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  1. I still haven't got a clue how to eat longterm. Keto would be the best but Ive struggled so much.. Ill see. Taking a break next challenge but will be back. It was real nice to do this challenge alongside you! Hug!
  2. Hi Sal, sorry to hear you are down. Im glad you dont have to go through this alone anymore. I like the idea of talking to professionals about grief, if this one isn't a good fit, look for another one maybe? Thnaks for your support during this challenge. I will pause next challenge and be back afterwards. Big hug and cuddle from me! ❤️
  3. hey @18ck, I had such a good time reading here during the challenge. Thanks for supporting me and making me giggle a lot of times. giggling is a lifesaver! I will take a break for one challenge but Im sure I cant live without this page for very long... so Ill be back. in your honor I will do as much duolingo tomorrow as to go past gold league too See ya soon, dude! ❤️
  4. I like the ritual stuff you did. Heard today of a lilac plant the farmers used to make crowns for their cows so "the witches" couldnt make them "dry" ( not give milk anymore). wishing you a great start into real springtime. Hope you paint a lot and write a lot and feel well most of the time. Will take a break for one challenge. Thank you so much for your daily support! It helped a lot and I really appreciate doing this with you! ❤️ See ya soon... I wont be able to resist this page for long!
  5. weekly review thingy slept 9 hrs on average. goal met walked 28 k this week ( planned were 30+) since I have inflamed achilles tendons on both heels Im fine with this result. walking is still painful. Today I hiked 8k. drank 4 days and didnt drink 3 nights. goal met duolingo done daily. goal met smoked less all week ( max 25 cigarettes) goal met ate within my calories 6 out of seven days. didnt eat veggies 2 days last week ( planned were veggies every day) did my two kettlebell workouts. but short ones. goal met it was a good week. am
  6. today was not a good day. I ordered in pizza for dinner and had 2 Gin tonics. Apart from that I met all my goals. Tomorrow I finally go hiking again and have a fellow politician friend over for wine. Hope I feel better tomorrow. Will check in tomorrow night for a review of the week.
  7. cigarette reduction is going great. steady at 23 - 25 a day instead of 30. walking was reduced to 2k because of rain - even dog was in no mood to go outside food was good too. under limit beginner bw routine done but only one set will drink tonight went to dentist to get teeth cleaned and it helped to meditate (do metta) a bit during procedure ( thanks @18ck) finished my mind map of future plans and am circling in on how to proceed cleaned my living room floor but was to lazy to clean the whole flat a good day!
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