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  1. Sal, sister! Im not doin this challenge. My body and my counselor tell me to take it easy for a while. I wont be able to do that being here and seing you guys kick ass! I will just enjoy myself for a while while keeping up what I do. Meet you here later.. I don't know how long my break needs to be... will check on you in between... your challenge is solid and I wish you all the best! BIG HUG! ❤️
  2. waves hello i have an ear infection and will come back a bit later... hugs! ❤️
  3. steps, selfmade meals, sleep. that's how I would do it. an I would start real slow! ❤️ thanks for being around Sal! ❤️
  4. how are you? Im sore and tired and will get to bed super early. See you at the new challenge! ❤️
  5. thanks for sharing the stretch video. Am doing it tomorrow... already saved in on my computer. also a lot of fun to read here!!!!!!
  6. Can I ask you all for advice? I woke up exhausted and feel I have to take things a bit slower. I have pushed myself through this last weeks and got a lot of shit done but Im not sure I can add some more pressure on it yet. having to get to 50.000 words this November is a big goal and right at this moment I feel super overwhelmed. The pro of doing nanowrimo is the company and the shared goals, but Im not sure I have the strength to power through another challenge just yet. Im thinking about just doing a small writing goal now like 2 times a week 1000 words... should I practice consistency with what I do and just do a little bit more or is it realistic to push myself even further??? Today I canceled Cross Fit and my body hurts really bad and I just feel like self care and rest... If you could throw in some ideas I would be super grateful.
  7. thats a damn shame. Being poor sucks! ❤️
  8. a short walk of 6000 steps might not be real short.... just saying! you did really well this challenge!!!! ❤️
  9. you helped me by posting this story. when I was young men would do this to me all the time and I didnt know!!!! that this was not ok. so I suffered through it trying to be "nice". Even as a middle aged woman now I can learn so much by reading here! BIG HUG! ❤️
  10. I love fresh starts too. Cant wait for the new challenge! hehe
  11. you really aced this challenge!!!!! great!!!! congrats on the 105 points and the movement!!!!! also self care, cooking and cleaning...... ❤️ good morning! how about turning on the heat?
  12. just landed a speaking gig for a conference of prison chaplains. Yass! ( I will read from my book and discuss mental health problems in prison). Am very happy and exited. Now off to bed!