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  1. Day 11-13 Exercise - 6.5 easy bike ride (first time on a road bike) Couch to 5K - week 1 Diet - Most of my nonstrict meals were small things, but on Friday and Sunday I had pizza, wings, and beer. So, not very good from the diet perspective Dental - Brushing once a day and no flossing I'm glad to borrow the road bike, so I'll get a chance to see if I enjoy it more than a hybrid.
  2. Day 9-10 Exercise - Angry Birds workout last night Squats - Goal 70 Overhead - Did 80 - 3 stars Pushups - Goal 80 - Did 80 - 1 star Pullups - Goal 10 - Did 11 - 3 stars Plank - Goal 180 seconds - Did 180 seconds - 3 stars Diet - Did great for both days Dental - Brushed twice and flossed once yesterday, brushed only once (but I flossed) the day before I'm still not exercising as much as I should, but it is better than what it was.
  3. Day 8 Exercise - My wife was great motivation to exercise last night, so I did the Angry Birds workout again Squats - Goal 30 Overhead - Did 50 - 3 stars Pushups - Goal 80 - Did 80 - 1 star Pullups - Goal 10 - Did 10 - 2 stars Plank - Goal 180 seconds - Did 195 seconds - 2 stars Diet - I'm doing relatively well with Paleo, but my goal was strict paleo, and I did have ranch dressing again. Dental - Brushed twice and flossed once Getting back on track, which is nice. I need to firm up the eating, but not to justify myself, I'm still doing pretty good.
  4. Day 5-7 Exercise - Not good as far as formal exercise but I was very active. I had to move 2400 pounds of sand into a sand box that I built, so I'll count that as strength training Diet - Well, not good. I made some conscious decisions (which is better than just going off the wagon), but let's assume that these days were outliers. Dental - Missed 1 day of brushing twice and 1 day of flossing The weekend wasn't great for my diet, but actually wasn't horrible, either. My new "norm" has shifted enough that a year ago I would have though I did pretty good this weekend, and now I'm far from what I would consider "good". I need to get back to formal exercising. I really want to get in to the habit of doing this, even if it's just for 5 minutes.
  5. Day 4 Exercise - Burpee Tabata interval sprint (couldn't do any pushups, absolutely sore, dead arms); 2 minutes (4 rounds), with a goal of 4 minutes Diet - Ranch dressing on my salad (dairy) and 2 bourbans, so not 100% compliant Dental - brush x2 and flossed My first time doing burpees, and they are a killer! I like the idea of indoor Tabata sprints, since the weather recently in MA has been alternating between raining and obscenely hot. I'm not sure about strength training today, just lifting up my coffee is sore. I might have to do a scaled down version. Pallas - Thanks for your thoughts. That's what I was thinking, but since my goal is to get into the habit of exercise, I was questioning myself.
  6. Good job with the running, and I hope the knee doesn't get any worse. Shin splints are my running bane, but they are manageable if I actually start slowly and take my time. What upper body exercises are you doing?
  7. Great goals, and good luck! I started doing some kettlebell swings using Tim Ferris's T-handle, and that worked really well (able to add in weight in very small increments). I haven't invested in actual kettlebells, yet (someday).
  8. Day 3 Exercise - Angry birds workout Squats - 100; 3 stars Pushups - 85; 2 stars Pullups - 10; 1 star Plank - 120s; 2 stars Diet - 100% during the day Dental - brush x2 and flossed Overall, it was a great day (over the cold) with good energy.
  9. Day 2 Exercise - None Diet - I did great, 100% strict paleo Dental - Brush once but I did floss So, here's a question to everybody. I'm feeling sick (cold symptoms), and I didn't feel up to exercising. Do you give yourself an "excuse" for health, or should I plow through the symptoms to still get a workout in. I really want to get into the habit of exercising, so I don't want to skip, but I also felt pretty sick yesterday. Thanks!
  10. Day 1 We had already prepared a dinner with dairy in it, so I ate that (wasn't planning to start the challenge yesterday). I did a quick "fit test" to see where I am now compared to the end. I held myself in 3 positions (wall sit, plank, chin-up hold) for as long as I could. I'll repeat at the end. Wall sit - 70 seconds Plank - 120 seconds Chin-up hold - 27 seconds Weigh in - 221.8
  11. Main Mission: My ultimate main mission is to be a good, healthy Dad. I want to be fit, be able to play anything, and set myself up for less health issues over time. I have been doing great with diet since my recent Whole 30 (see last challenge), and I've been doing really well with keeping up the good habits that I've developed. Mission 1: Exercise. This has been an issue for me. I haven't been consistent or putting it as a priority. So, here are my goals: Sprinting - 1 day per week Weight training - Angry Birds workouts, 3 days per week Other - walk, jog, hike, etc, 1 day per week Mission 2: Diet - I don't want to slack on this, so my goal is to keep up with strict paleo (no dairy or legumes) 85% of the time. I do want to experiment with some "treat meals", to see how it affects my energy, etc, but don't want to get too far astray. Mission 3: Dental heatlh - important to be a good role model, and I have to admit that I've been a once a day brusher and no flossing. Brush twice a day, everyday Floss 5x per week Thanks for everyone's support!
  12. 6 Week Challenge Summary: Original goals - 1. Paleo diet, 80% of the time - I absolutely rocked this one. I am on day 28 of the Whole30 and have been 100% compliant during that time period. Grade - A 2. Make breakfast 3 days per week - 28 straight days of making breakfast, and I was doing well before the Whole 30 as well Grade - A 3. Workout 3 days per week - not perfect, but close. I had some weeks without any exercise (stupid back pain), but generally stuck with my T-handle pseudo-kettlebell swings. Some walks with the family, and I swam twice. Grade - B minus This has been a great challenge, keeping me motivated and accountable, despite an apparent lack of popularity with responses from others. It was nice to clearly state and define some goals, then keep focused.
  13. A bit of delay in posting, but I'm still in there! Diet is going great. The Whole30 is fantastic, and I'm just sorry I didn't do it before. Exercise has been tough with some back pain, but I've rocked the last week. My goal of 3x per week will be close to there by the end, but I might be a bit shy.
  14. So, the Whole30 is going great! I'll admit I was skeptical, but not "allowing" myself cheats has really, really helps with keeping on track. I'm now far enough along that I'll need to start giving serious thoughts to what I'm going to do next. Keep up with the strictness? We'll see. Basically no exercise in the past week (booo). Some back issues flaring up was my mental excuse, but of course I could have done a different exercise, instead. Time to get back to it.
  15. As weird as it is to essentially post this to myself, here's my update. Still on Whole30 - 10 days down, going strong. Still keeping up with the T-hand swings, and I went up on my weight last night. Just a bit of low back pain this morning. I'll need to decide to stay at this weight or maybe go down. I've made every breakfast on the Whole30, so that goal is going exceptionally well.
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