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  1. I stress ate half a box of Bailey's chocolates this weekend. That's okay, it's cold and windy out there. I'll need the fat for warmth with my renewed commitment to running starting Monday. Week 3 tracking (target minimums): 1. Run 2 hours 2. Eat 20 vegetables
  2. That sounds like an amazing trip! Are your friends avid hikers? This kind of adventure would be great to manage without a guide if it isn't technical.
  3. It looks like you'd learn all the necessary vocabulary from this show: how to pick up a guy/girl. Isn't that why we really study languages?
  4. Kestrel: This exercise annoys my weak muscles. I will stop doing them. Xena: This exercise annoys my weak muscles. I will do them more. This is why you are the awesome runner that you are.
  5. Congrats on taking the plunge and officially committing to the race!
  6. Now I feel guilty for clicking like on your post and running away. 😂 I agree though, it's easy to feel like your thoughts make you a good person and excuse you from having to act.
  7. Week Two Summary Yes I know it's only Friday but I'm calling it. This tracking system is not working. My schedule needs to be flexible and the way I'm tracking only works if every day goes to plan. Next week will have weekly targets to hit any way I can. It worked well for my running in the spring over several months (until the race cancellations eventually dried up all my motivation) so hopefully I can revive the success.
  8. Thanks. The first few tries were frustrating but considering it was our first time attempting anything fixture related, it went well. @Elastigirl uses the blue light blockers to sleep better too. It's funny; you'd think I would need them more in the summer with the longer days. But it's in the winter that they become necessary.
  9. You're getting better at remembering your pt, good work!
  10. Good news for the week: Bathroom faucet is beautiful and non-leaky. Third time is the charm. And now we feel like handymen. It has been nice and warm, even if I haven't gotten out in it yet. I found and started using my blue light blocking glasses at night and they seem to be helping my sleep. Work projects are coming along slowly but surely. We are two days past the US election and the world hasn't imploded, so it looks like we will survive it. This week has been stressful and maybe not the most successful for fitnessing. I'm not going to try recapping the week so far except to remind myself that a week is very little on the grand scheme of things, and if this headache ever goes away there is still lots of time for a couple runs.
  11. Is the goal to get to 100 pushups in one day?
  12. Good call scoping out the route, and developing a plan of attack. For the to do list 6/7 is decent, what is it that you are disappointed by?
  13. This happens to lots of people. Not having the routine of work days makes it harder to actually get stuff done.
  14. Sounds like a good recovery week, take care of that back!
  15. Week Two - stop wussing out Tracking this week: 1. Eat meals, not snacks. I will plan out three meals (plus something before bed) and not graze outside of those. 2. Follow the training plan as written. Stop swapping out for more enjoyable workouts or cutting them short. I did some obstacle planning for following the training plan as written. After writing it out, frankly I am amazed I ever exercise at all. Some of these already have work-arounds. The ones to tackle this week are probably being tired in the mornings (practice better sleep hygiene) and getting distracted and running out of time (don't go on the internet for anything until after I train). This week's food focus will mostly rely on preplanning and prep.
  16. Friday Get outside in the morning - yes 3 x fruits and veg - 1/3 Saturday Get outside in the morning - no 3 x fruits and veg - 3/3 On Friday I went for a nice hike in the mountains. My ankle was feeling 100% and it had warmed to 10C so it was lovely, though a little icy and very windy. There was some serious concern that I would be crushed by blown over trees at points, but the trees are still quite bendy this early in the season and I remain uncrushed. I think the three days of poor eating caught up with me yesterday because I felt crappy and slept all day. It did spur me to finally take my nutrition seriously and I ate sensibly on Saturday. Yesterday's fun was my husband and I attempted to replace the bathroom sink faucet. This was our first time handling any plumbing and it didn't go well. It looks pretty and works if you discount the multiple leaks; the instructions didn't say anything about putting plumbing caulk on the connections. Today we will have to take it apart and do it over.
  17. I wore Jack-o-lantern compression socks for Xena, sorry no pictures.
  18. Thursday Get outside in the morning - no 3 x fruits and veg - um.... I had to leave early today for appointments and so did not run this morning. My ankle is twingey anyway. That usually happens in the first week or two of adjusting to snow. As for the veg, I have to take back my statement that pumpkin pie counts because it's pretty much all I ate yesterday! I need the rest of them out of my house; I tried to bring them to my sister's then forgot them at home, so ended up eating more for dinner.
  19. Alright, stop immediately and do your PT this minute! 😋 You are doing great on everything though, good work keeping those car miles down.
  20. Welcome! Leveling game plans are always fun. Don't worry about sputtering out midway through a challenge, it happens. The point is to learn what works and what doesn't and apply it to the next challenge. You're doing that so you succeeded on the most important part of your last challenge.
  21. Tuesday Get outside in the morning - no 3 x fruits and veg - 3/3 Wednesday Get outside in the morning - yes 3 x fruits and veg - 3/3 It's all about pumpkins this week. Tuesday morning I sacrificed my morning run to make pumpkin curry soup. It turned out okay, but I should have used chicken bone broth for the base instead of bison. The broth overpowers the pumpkin flavor. I still had two bowls both days. Today I gave another try at pumpkin pie, this time using evaporated (unsweetened) milk instead of condensed milk, and sweetening with brown sugar. They are delicious! I made them in little mini pie shells and even my husband likes them. And yes, pumpkin pie counts as a serving of vegetables.
  22. Thanks. I actually enjoy running in snow. Since there is 6 to 8 months of it, I'd better! Or i would have to find another sport. The problem is more how short the day gets; I do not like running at night, it just doesn't feel safe. It might have to!
  23. Yay for wine! So that's what that soup is called! Oh man, a friend of mine in high school hosted a Greek themed dinner party and attempted that soup. She really got it wrong. All of the guests came up with different creative ways to not eat that atrocity... oh the memories. May your soup be fabulous!
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