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  1. Sunny, crisp autumn days are the best. Cold rainy ones not so much. Wishing you more of the former this fall my fellow SAD fighter!
  2. That is awesome. Do you have a by-50 bucket list started?
  3. Counting calories for three days as a gauge for the rest of the week is clever, much nicer than counting every day. Good luck with the marathon!
  4. Thanks for dropping by! I'm doing... okay? Family stuff is better. I've given up trying to carve out time in the morning so I'm starting with bedtime and working backwards. It's helping. Our government would need things to get much worse before it started pushing isolation measures again. Right now it is a struggle to get people to even wear masks in grocery stores. I miss the calm of the quarantine some days. I take it things are getting bad again near you?
  5. Did you eat anything different yesterday? That can be a sign of a mild food allergy.
  6. Sorry about the fall, I'm glad nothing was broken! Soft tissue injuries feel worse than broken bones for the first week or so though. About your employers, well, they suck.
  7. You are definitely swapping out fat for muscle, enjoy it!
  8. Hoping you got the sleep issues sorted. That can throw you off your day very easily.
  9. If you stuck with the challenge, let us know how it went! If not, that's okay. Regroup and try again on the next one.
  10. Running is not happening. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable going to the gym with the uptick in Covid cases, and outside is getting cold and icy. I plan on running outside through the winter but I'm still getting used to the cold. Also, the nice little road that I was running all spring? It was a 10 minute drive round trip at the time. Now that no one is working from home anymore it takes 40 minutes and it just doesn't seem worth it. At-home strength sessions are going well this week. So there's that.
  11. October is usually the month for the local 80s 5K. Last year my mom was visiting so we did a family run (walk). Costumes ranged from 80s aerobics to 80s cartoon characters.
  12. Another option would be picking a meal/time. Only healthy foods between breakfast and dinner, etc.
  13. Oooh I missed that it was bachelor #3. That sounds fun, and if it is an athletic train wreck it will give you two something to laugh over later.
  14. That sounds like a wonderfully restful trip, aside from the car getting stuck at the start. Remind me to invite you to my next road trip because I would have had no idea what to do. The neck-and-neck bike/car race is exciting! Congrats on keeping it so close.
  15. Yay for running gains! I'm really hoping for pics of the race costumes...
  16. Thanks! The flu shot seemed fine for me too this year, but I am starting to get flu-like symptoms a couple days in. As you say, it will pass.
  17. You are right. Probably the smartest thing to do is to keep to my planned schedule and just swap out the runs for walks. My calves are apparently starting to get varicose veins (shudder) and walking is supposed to be good for that anyway. On the plus side I amused myself yesterday by ordering a bunch of colorful new compression socks.
  18. Are you going to try for a goal time on the marathon? I can't remember if you said there was a friend who would run it with you.
  19. I take it back, no progress on the exercise front! On Friday I got my flu shot and it hit me a little this year. So I am taking it easy for a few days. Wishing there was something interesting to update. Weight hasn't budged, haven't been running or lifting much, haven't been on any hikes recently. Treading water.
  20. Random update: feeling oddly confident. Tired and anxious and wobbly, I don't even know what day it is, and I'm pretty sure that it's been three weeks since I went for a run. Yet I think there's been a small mental breakthrough this challenge from the bedtime routine. It's been getting easier every day to tell the voice saying "I don't feel like it" that it is completely irrelevant, since I didn't decide to do it in the first place because I thought I'd feel like it. This newfound skill has not manifested in food or running yet, but it is starting to show up in my strength training. Some level of consistency is slowly evolving there.
  21. That's awesome, so happy for you!
  22. I went for a nice long meander, thanks. Tonight he got to eat something not pureed into baby food so he's feeling more cheerful. It's strange; when I had my wisdom teeth out the throbbing irritated me but the smoothies and ice cream cheered me up. He only cared that he couldn't have steak.
  23. Interesting article, thanks. I'm disappointed that the hundreds of cars destroyed thing is a myth. Delighted that the 4 chickens and a coke was real.
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