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  1. Holy shit Sal!!!! you're doing sooooooo great! And I love the desk and I love the changes to your art project. *hops up and down all exited*
  2. review of yesterday and today walks with dog off the leash 40 mins on both days more than 8 hours slept on both days keto yesterday. not today morning ritual including journaling. both days am feeling blessed and experiencing lots of great moments. will have to bite the bullet and get back to my other healthy routines soon. Enjoying the rebelling though...
  3. that's great news with the crowd funding! lots of exiting stuff happening for you! Am happy to read along!!!! Big hug - you'll get it done ! ❤️
  5. yes, the whole day was wonderful... who would have thought that!!!! Glad to hear from you! ❤️
  6. Today I woke up joyful. It was pouring down with rain and I did my morning ritual and some journaling. Then the sun came out and I took the dog out to run without leash. I was looking at a big ship in our little harbor that was being loaded with wood. I looked around me and was full of joy about everyone I met and many things I passed. My eyes could see beauty again. Coming home I got a phone call from a friend telling me she had a pay rise and didnt know what to do with all that money. She asked me if she could send me a hundred euro. Whats happening people??????? today life is good to me. I will go write now and have a goulash prepped for lunch. Dog baby just had breakfast and is happy. coffee for me now! Have a good Sunday you heroes! ❤️ didnt write but felt like doing some usually hated housework. Got washing done, put on the dishwasher, put on new linens on the bed and cleaned up my living room and sleeping room. The washing is drying now, the place looks clean and I met my step goal of 6000 steps. had my first full day of keto again and feel kinda happy about today! Now some bubbly and Netflix. PS: shall I buy a soda stream sparkling water maker with the money coming in next week? you know the nice one with the glas bottles??? shall I ???? have a great evening you heroes! ❤️
  7. you inspire me to start moving again.. ! Hug<3
  8. Hi Sal, Ive just watched "Sarah Cooper" on Netflix and had to laugh at the accuracy of the hellish state of the world it describes.... ( its funny). These days its whatever you can do to feel a bit of ease in the midst of all this horror happening! *wipes breadcrumbs from her face*..... I kinda like that we are starting a new challenge soon. Hey! we get to try again!!!!!!! Im just breathing over here... in out... in out... and trying not to go fucking insane! And I totally believe you and I can do this... !!!!! PS: Great pic, you look lovely and the jumper looks like just right for your cold apartment. Will go to bed soon... see you tomorrow! ❤️
  9. coming here makes me happy! well done with the shopping and I hope your shoulder understands that we cant get old right now!
  10. yeah, right!???? I fucked around doing nothing worthwhile during this one... oh boy!!!!
  11. though I still feel very upset and sad, I feel my energy is coming back and therefore will go back to some small goals for the coming week. Good things I did today: cooked healthy keto food for the next days got some of my balance back. reached out to friends rested and slept well mini goals for the last week of the challenge: do morning ritual daily including journaling go back to keto move outside with dog every day start teaching again ( Covid Numbers are back to tolerable in my town and I have made some appointments for classes. will use masks ) Thanks everybody for showing up and supporting! Lets get the last week of the challenge done in a good way! ❤️
  12. congrats to negative test!! Hope you are well!
  13. maybe you can meet someone tomorrow? For me it was life saving today to get off my couch and into nature with a friend... can recommend! Hug!
  14. that sounds awesome! and a new journal is always a holiday in my house!
  15. I did something good today .I walked with a friend and Laras dog boyfriend for 8,3km. It was sunny outside and I felt better afterward. Ate non keto comfort food like pasta, but didnt overeat. had a nap talked to all my good friends on the phone. It was a good day considering Im dying inside. Important to note that I can actually help myself feel better by being kind to myself. Have a good evening, you lovely heroes and thanks so much for your kind comments! ❤️
  16. Sorry for being absent a bit. My life is a bit rough at the moment. I cant tell you the very private details but I lost a person I love and who is very important to me ( she's alive ) and am going through the 4 stages of grief having arrived at anger and bitterness today. I fear a big depression might come along later. Right now Im holding up fine though. its 6am, Ive only slept for 3 hours.. will hopefully nap later no goals right now apart from keeping my shit together. Must say after my last successful challenge Im not really getting shit done this round. Will stick with it because of you wonderful people. Have a peaceful morning, you heroes! ❤️
  17. I remember your allotment! Great that you can build on it! You know we want pics, right?