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  1. To many tentacles for me to prefer Lovecraft... or are there?
  2. What's up, dude!  Glad to see you back training at IJRS!  

  3. Star Captain Volund Pryde takes offense to your freeborn dribble. I was seriously registered through FASA and even went to a tourney in Seattle. I came in 2nd Place behind a Merc who acquired some Clan tech during the tourney through salvage.
  4. Volund stands and raises his glass of tea. "A toast,” he calls out to the assembled Rangers. “To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For all of we Rangers who hail from the United States of America, I wish you a happy independence.”
  5. The door of the tavern opens and a familiar man enters. He has changed slightly, most notably the loss of his beard, but still features the same shaved head. His clothing has not changed from the cream monk-looking robes with brown belt and tall boots. His woolen cloak is transferred from his arm to the hook on the wall and he kicks the dust from the trail off his boots. At his hip still hangs the strange metallic cylinder. “Greetings to you, barkeep.” The bartender nods in his gruff manner and places a steaming pot of water on the bar beside a cup and sweet smelling herb pouch. Volund takes the proffered items, dropping the herb pouch into the cup and filling it with the steaming water. He makes his way through the bar, nodding to the familiar greeting, and makes his way to an overstuffed chair by the fireplace. He drops himself into the comfortable seat, allowing the stuffing to devour his weight, before pulling his legs under him and savoring the smell of the tea. After a couple of sips, he rests the cup on the arm and his hands on his knees before slipping into a quiet meditation.
  6. Thank you, both. I'm planning to keep things going from now until I reach level 20! Optional Week 0-A quest: Constructing the thing Before we pilot a robot, we need to have a robot and in order to have a robot, we need to make a robot but before we make a robot, we gotta plan carefully. Hope that makes sense, because it's an allegory about your challenge goals. Take some time to sit back, review your challenge goals and check whether they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related). Specific The schedule, physical training, and dietary concerns are all very specific. Measurable The schedule and dietary concerns are not really measurable, but the physical training is. Specifically, it is measurable in terms of body composition. Achievable All three of my sections are definitely achievable. It will take willpower and discipline, but they are achievable. Realistic All three of my goals are very realistic. I used to live by my schedule when I was in the military, the physical training is why we are all here, and the dietary concerns are definitely realistic. Time-related The schedule is all about time. The Physical Training is over-time. The diet... well, when do I eat.
  7. While most people would associate the Destiny Titan with the Warriors, I see them more as the quintessential military trained individuals. Military training, as some of you know, is all about CrossFit-like conditioning. Thus, I will be remaining here with my fellow Rangers. With that said, I’m returning from the dead much as the Destiny Guardians did. However, my Ghost is my conscience to keep my on the path. With that said, I plan to start up about where I left off. So, let’s get started. Schedule 0900-1300 – Activity Slot 1 1300-1400 – Afternoon Training 1400-1800 – Activity Slot 2 1800-1900 – Evening Training 1900-2300 – Activity Slot 3 You will notice that I have Activity Slots listed. Each slot will be taken up with a, you guessed it, different activity. Rather than focusing on one activity throughout the day, I will instead break things up so I am able to accomplish more. Time Management Cleaning Costuming Developing Gaming Learning Writing. The Cleaning is general housework and cleaning. The Costuming is costume building. The Developing is development of my roleplaying game. The Gaming is playing video games. The Learning is based around me writing my Thesis. The Writing is my novel writing. Each task will be performed at least twice per week with no task happening twice on the same day. The other section is my Training. I will be training twice a day. For the purpose of this Challenge, I’ll be doing 5 weeks of Great Body Guaranteed from Beachbody.com during my Afternoon Training and an hour of walking on the track at my local university for my Evening Training. (listening to audible books). Physical Training Train twice a day, once on Sundays, for about an hour each time. My Afternoon Training involves using the Great Body Guaranteed program from Beachbody.com. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll be doing the Great Stretch, Great Arms, Great Abs, and Great Stretch routines. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I’ll be doing the Great Stretch, Great Thighs, Great Buns, and Great Stretch routines. For the Great Arms routine, I will be using a pair of 5 pound weights. My Evening Training includes walking for an hour on my local university track. To keep my morale up, I’ll be listening to my audible novels. Dietary Concerns Eat four small meals a day Eat fast food no more than five meals a week Drink only one cup of coffee per day. Drink no soda or adult beverages. By my personal clock, eating at 0800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 should be good if my lights out time is 2300 and my stand to is at 0700. So, I’ll be keeping to this dietary schedule.
  8. I’m back! Yes, this is my second rising from the undead in the year. Unfortunately, back in Mayish, I failed a Constitution roll. Well, I failed a couple and nat 1’d one of them. I caught a cold from my wife. After two weeks, I was allowed another Constitution roll and failed it, thus turning it into the flu. My third roll came up as a crit fail and I ended up with pneumonia. I ended up in the hospital for a week and then bed rest for another. Needless to say the conditioning I had for my two months of fitness went straight out the window. My first day back on the track saw me completely winded and I had to stop in 30 minutes of beginning. It’s taken me a month and a half to get back to being able to walk the track for an hour without dying. So, now I’m beginning over. My first couple of routines will be beginner-level video routines. The first will be the Great Body Guaranteed film series from Beachbody.com. The second will be the Ho’Ala Ke Kino (Awaken the Body) yoga program. Both of these will be run for five weeks each. Tomorrow begins my first day, taking part in the Week One Ranger Challenge (a double workout). With that said, wish me luck!
  9. Best mecha next to BattleTech, but I couldn't find a good Clan Jade Falcon gif of a Mechwarrior.
  10. I'm back for this one and I'll be starting it all tomorrow... Ready for liftoff.
  11. I'm starting back up slowly this week (walking for an hour in the evenings), but I will be doing the daily doubles (walking for an hour in the afternoon and evenings) beginning next week. 5 weeks of that, with no workouts on Sunday afternoon. A week of just evening walking. Then, another 5 weeks of Great Body Guaranteed. Another week of walking. Finally, 5 weeks of a power yoga routine called Ho'ala ke Kino. After that, I ramp things up to more powerful programs and add jogging into the walking. I'm now able to keep my breath while walking the track for half an hour and no longer getting winded in the slight up-hill rise while walking home. I absolutely hated being sick, so I prefer health. I've restarted my supplement regimen, restarted my dietary regimen, and am attempting to restart my daily schedule. It'll all kick-off next week with my monthly pictures and measurements kicking off the week after (the Sunday closest to the beginning of the month).
  12. I rolled a 1 on a Con check and ended up catching a cold. I decided to take a week and go through some natural healing and rolled another 1, so it became walking Pneumonia. Until I get better, I am going to be suspending my HIIT and Run.
  13. Unfortunately, this one is a bust for me. While the walking is quite interesting, it's not the kind of walking I wanted. I caught a cold last week from my lovely wife and it walked itself right into walking pneumonia. I'll try to get things back up and running (walking) next week, but this week I am on bed-rest by doctor's, wife's, and apparently the cat's orders.
  14. It still made me break my challenge... but we fall so that we can learn to get back up. Since I couldn't carry my phone in my costume (the pouches and pockets weren't big enough), I'll have to post what I'm tagged in.
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