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    Creating Stillness in a Storm

    This challenge will focus on the simple tasks of daily life and hopefully finding peace in it. I am travelling to Europe next week to travel and visit my in-laws (and meet my mother-in-law, face to face, for the first time) so any elaborate goals would fall apart anyways. Focusing on simple sanity-saving goals seems like the way to go. Istanbul - stop#1 1. Heal Do the full set of prescribed physio exercises 2 out of 3 days. I have a tendency to skip the sillier-looking ones when I do them in a public place. 2. Protect Teeth will be thoroughly cleaned (flossing/electric toothbrush) at least once a day. They got their cleaning last week and I would like them to stay dentist-clean as long as possible. London - Stop#2 3. Prevent a) Write down 3 things before bed every night that I am grateful for. b) Aim for as many days as possible without pointless negative comments. Work is a bad place for this, with light-hearted bitching being part of the normal conversation. I have been trying this all week and so far only managed two days; it's harder than I thought! Examples from this week: "I can't believe the computers are down again. I thought they were supposed to make our lives easier, not harder" "Ugh, Mondays" "Why is it always 2am when your brain decides you must solve all known problems of the universe RIGHT NOW?" - I still want to know why! :D Mentioning problems is fine as long as it is for the purpose of solving them. Vienna - Stop#3 My stress levels have been building over the year as I have started to think more about being competitive at OCRs. The reality is, I will never be great. I can be better than I am today though, so once I get some detachment from how I compare to other OCR athletes I will be in a better place to start setting goals around fitness again. Maybe by time my knee is healed in November/December. :)