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  1. slept only five hours, blah.... and no shuffling happened . It wa raining hard so I just did a quick 2.5k with the dog and went back home. crushed it on the cooking front by trying out squash for the first time. baked some Hokkaido and 2 potatoes in wedges in the oven and made a dip out of feta and yoghurt with lot of garlic. That was yummy. lockdown here goes on until mid February . tomorrow I have to function well again as I have to teach 2 Cello students. and also:
  2. yeah - what's wrong with some British voters lately? Is it all the disinformation or what? Glad and proud you are not one of them. The EU misses you guys!
  3. &1 Sounds like a good day! Be comfy tonight and see you tomorrow!!!! ❤️
  4. sounds like you had a great day too! you look so happy in the pic - and pretty! have fun with your friend tonight! ❤️
  5. I guess I will wait a bit until Im sure I can deliver... its just typical for me to set a goal imidiately. Hehe.... about to post! Thanks for asking yess, I have to find a solution for this. Site blocker here I come! Am keto because it helps me with neurological wellbeing, made me lose my high blood pressure and lets me lose weight. Will read about some other forms of low carb and find out how I can eat sustainably. Today I was visited by friend from Hamburg and we hiked with the the dog for 8k. Here is the view of the Elbe-Lübeck-channel:
  6. being schizophrenic sucks! Just letting you know! I found out that my nightly thing about ordering stuff online can be done even without being slightly drunk because my sleeping meds which are pretty strong have the same effect of making me slightly boozy. Fuck! so Im talking to you this morning complete broke. ( my own fault but still!) I have thought about changing up my diet again because the cheap version of keto has gotten very boring and unsustainable for me. ( yes, some carbs were eaten yesterday). I ve been on keto for 3 years, 2 of them without any problem
  7. Thanks! I love her too! Liz is definitely no read for you... she combines everything with her very own spiritual take on things. and if I remember you're not into too much woowoo... I love her books because her spirituality is very grounded and practical. Also she just cant stop laughing in every interview.... absolute fangirling going on here... I had a brainstorming session with a good friend and we decided all our major creative goals have to wait until this extreme situation gets less extreme. We decided we need to keep our little creative flames alive with
  8. im in the same boat with German burecraty! It sucks! The whole system is broken! love the pic!
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