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  1. Hi TGP, great to see you! All challenges are NF appropriate, whatever you are passionate about growing into.
  2. Really? Bear is "He Who Must Not Be Named"? 😂
  3. Coping! It's been a full year of slipping backwards so I have been hiding away since my grumpiness made me miserable to be around. Glad to see you've been kicking ass out there!
  4. Following, without gifs though because I can't compete with your gif game. Adjusting goals as needed to avoid running injuries is a power up skill! okay I lied, one gif for you
  5. But apparently not all corn is maize? Google is trying to tell me that in Scotland and Ireland, corn means oats, and in Britain it means wheat. Would a UK resident like to clarify because that sounds like they made it up.
  6. Me and all things fitnessy: But a corn maze is worth showing up for.
  7. Thanks, your example helps. In practice, IE looks to be more about learning what your body will want and trying to plan for it.
  8. Does anyone know of a good resource for making intuitive eating practical? My issue is "eating what and when your body wants" doesn't work in my reality. Any meals have to be planned days in advance if I want time to get ingredients and cook, and meal times depend on work not hunger. Which means any nutritious food has to be imposed by planning and scheduling, not as I want. Yet I know normal (edit: abnormally awesome) people manage it. How?
  9. Ouch, heal swiftly! There are many studies that say exercising your uninjured limb has crossover in keeping your injured limb from getting weak while it is casted, so you can probably still do a fair amount. Do you have one of those cool 3D printed casts?
  10. Bodyweight workouts are absolutely effective. I just hate them. 🤣 It's impossible to not feel pathetic when I'm struggling with just lifting my own body.
  11. Down 2lbs for the week. I'm not getting excited yet since this seems to be the initial water weight I drop when I move to a slight calorie deficit. Waiting until next week - once it's over 3 lbs lost then I'll trust some of it might be fat loss. My plans to go running every other day are on hold, which is slowing my weight loss plans. After a winter of napping indoors, the physiotherapist says my stabilizer muscles are so atrophied that I'd kill myself. So a month of strength training first! If only the gyms were safe.
  12. Running rocks! It might not make a massive difference in your overall daily calories burned, but it can be enough to move the scale in the right direction. Have you run at all in the past? I'm just asking because jumping in from never running to running every day can be hard on your poor ligaments. They need a little time to get used to it.
  13. I do centered around the belly button. Otherwise the narrowest place can shift upwards as my belly fat accumulates and I can lie to myself that I'm not getting fatter (or alternatively, look like I'm not losing as my natural waist lowers back down). If the narrowest part of my waist didn't move, then that would be easier.
  14. As far as responsible eating goes, my inner 3 year old has overwhelmed my inner adult these past few weeks. I've called in reinforcements. A friend of mine that I share gardening supplies with is going to be my accountabilibuddy; every 14 days that I eat like an adult wins me seeds. There are 8 weeks to the May long weekend (when it is traditionally safe to start planting) so I can earn 4 more things to plant in my veggie garden. First up: golden beets! Dreaming of my garden is all that has been keeping me going this long cold winter so it should be super motivating and fun.
  15. It counts! Some of us just have more fat to lose than can be reasonably countered with muscle gain, or the scale weight wouldn't matter at all.
  16. I'm in again! This time with a better plan and expecting a better result. A Goal: 10 lbs B Goal: 4 lbs C Goal: any weight loss that is trending downwards over the last 5 weeks (last time I lost some in the first half then regained it all in the second). My allies will be a weekly meal planner and daily dedicated meal prep time, and that should take care of unbalanced meals. The remaining opponent is boredom snacking. Does anyone have a plan that helped them?
  17. Definitely. ABC goals are good things, so you may not have hit your A goal but we still celebrate B/C goal achievements!
  18. This. But every year I figure out a few more things and eventually there will be enough personalized food skills that I will be able to hold my ground in any situation. Just hoping that happens before menopause hits and all the rules change.
  19. That's awesome! My plan was to take a break and maintain for a while after 10 lbs loss too. (Sadly that won't be necessary because I haven't managed to lose any weight.)
  20. Reminder that this is food waste action week. Look through your crisper drawers to see what needs to be used up, skip buying lunch out if you have leftovers to finish. I just made a big pot of veggie soup stock with the wilting veggies and the beet leaves that I usually just toss straight in the compost. I think the plan is to roll right into another 10 week PVP after this one ends. Welcome and we'll be learning from your successes too! Any thoughts on what is helping calorie counting work better for you this time?
  21. I'm down 0.7 lbs this week, which means that I've got myself headed in the right direction again after losing ground over the last couple weeks. For a small total weight loss of 1.5 lbs. It's good to be back on track but I need to prepare better for next time that my schedule gets disturbed. Edit: forgot to add that, after 3 months of being a couch potato, I've been cleared to start gentle running and strength training again. Exercise doesn't typically help me to lose weight directly, but it does keep me happier.
  22. From everything that I've read, there is usually a struggle week either around week 4 or 7. Things should get smoother again. Don't give up!
  23. If anything I've figured out might help you, I'm happy to share. What seems to work for me: 1. Eating every 4 hours and making sure there is some carb, fibre, and protein in each meal. The carbs and frequent meals seem important for my mood, and the protein and fiber keeps me satisfied. 2. I've used MFP in the past so I know which meals are low calorie. Breakfast especially I can save calories on easily and without getting hungrier later. 3. Finally I have to recognize when I'm snackish for reasons other than hunger and find something else to satisfy that need. The things that can derail me are: 1. Any change to my schedule. Once I get off my 4 hour intervals I end up snacking or hungry for the rest of the day. 2. Being on the road for errands or work. I end up getting calorie dense drinks (habit because I want the treat in exchange for having to be out), snacks, and random cafe meals. 3. Staying up late. It makes me tired in the mornings and I don't do the necessary meal prep. When I'm hungry, food has to be ready or I'll have snack foods.
  24. These weekly mini challenges are too much of a distraction for my fragile food habits. 😆 I am gaining weight because I do silly things like prioritize eating massive amounts of veggies over eating balanced meals then end up ravenously binging at midnight, or spend three days baking healthy versions of treats (and eating all of it) instead of just accepting the one small unhealthy dish. (I am laughing about it now, but there were depressed frustrated tears this morning. As of today I have gained back 100% of what I spent the first 5 weeks losing.) This isn't actually anything to do with the weekly challenges. It's just that my grip on eating for weight loss is so tenuous that any change destroys it and I gain back so quickly that trying seems pointless. Okay, maybe I am still more sad/frustrated than laughing.
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