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  1. My hair is falling out, and I guess it has been stressful recently. I have to take things very very low key for a while so I'm signing out early from the challenge. Peace out.
  2. I have been walking a bit more recently. It's nice. Over the summer I had gotten into the habit of driving to work even though it is so close. Now I am making an effort to walk, and leave the house early so I can loop through the park on my way. Today I went for a short hike though a grasslands area before work. It helps that the temperatures have gone up - it is nicer now than it was in October. I was thinking of going biking until I realized the bike is way over my lifting limit and I can't lift it out of the back of the SUV. I noticed a little bit of stress eating earlier this week, so I am being more conscientious about my meals. Which also means I am back to having cucumbers with my breaksfast.
  3. Wednesday and Thursday were largely uneventful. I obeyed my exercise restrictions and didn't get into any stress spirals. I did enjoy the way my glutes complained after Tuesday's hike. Two meals each day were preplanned and balanced. I fell asleep before stretching on Wednesday night, but it was worth it. I really needed the extra sleep.
  4. DND is an acceptable alternative to the NF forums while you were recovering. It's great to see you back and feeling a little better.
  5. Growing up, the only people who walked with no destination was that one group of older ladies power-walking around the block. To this day, I always feel that I should be wearing a fuzzy maroon tracksuit when I'm just walking.
  6. Monday The day went well. I had to go into work for a couple hours but otherwise had the day free for meal prep. I cooked butternut-squash coconut soup, spelt banana muffins, and made up some jars of PB&J chia pudding for breakfasts. After that we decided to go out for sushi rather than cook more. The restaurants are open at 25% capacity with one household per table and I feel better doing what I can to support them. This was my first grocery trip with the lifting restrictions and fortunately it was a smaller one. I only had to make two trips to carry less than 10 lbs from the car, and I didn't have to load the car at all. Our grocery store lets you order online the day before, and they'll bring it out and load it into your car, at no extra cost. I had three anxiety attacks and managed the first two easily. The third one kept me up until my husband woke up to come bring me to bed. When I am tired, the techniques don't work as well. Before sleep I stretched out my hips and hamstrings. Tuesday Went on a grueling hike today, and it wasn't as much fun as hikes usually are. It is a steep, icy path up Prairie Mountain with minimal views until the summit, and the summit is always too windy to stay for long. I picked this route because it was a good workout rather than because I enjoyed it so it was almost like I was punishing myself for not being able to train normally. Of course, I did not have this epiphany until after. I ate my planned breakfast (win) then snacked on Clif bars during the hike and was cold and exhausted afterwards so decided to make pancakes for dinner instead of stirfry (fail). No real anxiety today, just some fleeting moments. Being outdoors helps even on sucky hikes. I will do some stretching before bed.
  7. You passed Advanced Responsible Adulting, know that. The guilty feelings are normal and don't mean anything other than: you care. When hard situations happen, many people feel like they should be able to do more to make things better. Also, following.
  8. That is a joyful set of goals. Especially singing a Christmas song before dinner!
  9. For the next four months I have some movement restrictions. Basically, everything that I would normally be doing for training. At times like these I tend to create elaborate, impractical, unsustainable training plans working around the injury, and stress every moment about losing ground. Not this time. This time I can see that I am choosing to avoid movements because my long term health (and ability to see) is more important to me. So for this challenge I will lighten up, relax, and not try to cram in extra tasks to make up for the things I can't do. The bright holiday lights can chase my anxiety monster away for a while. Holiday Challenge Goals 1. Brighten up. Catch myself when I am in a stress spiral and interupt the thought, then go do something fun. 2. Eat lightly. Plan most of my meals to include fruit and vegetables, and batch cook as needed. 3. Move gently. Strictly obey the instructions to not pick up anything over ten pounds or do any impact exercises. 4. Stretch. Nightly before brushing my teeth, do some stretching.
  10. I hear that the Welsh do villager rap battles as a Christmas tradition. Someone wears a horse skull and goes door to door, singing rhymes about why you should let them in. You have to sing back why you shouldn't let them in and it goes back and forth until one of you can't answer. If you lose, the horse skeleton guy gets to come in and raid your food and liquor. Christmas caroling at its finest.
  11. Well done, on both the ride and on the challenge! I get occasional exercise-induced asthma too. It's a pain because it happens so rarely, that I forget my inhaler when it does happen. Strong black coffee is supposed to help too.
  12. Thanks Xena. It was a little scary thinking of the worst case scenario earlier in the week, but I'm adjusting. Hiking is still allowed and I can focus on healthy eating. Four months will go by quickly. I don't think I'll even have to give up the ultra next September (deferred from 2020). If I hike lots of hills over the winter, then have 2 months to rehab and 3 months to train, it is possible.
  13. Congrats on the promotion! It's great they recognized your work. Running in the (warm) rain is fun if it isn't too muddy. How is the footing on the trails around you?
  14. This challenge got completely derailed, so my apologies for that. I do have answers now and things aren't that bad. For the next four months I cannot do any impact exercises (running, jumping) or lift anything over 10 lbs. Bodyweight exercises are a grey zone, so I will avoid those too. The whole training part of my challenges will go out the window until spring, but this is doable. I basically get to hibernate and have my husband take out the trash and carry the groceries for a while. The only ironic part is I returned home today to find my shiny new winter running shoes waiting for me. They will now sit in the closet until winter 2021. random medical backstory Edit: also no inversion, so I have a valid excuse to avoid yoga.
  15. Thanks. I'm not intentionally being cryptic, I just don't know enough yet to say what's going on and didn't want to leave the challenge hanging. Tomorrow I should be able to give an update.
  16. I'm really rooting for the bike to win! That said, hiking is a good thing. If you have to make up a vitamin D deficit, it takes a ton more than your normal daily recommended amount, so don't be alarmed by the handful of pills your doctor recommends.
  17. Week 5 Report Stuff maybe happened. Or didn't happen. Or can't happen if I don't want other stuff to happen. I don't know. I'm taking the rest of the challenge off so I can figure it out. See you next week.
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