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  1. I second what Harriet said. Wishing you good luck with the 5k. On race day we usually manage much more than during training. I think you will do great! Let us know how it went...
  2. I led a political party meeting yesterday night which had some complicated voting stuff. Didnt do very well but stayed relaxed, nobody minded my little mistakes. I hadn't had time to prep as yesterday was something of an emergency. Felt good with the group and a friend took us home. Lara behaved like a boss and got a lot of admiration. The fun part was that I sat in the mayors chair in a big old hall where the big guns meet usually for town council. Wish I had taken a pic today I think I can finally get to my manuscript. Am relaxed about it though because right now Im not lazy at all an
  3. I had a intestinal infection which was pretty bad. I chose to rest my gut. now all well. The goulash you would like I think as its with Sauerkraut. fry onion and meat for about 10 minutes in oil, fill in 2 big cups of broth and about 5 tablespoons of tomato paste and lots of paprika powder. let it simmer for 2 hours. add water/broth as needed. its gonna reduce itself. then add sauerkraut and a little pot of Sahne/cream. simmer for another 15 minutes and BOOOOOOM!
  4. Im not writing today as there is problems with a party member and Ive been asked to moderate because I know this person. They are going to be kicked out of the fraction and thats real sad but necessary. dog child is being walked as I type. Thanks to my friend! goulash came out 100% and I have eaten my first meal in a while. sold an item on Facebook. budget increased by 50 euros. win. now coffee with friend when she comes back from walking.
  5. I have a toxic mother as well and its not you! Its completely normal how you reacted. Im sorry you had to go through this in the past and present. I dont have contact with my mother anymore and I want it to stay that way. She fucked up royally. So my tip would be to stay the fuck away from your. mother. ( sorry for giving unwanted advice) ❤️
  6. the heartburn thing is shit. I wish I knew something about how to heal it... but nada. glad you're enjoying your Quark though have a great day! ❤️
  7. great time! congrats! and this desert looks to die for! if you ever need an additional family member im up for it!
  8. I taught the refugee woman from Syria and she is super nice. her German is great and she needs help just to understand her school books and to prep for exams. I reduced my price to 10 euro because I felt guilty of taking money from someone so poor and in need. ( budget fail but sparks joy). my intestines are fine. I can build back strength now and will be exercising again from week 1. today I have time to start writing. Exiting! also I will cook Hungarian goulash with sauerkraut. in the afternoon Im babysitting my friends dog and in the evening I have an online mee
  9. did shopping for 33 euros! Yass! bought tobacco and paperthingies with filter to stuff the tobacco in there. I still have that little stuffing machine from years ago. that saves me a ton of cash. bought ginger and lemon for tea because it helps the liver. Lara just came back from her hike and is thrilled... Im gonna clean my bathroom and prep for the students. Feeling weak but well!
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