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  1. Hi Harriet! just dropping by to say hi and leave you a hug! Kudos for hanging in there and giving it your all! Im back on keto too and since I upped my walks with the dog Im losing nicely. Still thinking of your wonderful painting of the tarot card. One day I will come to visit and get a copy of it to hang up on my wall. Sending coffee and hugs from Lübeck! fearless xoxo
  2. Sal sister! so fucking proud and happy to see where you are at !!!!!!!!!! doing the work in therapy!!!! SOBER!!!!!!!! ( WTF) all the kind thinking and acting towards yourself!!!!!! rocking work!!!!! YOU ARE KILLING IT, DUDE!!!!!!!!! BIG HUG!!! fearless xoxo
  3. today I donated blood and walked past a room in the hospital where you could get flu and corona shots, so I got both done. feeling a little lightheaded now and moved my workout to tomorrow. but 6k walked today so all is fine. still losing weight food is still strictly ketogenic am very happy generally, but dealing with flashbacks and traumatic responses lately about my abusive parents. can add sexual trauma to the other shit now. what a pair of losers my mother and my stepfather were! good lord!!! yesterday I got a text from Stacy stating that I move well. This simple statement almost brought me to tears after self hating for decades. Im going to love myself healthy and make sure I enjoy the time I have now that Im being secure and loved.
  4. yay for the rating! hug for getting the babies ashes! ❤️
  5. hey nerd friends, I have a dog friend of Laras over and its really peaceful to have coffee while they are lying around on the wooden floor snoring. will go out with them a bit later. I needed a break, so haven't done very much this weekend. all is quiet and peaceful and im sipping hot coffee/tea all day snuggled into my favorite cuddly jumper. will check back in on Monday at bedtime. enjoy the additional hour of rest, my American friends!
  6. I feel like everything is falling into place nicely. Decided to not force myself to write on because I feel this book is not coming out of me right now. Talking to a friend who joined the NF writing group and she says, being part of this gave her a flow state and she is writing effortlessly. So I didnt start NaNo in vain, something beautiful has grown out of these few days. Im taking inventory of my daily life right now and am so happy with what it feels like right now. This year has been a year of big changes ( I left the political work and I stopped drinking) and when I look around in my freshly painted and renovated simple home, there is nothing in it I dont love or need. everything is clean and in order ( haven't had this happen in decades!). also I fill my days with chores and responsibilities that resonate with my values and are important to me and fulfilling. Just today, a mother of an English student told me that her son had said that I can always tell how he feels that day and that he never has to pretend to be fine with me. He feels understood and heard and his grades are up. I mean isn't that something worth living for??? I feel warm and happy when I get those feedbacks. I will just let the year end by tying loose ends and finishing my SMART training. I got an offer by a meeting facilitator I really love, to work at her meetings as a meeting helper starting January. So there will be room for volunteering in a way that makes me feel good. Also my body is healing up, today my joints dont hurt and I am now consistently losing weight every day. I can enjoy the NF private coaching until xMas and then start thinking about my intentions for the next year. there is a lot of gratefulness and I like how it feels when I take a break from pushing and leveling up very hard. Its actually not boring at all to live a mediocre life with a few big highlights here and there. Before this year I always forced myself to do better/do more in every aspect. Now Im just fine with days where I dont have to achieve anything. Ive bought some great books and have time to listen to music or walk in nature with my pup. Im happy! See you tomorrow and good luck to all my fellow NF writers, sorry to leave you. stay awesome, you heroes! ❤️
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