This challenge the theories are going head-to-head! Team Living has three goals, being worked on in plain sight. Team Ghost has one goal, worked on in secret. It will only come to light if is it accomplished by the end of the challenge. Expect plenty of 80s-era ghost gifs Team Living 1. Strength train 3/week This will be a simple, full-body workout followed by my physio exercises and stretches. 2. Keep the knee moving 3/week Can be biking or the Return to Running program as I am able. 3. Winter-proof Get 2000 IU vitamin D daily 20 minutes of sunlamp or walking outdoors List 3 items in my gratitude journal nightly Team Ghost 4. Ghost Challenge