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  1. Nicely done jumping back in after having trouble while travelling. For me that was always the hardest, regaining the momentum.
  2. So I missed my Spanish and ate a ton of sugar on Sunday, but it was totally worth it! I went out hiking, was gone from dawn to dusk, scaled two mountain peaks, and only got mild sunburn. For fun, my Spanish 'practice' this week has been watching my favorite movies with Spanish subtitles on.
  3. Good call on the home made protein bars Miaulin. I didn't even think of that! I tried the egg muffins but I'm not a huge egg fan. (p.s. I love the Ranger's Apprentice series! I only found them last year... and yeah, I still read books aimed at teens).
  4. Thanks Xena! I am just starting out with Spanish. Currently I am using Fluent Forever for getting my pronunciation and vocabulary. Once I get through those basics I was going to try out iTalki over skype. Which are your favourite Spanish podcasts?
  5. Almost a week in, and still going strong. I missed my walk yesterday, but I got a workout in. Has anyone else looked at the revamped Workouts section of the Academy? I am happy they turned it into game mode, boss battles and all.
  6. The first two days have actually gone really well. My main challenge is going to be breakfast though. When I wake up, I wake up hungry, and the last thing I want to do is have to make breakfast in my groggy state. I usually just have a protein (sugar-filled) bar first thing. So the last two days I have skipped breakfast and just had tea, which isn't really sustainable for me. I needs my morning foods!
  7. Signing on for my first challenge! Scary and exciting things await I'm sure. 1. Go for a walk every day. 2. Do three push-ups every morning. 3. Don't eat sugar unless I go out for dinner (I'm terrible with the late night munchies and a freezer stocked with ice cream for my husband...) 4. Practice my Spanish daily.
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