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  1. I have been really under-counting my meditation. I have been practicing it quite a bit here and there but since I don't trust my internal clock I hesitate to record the time. But it has been helping. I had a dentist appointment earlier today and as I was sitting in the chair at the beginning of the cleaning I recalled a thread on meditation on the assassins' mini-challenge last go-round someone talking about doing their meditation practice at the hair-dressers while in the dryer. I thought to myself "why not here"? So I tried to relax and concentrate on my breathing while the hygienist was c
  2. I was thinking about this the other day: why am I more consistent at finding time for the Hero's Journey (roughly 20 min a day) *bonus quest* than the primary Meditation and Scripture ones? I think it is because finding a 20 minute slot all together is so difficult that I rush to fit in the Hero's Journey, because it can't be broken apart and I can't make-up time, while for the other two, as long as I have a token effort, I can rely on bits and pieces here and there and there is always "later" to make up for it. Perhaps if I made the other two more stringent in time controls I would be doing b
  3. First week update! Not the greatest start, but nothing that can't be recovered from. Sleep: I am doing pretty well on turning off the screens, but it is convincing the wife to let me go to bed which is challenging. There is always something that needs to be done! Last night was the worst because she found an autism lecture recording she insisted we watch. Meditation: Is doing pretty well. The main trouble is finding a moment to myself. That will be easier next week when I start going back to work more regularly and can do it there. At least I haven't missed a day yet, it is just making
  4. Vanilla JavaScript is only slightly wierd. It was looking at some JQuery that really made me stop and think "uh, wha...?"!
  5. Oh Perl! How could I have forgotten you! My first real coding job was in Perl (a bunch of scripts and additional development on a site using an old CMS written in Perl called the Everything Engine). After that job I kept using Perl for a lot of things until I started working with Python. I only returned to Java because I needed to work on some larger infrastructure code that was already written in Java and and develop a desktop tool (and I didn't want to learn GTK). PHP & JavaScript were only added to the suite of languages because I started teaching and the existing curriculum was already
  6. Hmm... the last two 6w challenges heavily used Google Sheets to track the minis and we saw quite a bit of spreadsheet wizardry! If the chaossassins were still around they sure kept quiet about it from what I saw... Glad you are finding apps that work for ya.
  7. Good job with your tests! Java was my first real language (I had some intros with C++ & VB) but I have also done some Python and, most recently, PHP.
  8. No specific guide. Just reading straight through. Anyway, chaos is reigning around here tonight so I'm off to round-up some kids....
  9. You have enough to deal with relocations right now! The Hero's Journey looks like fun but it is already kicking me. I initially though "I should be able to do level 2 just fine." Then I tried it today. Either this is an off day or I am that badly off generally! I made level one, and could have done level two for some of the exercises, but I decided that being "bonus" I wasn't going to kill myself for it. I will keep level one as a "maintenance mode" level for this challenge. I will kick up the level next time. In other news, the other bits of the challenge are doing just fine. I created a G
  10. It is not our past that defines us; our current choices do. You can overcome! Job hunting, relocation, and losing a pet are all really difficult but it looks like you have a good plan in place! Good luck on the hunt!
  11. One of my boys (age 5) is going to be so excited when I show him all those train pictures!
  12. Yay for camping! That was my favorite part of Boy Scouts as a kid. We haven't been able to do much camping with our kiddos over the past few years. We tried a few times early on but they have a hard enough time sleeping at home, much less in a tent when they can crawl all over everyone else. I expect to start doing some one-on-one camping with the older ones next summer and hopefully in a few years we can bring everyone together. Sorry to high-jack your thread! I just got a bit over-excited for you. Have fun!
  13. Seems we have traveled to the Druids' groves together! Glad to see a familiar face.
  14. Usually I consort with the Assassins in their dens but for this journey I have traveled to the Druids’ groves to rest, increase my peace of mind, and improve my focus. We just welcomed our fourth child (which made the last challenge a bit difficult to work with) which makes it difficult to find one’s feet but I am also in a hectic phase with work right now. Ergo, this challenge will help me ride out the rough patch. Rest: Screens off between 9:00 & 9:30 every night and in bed between 10:00 and 10:30. My wife and I have a bad habit of staying up too late (last night was ~1am bu
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